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    0-200mm Digital Height Gauge, 0.01mm

    High-precision digital height gauge for sale online with a measuring range of 0-200mm and a resolution of 0.01mm. The digital height gauge is designed with a heavy stainless steel base on the standing feet, so it will be more stable.
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    High-quality digital height gauge with a measurement range of 0-200mm, an error of ±0.03mm, and a large-screen LCD high-definition liquid crystal display, with clear and easy-to-read digits. It has a high-definition scale film and a dual display for metric and imperial units. The precise micro-adjustment device allows for even more accurate readings by adjusting the device. 


    Model T-DHG-200
    Measurement Range 0-200mm
    Resolution 0.01mm
    Voltage 1.5V
    Error Value ±0.03mm
    Responding Speed 1m/s
    Body Material 4CR13 stainless steel
    Battery Type 1.5 button battery


    A 0-200mm digital height gauge is a precision measuring tool used to measure the height, depth, or distance between two surfaces or points with high accuracy. Here are some applications of a 0-200mm digital height gauge:

    1. Quality control: Digital height gauges are often used in manufacturing industries to check the dimensional accuracy of machined components. This includes measuring the height of features such as steps, shoulders, and grooves to ensure they meet the required specifications.
    2. Inspection and testing: A digital height gauge is an essential tool in any inspection and testing laboratory. It is used to measure the thickness of materials, the depth of holes, and the height of components with high accuracy.
    3. Machining operations: Machinists use digital height gauges to set up milling machines, lathes, and other machining tools. The gauge helps to align the workpiece and the cutting tool accurately, ensuring that the machining operation produces parts with the correct dimensions.
    4. Engineering and design: Engineers and designers use digital height gauges to measure and record the dimensions of prototype parts and assemblies. This information is used to create CAD models and drawings that are used for further design and development.
    5. Automotive and aerospace industries: Digital height gauges are commonly used in the automotive and aerospace industries to measure critical components such as engine blocks, transmission housings, and aircraft parts.

    Digital Height Gauge Structure Diagram

    Digital height gauge figure

    Tips: Precautions for use

    Before use

    1. Before use, wipe clean the dirt stains on the bottom surface of the platform and base. When there are burrs on the underside of the base, use a precision millstone to remove the burrs.
    2. When installing the scriber, the distance from the scribe to the main ruler column should be as short as possible. After installing accessories such as scribes or lever tables, you need to confirm the base point with a platform or reference block.
    3. Move the ruler frame at full scale to confirm whether the action status is OK.
    4. Check the battery status, if you need to replace the battery, please refer to the operation steps of the product manual to install it. After replacing the battery, press the zero button to set the origin.
    5. Compared with the caliper, the height gauge is composed of a variety of materials, so pay more attention to the temperature, please use it in an environment close to room temperature (20°C) as much as possible.
    6. Please do not hold the column or move the top of the column in the suspended state, otherwise, it will destroy the parallelism of the column and affect the accuracy. The back of the ulnar frame must be gently supported with one hand and carefully handled with the other hand holding the bottom of the base.

    During use

    1. When measuring, hold the feed handwheel and slowly rotate it, applying a certain force to measure.
    2. When measuring, move the slider slowly and stop moving when the scriber first touches the surface of the measuring workpiece to measure. If excessive force is applied, it will exceed the load of the spring blade and tilt the slider, which will affect the accuracy, and may even cause the reference plane of the main ruler to be deformed or the base to be upturned, resulting in a large error affecting the measurement result.
    3. When the coarse adjustment is fine-tuned, the handwheel knob is switched by switching the slider for fast feed and precise micro-movement.
    4. The tip of the scriber on the height gauge is very sharp, please be careful when using it to avoid personal injury.
    5. While measuring the platform or moving, hold the base and slide on the platform.
    6. If a drop or impact damages it, please stop using it and repair it in time.

    After use

    1. After use, confirm whether there is any damage to each part and clean the surface stains, apply anti-rust oil to prevent rust, and dry before storing.
    2. When storing, the scribe must be kept at a height distance of about 1mm from the platform, and the slider clamp should not be over-tightened. At the same time, pay attention to the edge of the scribe not go beyond the edge of the countertop to avoid scratches.
    3. Avoid storing in high-temperature, high-humidity, dusty and oily places. If not used for a long time, the battery needs to be removed before storage, otherwise, the battery leakage will damage the product. Keep a dust cover on during storage to prevent dust build-up.


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