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    2 Line Rotary Green Laser Level

    2 Line Rotary Green Laser Level

    Low price 2 line 360° rotary green laser level for leveling, aligning, plumb and square applications. ±3° self-levelling range, with 1 vertical line, 1 horizontal line and 2 bright dots. Short press H and V to switch the laser lines.
    Wholesale $130.29
    3 Line Rotary Green Laser Level

    3 Line Rotary Green Laser Level

    Fair price 3 lines self-leveling 360° rotating laser level for construction ceiling and picture hanging, 2 vertical line, 1 horizontal line, 1 plumb dot and 3 bright dots, 5m±1mm horizontal / vertical accuracy, digital LCD rechargeable lithium battery for 8 hours standby.
    Wholesale $167.24
    5 Line Rotary Green Laser Level

    5 Line Rotary Green Laser Level

    Best green laser level measuring tool for sale, 5 laser lines including 4 vertical line, 1 horizontal line, 1 plumb dot, 5 bright dots. With digital LCD rechargeable lithium battery for 8 hours standby, 360° rotary makes it easier to adjust the laser lines positions, along with the high accuracy.
    Wholesale $212.27
    8 Line Rotary Green Laser Level

    8 Line Rotary Green Laser Level

    360° rotation self-leveling laser level best for indoor/ ourdoor use at wholesale price. Fearures 8 green lines, 4 vertical line, 4 horizontal line and 2 crossing line, with an adjustable lifting platform and remote control, dual lithium power supply, 2*5800 mhA rechargeable battery with power adapter.
    Wholesale $210.25
    12 Line Rotary Green Laser Level

    12 Line Rotary Green Laser Level

    Best 12 lines green laser level tool for sale online, ±3° self-leveling range, 8 horizontal line and 4 vertical lines can rotate 360 degrees to cover the floor, walls, and ceiling of the entire room. With 5800 mhA rechargeable lithium battery for 72 hours standby, remote control, more convenient and quick.
    Wholesale $244.92
    16 Line Rotary Green Laser Level

    16 Line Rotary Green Laser Level

    Affordable price 16 lines green beam laser level with 360° rotating base, 8 vertical line, 8 horizontal line and 10 crossing line can cover the floor, wall, ceiling all around the room. IP54 waterproof and dustproof, 5800 mhA large capacity lithium battery, with remote control function.
    Wholesale $265.83
    Digital LCD Laser Spirit Level, 2 Way Bubble

    Digital LCD Laser Spirit Level, 2 Way Bubble

    Low price digital laser spirit level with 2 way bubble: Horizontal level bubble and vertical level bubble. LCD display angle value for clear and easy reading. Red laser cross line positioning up to 10m. Equipped with large capacity battery for longer working hours.
    Wholesale $130.62
    Laser Spirit Level with Metric Ruler, 8ft Tape Measure

    Laser Spirit Level with Metric Ruler, 8ft Tape Measure

    Multi-purpose laser spirit level built-in 2.5m/ 8ft tape measure, stainless steel standard metric ruler, 3 line modes of laser measuring, 3 bubble levels (horizontal, vertical, 45°) that help your work stay level from any angle possible.
    Wholesale $46.49

    Laser level

    The laser level is a level meter that guides the laser beam emitted by the laser device into the telescope tube of the level and emits it along the collimation axis. There are two types of laser level: Integrated laser level meter and an instrument attached to a level with a laser device. With the leveling ruler equipped with photoelectric receiving target, leveling can be carried out. Compared with the optical level, the laser level has the advantages of high accuracy, long line of sight and automatic reading. The principle of the laser level is that the microprocessor controls the optical scanner to scan, that is, the laser is projected onto the optical scanner, and the microprocessor and other hardware circuits are used to collect the signal of the horizon in real time. The obtained signal is processed and then controlled by the optical scanner to scan, thereby designing and making an intelligent laser level. A laser line produced by the laser level is always parallel to the horizon in real time.

    Functions of the laser level

    Optical scanner: The optical scanner is a low-inertia scanner that uses an optimized and reasonable scanning control model, and uses a microprocessor to control the optical scanner to achieve beam deflection. That is, the beam can be moved according to the control model, or the beam can be moved at random. This working mode has very strong functions, and has the characteristics of high speed and high precision. Optical scanners have broad application prospects in national economy and military technology. For example, laser microcomputers, laser markers, large-screen art displays, infrared front-view systems and other technologies.

    Laser level is a comprehensive measuring tool integrating optics, mechanics, electronics and computers. The laser level is divided into two parts, one part is the host part and the other part is the projector part. The host part collects the attitude signal or manual signal of the horizon instrument, calculates and processes the signal, and controls the optical scanning system to scan in real time. The projector part uses the laser system (including semiconductor laser, laser power supply and optical system) and optical scanning system to generate a laser scanning line under the control of the host, and project it in any direction and any position in the two-dimensional space. This scanning line is always parallel to the horizon.

    Features of laser level

    1. Value reading is objective. There are no errors, misrecording problems, and no human reading errors.
    2. High precision. The line of sight height and sight distance readings are all obtained by processing a large number of bar code reticle images and then averaging them, thus weakening the influence of scale reticle errors. Most instruments have the function of averaging multiple readings, which can weaken the influence of external conditions. Unskilled operators can also perform high-precision measurements.
    3. Fast speed. As it saves the time of reporting, recording, on-site calculation and re-measurement caused by human error, the measurement time of laser level can be saved by about 1/3 compared with traditional instruments.
    4. High efficiency. Only need to adjust the focus and press the key can automatically read, reduce labor intensity.

    5 maintenance tips for laser level

    1. The laser level is a precise optical instrument. Correct and reasonable use and storage have a great effect on the accuracy and life of the laser level.
    2. Avoid direct sunlight and do not disassemble the laser level casually.
    3. When the laser level malfunctions, it should be repaired by professionals or repair shops familiar with the structure of the laser level.
    4. Each fine-tuning should be turned gently, not too much force. Lenses and optical films of the laser level are not allowed to touch with hands.
    5. After each use, the laser level should be wiped clean and kept dry.

    How to use laser level?

    A laser level is a level that uses a laser beam instead of manual reading. The laser beam emitted by the laser is guided into the telescope tube to emit a horizontal laser beam along the collimation axis. Using the monochromaticity and coherence of the laser, a glass or metal sheet with a certain shading pattern can be assembled in front of the telescope objective lens, that is, a zone plate, to cause diffraction interference. After focusing by the telescope, a bright and fine cross-shaped or circular laser spot is obtained within the focusing range of the zone plate, so as to collimate the target more accurately. If the front and rear leveling rulers are equipped with photoelectric receiving targets that can be automatically tracked, leveling can be performed. In the construction survey and the assembly of large components, a laser level is often used to establish a horizontal plane or horizontal line. Note that the steps of using the level must be carried out in the above order and cannot be reversed, especially the adjustment of the water level before the reading must be carried out before the reading.

    Laser level details

    1. Install the laser level on a telescopic tripod and place it between the two observation points. First open the tripod and make the height moderate, use visual estimation to make the top of the tripod roughly level and check whether the tripod is firm, then open the instrument case and connect the laser level to the tripod with the connecting screw.
    2. Make the sight of the laser level roughly level, and use the foot screw to rotate the circular level bubble to be in the circle of the indicator circle. Specific method: Practice with an instrument. In the process of adjusting the level, the direction of bubble movement is consistent with the direction of thumb movement.
    3. Use the telescope to accurately aim the target. The first is to point the telescope towards the bright background in the distance, and turn the eyepiece to adjust the focus to make the crosshair clearest. Loosen the fixing screw again, rotate the telescope so that the connection between the sight and the sight is aligned with the level ruler, and tighten the fixing screw. Finally, turn the animal lens to the light spiral so that the level ruler clearly falls on the plane of the cross wire, and then rotate the micro-motion spiral to make the image of the level ruler lean on the side of the cross vertical wire.
    4. Make the sight of the telescope accurately level. The level is slightly tilted, and a set of prisms are installed on the upper part of the level tube to refract the two ends of the level tube bubble into the leveling observation window beside the mirror tube. If the bubble is in the center, the imaging at both ends of the bubble will conform to a parabolic shape, indicating that the line of sight is level. If the images on the two ends of the bubble do not match, the line of sight is not level. At this time, you can use the right hand to turn the micro-tilting spiral to make the images at both ends of the bubble completely match, and the instrument can provide a horizontal line of sight to meet the requirements of the basic principle of leveling. Note: The moving direction of the left half of the bubble is always inconsistent with the direction of the thumb of the right hand.
    5. Use a crosshair to intercept the reading on the level ruler. The level is like an inverted telescope, and the reading should be done from top to bottom. First estimate the millimeter readings, and then report all the readings.