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    Small Indoor Morden Metal Watering Can

    Small indoor watering can for sale, the modern appearance gives the metal watering can a sense of fashion, brass material, and the watering can with 10oz capacity can take care of the small plants in the room.
    SKU: T-WC-321
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    Mini metal watering can not only take care of your small plants but also a good decoration in the living room. The brass watering can comes with a beautiful copper watering can color, which is super cute.


    Model T-WC-321
    Dimension 3.15 Inch * 5.91 Inch
    Material Stainless steel
    Color Brass
    Capacity 10oz, 300ml
    Weight 120g

    Mini watering can dimension
    Tips: 4 Factors for choosing a watering can

    1. Flower type
    Some flowers are weaker and require less water. You can use a simple water bottle. The spray shape of the water output is fine. Some flowers require less water. You can use a small water bottle with a small spray. You need a lot of water spray, you can't use the spray type, you need the kind of watering can that produces a lot of water, generally common water bottles will work.

    2. Number of flowers
    If you grow a few potted flowers at home, just buy a simple kettle. If you grow a lot of flowers at home, in order to spray water better, it is recommended to use an electric watering kettle for quick, convenient and trouble-free.

    3. Flower growing position
    If the flowers are grown on the balcony, you can use a simple general kettle. If you have a garden or grow flowers in a large open area, you can use a spray pipe to spray water directly, of course, it can also be in the middle of the flower. Get a simple automatic water spray device

    4. Time and cost of growing flowers
    If you have enough time, you can buy a simple water bottle, spray water on each plant, and spray water while looking at the flowers. If you have limited time, use the kind of mass spraying with a water tank on your back, or electric spraying kettle.

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