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    Spring Loaded Corner Chisel

    Spring Loaded Corner Chisel

    Low price spring loaded corner chisel for sale, square chisel with spring aluminum corner clamp, used to wood working hinges and door lock grooves. Sharp blade, high hardness, practical and durable with long service life.
    Wholesale $21.50
    12 Pieces Wood Carving Chisel Set

    12 Pieces Wood Carving Chisel Set

    Favorable price professional wood carving chisel set for sale, 12 pieces, including straight gouge, 6mm/10mm/16mm/25mm, straight chisel, 6mm/13mm, spoon chisel, 19mm, skew chisel, 12mm, etc. Different types of chisels meet all your needs for woodworking. Use of the best chisels making your work easily and labor saving.
    Wholesale $82.70
    Wood Chisel, 3/8", 1/2" to 1-1/4"

    Wood Chisel, 3/8", 1/2" to 1-1/4"

    Economical price wood chisel for sale, size in 3/8", 1/2" to 1-1/4" available, thickness 6mm, high quality carbon steel material, wear-resisting, high intensity, strong and durable. Ergonomic plastic handle, comfortable and easy to operate. Use of the best woodworking chisels making your work easily and labor saving.
    Wholesale $9.80
    Flat/Point Chisel, 10 inch/12 inch/14 inch

    Flat/Point Chisel, 10 inch/12 inch/14 inch

    Buy flat chisel or point chisel with low price, size in 10 inch/12 inch/ 14 inch available, made from high quality carbon steel, hexagonal rod. The best flat chisel and point chisel are used for chiseling metals, stone carving and masonry.
    Wholesale $21.22


    A chisel is a hand tool with sharp cutting edge of the blade used for wood carving, stone carving, chiseling metals, etc. Chisels are usually used with hammers or mallets. The blade of the chisel is made of steel or alloy steel, and the handle of the chisel commonly made of wood or metal. The chisel is very professional for woodworking, which can carve different shapes of wood. We provide different types of chisels on, including spring loaded corner chisel, wood chisel, flat chisel, point chisel and 12 pieces wood carving chisel set.

    Different types of chisel

    • Spring loaded corner chiselCorner Chisel

    A corner chisel can create an ideal corner or change round angle to square angles in the wood without any measure tools with the angle of 90°. The corner chisel is mainly used for chiseling mortises accurately. The blade of the corner chisel is an essential part to cut wood, therefore, it is must be sharpened and not easy to get blunt. Our best spring loaded corner chisel has the sharp blade with a spring, which is not only durable, but also labor saving. It has an ergonomic handle that reduces the fatigue of workers, which is an ideal tool for woodworking.

    • Wood chisel

    The professional wood chisel is an essential tool for woodworking, as it has different sizes that used for different cutting and carving purposes. It has a beveled edge at its end of the blade which is sharp and useful for cutting wood. It is better to use the wood chisel with a hammer or a mallet to increase the strike force. At, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1-1/4 inch wood chisels are available. Shop different sizes of wood chisels online now.

    • Flat chisel

    The flat chisel is as well as a hand tool of which both the blade and the handle are made from carbon steel that is durable and hard. The flat chisel has flat and sharp cutting edge that is aimed at applying detail, smoothing surfaces and carving stones. The flat chisel hardly leaves traces of the engraver works extremely carefully.

    • Point chisel

    The point chisel is typically used for drilling a hole in brick, block and concrete. The texture of the point chisel is the same as the flat chisel except that it has a pointed head. It can as well as clean the cement ground, ice sculpturing, stone carving and so on.

    • Wood carving chisel set

    Our 12 pieces wood carving chisel set includes seven different types of chisels which are straight gouge, straight chisel, V-straight parting chisel, spoon gouge, spoon chisel, skew chisel and curved gouge. The blade of chisels is made from high quality alloy steel, sharp and durable. The handle of chisels is made of wood, which meets the ergonomics design that is comfortable to hold and labor saving. Different types of chisels at wholesale price meet all of your needs for woodworking.

    How to use a chisel?Wood Chisel

    Use the chisel with a hammer or a mallet. That is, you could hold the handle of the chisel with one hand, and hold a hammer with the other hand, and then apply force to the chisel with a mallet. A chisel needs to be held in both hands for chiseling the peeling of wood. The strength of two hands should be different, as one hand needs to provide driving force and the other hand should guide the path of cutting. Drill holes in the wood firstly if you need to chiseling deep mortises and then use the chisel to cut deeply. The bevel of the chisel should face the chips of the wood, thus the chips can be taken out easily. It’s worth noticing that you must ensure your chisel is sharp. If the blade of the chisel is dull, it is better to sharpen it before any woodworking.

    How to sharpen a chisel?

    A dull chisel needs to be sharpened or it is dangerous to use. The blade angle of the chisel should be 25 or 30 degrees. You can use a belt sander to sharpen the blade angle to 25 or 30 degrees. And then use a sandpaper to friction the chisel back and forth and then polish the back of the chisel. The most important polishing purpose is sharpening the edge and burring.

    Notices for using a chisel

    Although the chisel is a hand tool, it should be used safely. And here are some notices for using a chisel.

    • It is better to wear a safety glasses when you use the chisel with a hammer to prevent the splash from damaging your eyes.
    • Keep the blade of the chisel sharp from beginning to end. A dull chisel is extremely dangerous for woodworking, because it needs more energy through the item.
    • Clamp the work item firmly with a vise or a clamp every time to avoid the item flying out.
    • It is better to smooth out the edge of the handle of the new chisel with a sandpaper, lest to hurt yourself when you hold it.
    • Keep the body away from the blade of the chisel when you use it, and place your other hand behind the edge of the chisel.
    • Don’t position the chisel towards your body and don’t place your hand in front of the chisel.
    • Cover the blade of the chisel when it is not in use.