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    Air Sander Price List

    We are in an age of striving for perfection. Especially when people buy things like furniture, they always want to buy the best products. Unfortunately, many times such a demand cannot be met, which leads to a situation where a good product sells well when it comes along. But in fact, if you want to make your products more perfect, it is not impossible. Take the simplest problem of burrs, a good air sander can help you solve the problem. Air sander tool is a pneumatic tool that uses compressed air as the power to polish the surface of the material. Air sander is mainly used in all kinds of veneer process production, standard structure production, toy crafts industry, decoration and furniture industry, floor wall board building materials industry, etc. In order to produce the best products, first of all, you can have a look at the latest air sander tools that has for sale at wholesale prices. The pneumatic sanders provided by our company mainly include air orbital sanders and air belt sanders. The air sanders in the price list below have different functions and prices. You can buy the most suitable one according to your situation to achieve the purpose of increasing product sales.

    Air Orbital Sander Wholesale Price List

    Product Name SKU Orbit Diameter No Load Speed Tool Size Wholesale Price
    100x110mm Square Air Orbital Sander T-KP-6861 2.5mm 10000rpm 100*140mm $192.77
    70x100mm Square Air Orbital Sander T-KP-6792 2.5mm 10000rpm 175*95mm $152.41
    5 In Dust Free Sander, 10000 rpm T-KP-655A 5mm 10000rpm 210*95mm $242.85
    5 In Air Orbital Sander, 12000 rpm T-KP-655 5mm 12000rpm 170*95mm $259.35
    5 In Air Orbital Sander, 10000 rpm T-KP-653 5mm 10000rpm 125*110mm $205.24
    90X130mm Air Triangle Sander T-KP-6762 2.5mm 12000rpm 95*210mm $185.78
    70x100mm Air Triangle Sander T-KP-6752 2.5mm 12000rpm 95x190mm $187.13
    28x98mm Straight Line Air Sander T-KP-6901 3mm 14000rpm 95*225mm $357.82
    2"/ 3" Air Orbital Sander, 15000rpm T-KP-6842  - 15000rpm 105*165mm $174.79
    57x140mm Straight Line Air Sander T-KP-688  - 6000rpm 66*155mm $305.40

    Wholesale price air orbital sanders

    Air Belt Sander Wholesale Price List

    Product Name SKU Applicable Sanding Belt Size No Load Speed Working Pressure Wholesale Price
    3/4x20" Air Belt Sander, 16000rpm T-R-6019 3/4x20 Inch / 20*520mm 16000 rpm 90 psi $284.29
    3/8x13" Air Belt Sander, 16000rpm T-R-6018 3/8x13 Inch / 10*330mm 16000 rpm 90 psi $195.74
    1/4x13" Air Belt Sander, 16000rpm T-R-6015 1/4x13 Inch / 6x330mm 16000 rpm 90 psi $329.48
    1/2x24" Air Belt Sander, 16000rpm T-R-6021 1/2x24 Inch / 13x610mm 16000 rpm 90 psi $390.87

    Features of pneumatic sanders

    • The grinding speed is fast, effectively shortening the working time.
    • Large horsepower, high balance, no fatigue after long time use.
    • It can be easily connected to the vacuum cleaning system to collect impurities and dust generated during grinding.
    • Durable composite material shell design, light and comfortable to use.
    • Low vibration design, smooth and supple hand feeling during operation.
    • The low-position design reduces the center of gravity of the polishing, and the polishing surface is smooth without vortex.
    • The maintenance is simple, no matter any part is damaged, it can be easily disassembled and replaced without affecting the performance of the whole machine.
    • Waterproof, moisture-proof and explosion-proof.
    • Strong speed control and reversing function.

    Wholesale price air belt sander

    Notes for using air orbital sander and air belt sander

    • When the air sander is running, the abrasive disc, grinding wheel, belt and polishing wheel may break and explode at any time. When operating with a pneumatic sander, you must wear glasses, helmets and other corresponding protective equipment.
    • It is strictly forbidden to touch the abrasive belt, grinding wheel, grinding head, polishing wheel, etc. with your hands and feet during the operation of the air orbital sander/ air belt sander.
    • Pneumatic sander without effective protection measures cannot be used.
    • A large amount of dust will be generated when using a pneumatic orbital/ belt sander, so wear a mask for use.
    • Air sanders should be placed in a dry, ventilated place without direct sunlight.
    • The automatic sander must have matching dust removal equipment, otherwise it is very easy to malfunction, damage the equipment and affect production.
    • If the belt of the pneumatic belt sander is found to be off-track, it should be adjusted in time.
    • Confirm the accurate running direction of the grinding wheel, and lock the grinding wheel to prevent it from flying out.
    • Please inject 2-3CC #60 pneumatic lubricating oil before and after using the air sander every day.
    • After injecting pneumatic lubricating oil, please allow the air sander to run freely for a few seconds.
    • Generally, the gas compressed by a traditional air compressor contains water, and the piston of the air compressor will bring out the lubricating oil in the air compressor. If the oil-water separator is not used, water and oil will enter the pneumatic sander along with the air, which will cause the wind blades to stick, making the machine unable to start or insufficient torque. At this time, you can inject oil from the air inlet and start the air sander to idle for a few seconds, and the torque can return to normal.
    • Pneumatic tools cannot be used without maintenance, otherwise the service life of air tools will be reduced.
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