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    How to Use an Air Nailer Correctly?
    Nowadays, air nailers are used in many industries. As this air tool appearing in more fields, the price of it has also attracted the attention of businesses in various industries. The air nail gun is an essential tool for many enterprises, it can not only fasten a lot of products, but also make a lot of metal or wood fix on the wall. It is also used for home decoration. In addition, you can loading nails according to the instruction in order to use the air nailer better.
    Hose Reels Price List
    Garden hose gets tangles in garden! A lot of people complain about this. When you have connected a long water hose to the faucet and are prepared for irrigating the plants in your garden, you have to put the hose down and go back to flatten and straighten it again and again. If you don’t do this, the garden hose tangles will cause poor flow of water or the hose getting stuck. Don’t worry, the economical price garden hose reels at will solve this problem for you.
    How to Maintain the Pneumatic Ball Valve?
    Pneumatic ball valve is a device operated by compressed air to open and close the valve. It just requires air source to work and the switching speed is very fast, which saves human resources and time to a great extent. In addition, it can carry out remote centralized control and do not need to go to the scene or high altitude and dangerous to bring manual operation, which greatly improve and ensure the safety of use. When the pneumatic ball valve in use cannot meet the operating requirements, or after a long period of operation in order to regular inspection and prevent accidents, it must be carefully maintained and repaired. Doing a good job in daily use and maintenance of pneumatic ball valve can effectively improve the efficiency of the use of products, and reduce unnecessary losses.
    Hydraulic Punching Machine Price List
    Hydraulic punching machine is a kind of hole puncher. The punching machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that is driven by power mechanism after the raw material is installed, and the punching die acts on the material to complete the punching. Hydraulic punching machine is used to punch holes in metal plates such as angle iron, flat iron, copper, aluminum row, aluminum plate, formed steel, channel steel, and I-beam, etc. The portable hydraulic punching machine is small in size, light in weight, easy to operate, labor-saving, and fast in punching speed. It is especially suitable for electric power, construction and other industries and field operations. Hydraulic punching machine has 2 types: split hydraulic punching machine and integrated hydraulic punching machine.
    What is a Hydraulic Puller?
    Hydraulic puller is a hydraulic tool. The hydraulic puller moves directly forward with the hydraulic starting rod, so the push rod itself does not rotate. The hook jaw base can be adjusted forward and backward directly with the thread. During operation, you only need to swing the handle back and forth slightly, move the hydraulic start lever forward, and the jaws move back relatively to pull the object out. Hydraulic puller is mainly divided into electric puller, electric hydraulic puller, integrated hydraulic puller, split hydraulic puller, screw puller, vehicle-mounted hydraulic puller, etc. Among them, integrated hydraulic puller, split hydraulic puller and vehicle-mounted hydraulic puller are more commonly used in industry.
    Nut Splitter Price List
    Nut splitter is a common hydraulic tool used to split and cut nuts. Bolt caps (nuts) are widely used as parts tools in industrial production. In the open high temperature or corrosive environment, the nut is easily rusted and cannot be removed. Some nuts thread are damaged due to being hit. In these cases, it is very difficult to remove the nut. The traditional method is usually to use (gas) welding to cut off the nut and bolt together. However, under some special working conditions (such as pulverized coal silo, oil pipeline, high-pressure and high-temperature pipelines of power plants, etc.), it is strictly forbidden to use fire (electric) welding. At this time, the nuts and bolts cannot be split and replaced. Hydraulic nut splitter can split and remove the nut without fire or electricity, and will not damage the bolt thread. Hydraulic nut splitter can solve the problem of disassembly and replacement of bolts and nuts simply, quickly, safely and efficiently.
    Difference between Laser and CNC Engraving Machine
    The most obvious difference between a laser engraving machine and a CNC engraving machine is that the laser engraving machine performs engraving by laser melting or burning. CNC engraving machine uses digital technology to control the cutting tool, bit or laser head, ultrasonic head for engraving. The laser engraving machine can be a CNC engraving machine, and the CNC engraving machine can also be equipped with a laser head for laser engraving. Therefore, the two have a cross and intersection relationship. Although both the laser engraving machine and the CNC engraving machine adopt a numerical control system, they have different working principles and different mechanical structures. In comparison, the CNC engraving machine has a simpler structure. Through the control of computer numerical control system, the engraving machine can automatically select the appropriate engraving tool to engrave on the X, Y, and Z axes of the machine tool. The biggest difference in structure between laser engraving machine and CNC engraving machine is that the cutter of laser engraving machine is a complete set of optical components, while the cutter of CNC engraving machine is a variety of entity engraving cutters.
    How to Select the Best Aluminum Ladder?
    In our daily life, ladders are more and more widely used. When decorating at home, we all need the help of a ladder. There are many types of ladders. In terms of material, they can be divided into aluminum alloy, stainless steel, fiberglass, iron, wood, bamboo ladders and so on. The current ladders are basically made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum-alloy ladders are relatively safer than wooden ladders, and they are also very light to use. Therefore, how to choose a suitable aluminum ladder?
    FAQ - Laser Distance Meter
    1. What is the working principle for laser distance meter? Laser distance meters generally use two methods to measure distance: Pulse method and phase method. The process of pulsed laser ranging is as the follows: The laser light emitted by the laser distance meter is reflected by the object and then received by the laser distance meter, and the round-trip time of the laser will be recorded by the laser distance measurer. So the distance between the laser distance finder and the object can be measured by the speed of light being multiplied by the round-trip time. The accuracy of pulse method measuring distance is generally about ±1 meter. In addition, the measurement blind zone of this type of laser rangefinder is generally about 15 meters.Best laser distance meter for sale

    Laser Distance Meter vs. Ultrasonic Distance Measure
    Laser distance measurement and radio detection radars follow the same operating principle: Emit the laser towards the target object, measure the time for the laser to travel back and forth, and calculate the distance by multiplying the recorded time and the velocity of light. The laser is characterized by such merits as high directivity, monochromaticity, and power, which play critical roles in measuring a long distance, judging the target object's direction, raising the reception system's SNR, and guaranteeing the measurement accuracy. With these features, laser distance meters receive growing attention. Laser radars, which have been developed based on laser distance meters, measure not only distances but also the target object's direction, movement velocity, and acceleration.
    Laser Distance Meter Error Analysis and Calibration
    The measurement effect of a laser distance meter in actual application is roughly determined by four factors, including the size of the target object, the shape of the target object, air quality, and sunlight intensity. If the air quality is high, nearly any laser distance meter can measure the distance of highly-reflective objects, such as a road sign. It is common to hear complaints that a distance meter fails to reach the setting parameter of 1,000m in actual application. Such a problem is frequently mentioned in the laser distance meter industry. In fact, it happens mainly because of users' unfamiliarity with the operating principle of laser distance meters and their inadequate communication with manufacturers.
    How to Use a Laser Level?
    The laser level is widely used in the construction industry, is a measuring machine for measuring the level. It has the advantages of high accuracy, convenient use, fast and reliable, and can be used in surveying, large-area site surveying, floor level marking, settlement observation, etc. will explain in detail the operation and control steps of the laser level for wholesale online. 1. Open the tripod, keep its height near the chest, keep the head of the frame roughly level, step on the toes into the soil, and then use the connecting screw to connect the equipment to the tripod. 2. First of all, we must understand the names and functions of the parts of the laser level and be familiar with their use. The laser line meter is made by fixing a laser device on the tube of an ordinary level telescope. The laser device consists of a nitrogen-neon laser and a prism light guide system.Best price laser levels for sale

    Working Principle of Levels
    A level is a measuring tool that establishes a horizontal line of sight to determine the height difference between two points on the ground. Its main components include the telescope, tube level (or compensator), vertical axis, base, foot screw. According to the structure, the level is divided into micro-tilt level, automatic compensated level, laser level and digital level (also known as electronic level). According to accuracy, it can be divided into precision level and ordinary level. Automatic compensated instrument Automatic compensated level is a level that obtains horizontal sight line by means of automatic compensator.
    How to Calibrate Laser Level?
    The best laser level should meet the following conditions The level axis of the vial should be parallel to the collimation axis of the telescope's collimator. (Main condition) The collimation axis of the telescope does not change position due to focusing. (Main condition) The circular level axis should be parallel to the rotation axis of the rotary laser level. (Minor condition) The horizontal wire of the crosshair should be perpendicular to the rotation axis of the laser level. (Secondary condition) Inspection before calibration The principle of inspection and calibration sequence: The previous inspection items are not affected by the following inspection items. Inspection method: The leveling axis of the level should be tested and calibrated equally with the rotating axis.
    How does Laser Distance Meter Work?
    1. The laser distance meter uses the principle of infrared distance measurement or laser distance measurement. The principle of laser ranging can basically be ascribed to measure the time required for the light to go back and forth to the target, and then the distance D is calculated by the speed of light c=299792458m/s and the atmospheric refraction coefficient n. Because it is difficult to measure time directly, it is usually to measure the phase of continuous wave, which is called phase measuring distance meter. Of course, there are also pulsed distance measures. It should be noted that phase measurement is not to measure the phase of infrared or laser, but to measure the phase of the signal modulated on infrared or laser. The hand-held laser distance meter used for house surveying in the construction industry, applies the same principle.

    Laser distance meter measurements

    Pneumatic Ball Valve vs. Electric Ball Valve
    Pneumatic ball valve is a ball valve with pneumatic actuator. It is a kind of automatic equipment that drives the ball valve to open and close by the compressed air, complete the switching and conditioning of the medium, and then reach the switching or conditioning intention of the pipeline medium. Pneumatic ball valves are generally equipped with various accessories, such as solenoid valves, air source treatment triples, limit switches, positioners, control boxes, etc., to complete local control and remote centralized control. The valve can be switched on and off in the control room. There is no need to go to the scene or high altitude and bring manual control at risk, which greatly saves manpower and safety. There are different types of pneumatic ball valves, including stainless steel pneumatic ball valve, plastic pneumatic ball valve, sanitary pneumatic ball valve, carbon steel pneumatic ball valve, 2 way pneumatic ball valve, 3 way pneumatic ball valve, etc.
    How to Use Charcoal Grills?
    Cover the grill's lid if necessary: Hot dogs, hamburgers and other food intended for fast cooking can be grilled without a lid. If you have any food for slow cooking, such as boned chicken or loin chops, just cover the lid on the grill. In doing so, indirect heat is increased to help cook food thoroughly. If you need to cook food for a long time, you should add new charcoal every 30 or 60 minutes. Don't lift the cover frequently to check your food because it will lead to heat loss.
    How to Read a Steel Tape Measure?
    The steel tape measure is measured in centimeters. The red “10” means 10 centimeters, and the cells in centimeters mean millimeters. Steel tapes can be divided into self-rolling tapes, braking tapes, and rolling tapes. The numbers on the metal tape measure are divided into two rows, the unit of one row is cm, and the unit of the other row is inches. 1cm≈0.3937 inches, 1 inch≈2.54cm. Therefore, when the difference between the two numbers is small, the unit uses centimeters, and when the difference is large, the unit uses inches. The font of numbers in centimeters is also smaller than that of inches.Detail of steel tape measure

    FAQ - Laser Level
    What’s the rotary laser level working principle? The working principle of laser level is to use the monochromaticity and coherence of laser. A glass or metal sheet with a certain shading pattern can be assembled in front of the telescope objective lens, that is, the zone plate, so that the diffraction interference generated by it can be made. After focusing by the telescope, within the focusing range of the zone plate, a bright and fine cross-shaped or circular laser spot can be obtained, so that the target can be aimed more accurately. If the front and rear leveling rulers are equipped with photoelectric receiving targets that can be tracked automatically, leveling can be performed. In the construction survey and the assembly of large components, a laser level is often used to establish a level surface or a level line.
    Working Principle of Plant Growth Lights
    The operating principle of plant growth lights is as follows: The light provides a light spectrum similar to that of sunshine or is suitable for cultivating plants. The light sends different colors and changes its lumen output (intensity) to simulate the varied temperatures and spectrum output of the outdoor condition. As the category of cultivated plants, cultivation stage (such as germination/vegetative stage or florescence stage/fruiting period) and the light cycles needed by plants vary, the spectrum stage, lighting efficiency, and color temperatures should be adjusted flexibly.