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    5" Bench Grinder, 1/5 HP, 0.7A

    5" Bench Grinder, 1/5 HP, 0.7A

    Cheap bench grinder for sale. Grinding wheel diameter 5 inch (125mm), thickness 0.8 inch. Motor power 1/5 HP (150W). Power supply single-phase 220V 0.7A. No-load speed 2850 rpm. Low price with high quality.
    6" Bench Grinder, 1/3 HP, 1.1A

    6" Bench Grinder, 1/3 HP, 1.1A

    Bench grinder with φ6 inch (150mm) grinding wheel. Wheel thickness 20mm, hole diameter 12.7mm. Rated power 1/3 HP (250W). Power supply single-phase 220V 1.1A or 3-phase 380V 0.7A for selection. No-load speed 2850 rpm. Industrial/commercial/home use, good price.
    8" Bench Grinder, 2/3 HP, 1.3A

    8" Bench Grinder, 2/3 HP, 1.3A

    Best bench grinder for sale. Grinding wheel diameter 8 inch (200mm). Light-duty and heavy-duty for selection. Rated power 2/3 HP (500W). Optional power supply single-phase 220V 2.3A or 3-phase 380V 1.3A. No-load speed 2850 rpm. Ideal price, industrial/commercial/home use.
    10" Bench Grinder, 1 HP, 2A

    10" Bench Grinder, 1 HP, 2A

    Affordable price bench grinder for sale. Grinding wheel φ10 inch (250mm), thickness 1 inch. Rated power can select 1 HP (750W) or 2 HP (1500W). Power supply 3-phase 380V 2A or 3.9A. No-load speed 2850 rpm. Best quality, industrial/commercial/home use.
    12" Bench Grinder, 2 HP, 4A

    12" Bench Grinder, 2 HP, 4A

    Competitive price bench grinder for sale. Large grinding wheel with 12 inch (300mm) diameter, 40mm thickness, 75mm hole. Motor power 2 HP (1500W). Rated voltage 3-phase 380V 2A. No-load speed 2850 rpm.

    Bench grinder is a bench type of electric grinding machine. Bench grinder usually has two grinding wheels and tool rests, used in grinding, polishing, milling and sharpening for tools, drill bits, metal parts, stone, chisels, etc. Compared with pedestal grinder, bench grinder has a small size and more portable, can be placed on table.

    Like hand-held grinder (such as angle grinder and die grinder), bench grinder is standard equipment in metalworking and machining workshops.

    Main Structure of Bench Grinder

    • Tool Rest

    Grinding is usually done on the tool rest. During operation, grinding wheel may instantly grab the workpiece and pull it out of operator's hand or pull hand to the wheel. Tool rest can avoid this sudden slippage and make the grinding operation more stable.

    • Grinding Wheel

    According to the bonding and grade of grinding wheel, it can be used for sharpening cutting tools, such as cutter bits, drill bits, chisels, etc. In addition, it can be used in rough machining for metal before welding or assembly.

    • Buffing Wheel

    Buffing wheel for bench grinder is used to sharpen blades and buffing wood piece after waxing.

    The wire wheel or buffing wheel can be interchanged with the grinding wheel to clean or polish workpiece. To a certain extent, some buffing machines (buffers) have the same concepts and functions as bench grinders. The difference is that the former has a longer shell and uses a buffing wheel instead of a grinding wheel.

    Features of Bench Grinder

    • Grinding Wheel Type

    Grinding wheels have different performances for grinding and sharpening of different materials. They can also be used at a specific speed or variable speed. For example, straight wheels can be used on any type of surface and can sharpen chisels or other tools. Conical wheels are more suitable for more delicate projects, disc wheels are suitable for sharpening saw blades. If it requires a large grinding capacity, diamond grinding wheels are more ideal.

    • Grinding Wheel Size

    When you buy a bench grinder, the grinding wheel size is one of the most important factors. Usually, a 6 inch bench grinder is sufficient for most DIY tasks, but these grinding machines may have lower power. For example, if you need to grind workpiece in industrial/commercial use, select a bench grinder with a wheel size of 8 inch or 10 inch.

    Tips for Using a Bench Grinder

    • Grinding Wheel Dressing

    No matter what bench grinding machine, as the grit gradually peels off, grinding surface will be worn, and fine chips may block the grinding wheel. For this, it is necessary to regularly use a dresser or other tools to dress the grinding surface so that grinding wheel can obtain a fresh edge. When dressing, first adjust the tool rest to make it forms a 90° angle with the grinding wheel. Then place the dresser flat on wheel stand, making the working end parallel to wheel surface. Move the dresser along the grinding wheel to make grinding surface smooth.

    • Grinding Wheel Replacement

    Bench grinder needs to check all parts regularly to ensure that they are functioning properly. If it is founds that the grinding wheel is chipped, cracked or shaken, it should be replaced. Otherwise, there will be great security risks. Stop the bench grinder, unplug the power plug, and then remove the protective guard to replace grinding wheel.

    We provide best bench grinder for sale, competitive price. Grinding wheel diameter 5 inch/6 inch/8 inch/10 inch and 12 inch for selection. Heavy duty bench grinder is available. You can use bench grinder with belt sander or polisher in industrial/commercial/home/woodworking applications.