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    Vibratory Plate Compactor, 10 kN, 5.5 HP, 530x350 mm

    Vibratory Plate Compactor, 10 kN, 5.5 HP, 530x350 mm

    Best single direction vibrator plate compactor with 10 kN (2360 lbf) impact force, powered by a Honda 5.5 HP gasoline engine, Robin engine and Chinese petrol engine are available. 5800 VPM frequency, 20m/min travel speed and 530 x 350 mm (20.87" x 13.78") plate size, with centre mounted handle for easy work.
    Vibratory Plate Compactor, 13 kN, 5.5 HP, 560x430 mm

    Vibratory Plate Compactor, 13 kN, 5.5 HP, 560x430 mm

    Portable vibratory plate compactor machine construction tool for sale, with 13 kN (2923 lbf) centrifugal force, 560 x 430 mm (22.05" x 16.93") plate size, 5800 vibrations per minute, powered by air-cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder 5.5 HP gasoline engine.
    Vibratory Plate Compactor, 15 kN, 5.5 HP, 600x470 mm

    Vibratory Plate Compactor, 15 kN, 5.5 HP, 600x470 mm

    Competitive price single direction vibratory plate compactor machine, provides 3372 lbf of centrifugal force oscillating at 5800 vibrations per minute, powered by Honda / Robin gasoline engine with 5.5 HP and the plate size is 600 x 470 mm (23.62" x 18.5") to ensure your construction project's base material is fully & completely compacted.
    Vibratory Plate Compactor, 20 kN, 6.5 HP, 660x510 mm

    Vibratory Plate Compactor, 20 kN, 6.5 HP, 660x510 mm

    Best and cheap price vibrator plate compactor construction tool for sale, delivers 20 kN (4496 lbf) of centrifugal force to compress different types of soil, asphalt, gravel and more. 5500 vibrations per minute, 20m/min travel speed, 660 x 510 mm plating size, 4-stroke 6.5 HP gasoline engines.
    Reversible Vibration Plate Compactor, 25 kN, 5.5 HP

    Reversible Vibration Plate Compactor, 25 kN, 5.5 HP

    Reversible vibration plate compactor for sale, 25 kN (5620 lbf) centrifugal force, powered by 5.5 HP 4-stroke Honda GX160 gasoline engine, vibration frequency is 4300 vibrations per minute, effective base area of 630 x 400 mm (24.8" x 15.75"), compaction depth up to 12 inch.
    Reversible Vibration Plate Compactor, 30 kN, 9 HP

    Reversible Vibration Plate Compactor, 30 kN, 9 HP

    Small reversible vibration plate compactor construction tool for sale, with reliable 9HP Honda GX270 gasoline engine offering easy start-up, 30 kN (6744 lbf) centrifugal force, 250 mm/s (10"/s) travel speed, 730 x 370 mm (28.74" x 14.57‘’) plating size and compaction depth up to 19 inch.
    Reversible Vibration Plate Compactor, 35 kN, 9 HP

    Reversible Vibration Plate Compactor, 35 kN, 9 HP

    Best price reversible plate compactor construction tool provides 35 kN impact force, 3750 vibrations per minute frequency, 890 x 670 mm (35.04" x 26.38") plating size, powered by 9 HP air-cooled, 4-stroke Honda GX270 gasoline engine, the effective depth of compaction is 34 inch, high efficiency to 650 m2/hr.

    What is a vibratory plate compactor?

    Vibratory plate compactor is a construction tool, mainly suitable for compacting materials with low adhesion and friction between particles, such as river sand, gravel and asphalt. The main working parameters of the vibrating plate compactor are: ​​The working plate size, the engine type, the travel speed, the centrifugal force and the exciting frequency. The centrifugal force is mainly used to maintain the forced vibration of the compacted material. And the exciting frequency affects the compaction efficiency and compaction degree, that is, under the same exciting force, the higher the exciting frequency, the higher the compaction efficiency and compactness.

    The vibratory plate compactor must maintain a certain jump height when it is working, generally between 0.4-0.8mm. When the vibrating plate compactor reaches the same centrifugal force, the higher working frequency of the machine, the smaller vibration mass required and the lighter weight of the whole machine will be. However, because most plate compactors use gasoline engines as their power source, and the vibration that gasoline engines can withstand is limited. Therefore, higher operating frequencies have higher requirements for vibration resistance and higher technical requirements.

    Why choose us?

    Best vibratory plate compactor for sales on store, single direction version and reversible version of vibration plate compactors can be provided, 10kN/ 13kN/ 15kN/ 20kN/ 30kN/ 35kN impact force available. Air-cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder gasoline engine type from Honda, Robbin or Chinese petrol engine, delivers 5800 vibrations per minute to achieve results quickly. Superior compaction in any direction forward and reverse, ideal for sand, gravel and mixed soils in narrow trenches and along foundations, walls and abutments. The more you buy, the bigger discount will be enjoyed.

    What are the advantages of our plate compator?

    Safety and reliability: External cage to protect the plate from accidental damage. The V-belt drive is fully enclosed for better safety and trouble free use.
    Easy transportation: Foldable handle for easy transportation and storage. Build in wheels for easy transportation.
    Open bottom plate to faciliate self cleaning.
    More utilisation: Properly curved edges for easy access to corners during compaction.
    Comfortable operation: Heavy duty shock buffer mounts to reduce vibration toward upper deck and handle.
    Packaging: Standard export carton packing. Packing is the Carton made of strong, sturdy wooden. Compressive strength and corrosion resistance.
    Shipping: 6-12 days after confirming order, detail delivery date should be decided according to production season and order quantity.

    How to use our vibratory plate compator safely?

    During the use of our vibrating plate compactor construction tool safely, we must master the correct operating methods to help us better maintain the stability of the plate compactor and prevent damage to the machine.

    1. We must use special supporting tools to cooperate with the construction work of the plate compactor.
    2. Special methods should be used to improve the production efficiency of the vibrating plate compactor. In order to make full use of the vibrating plate compactor efficiently, appropriate adjustments should be made and the pressure should not be too high or too low.
    3. Avoid long-term continuous work. After working for a certain period of time, we should prohibit continuous work on the same hit point for more than 30 seconds.
    4. Pay attention to the surrounding construction environment. We should change the working method in time when encountering bad weather. If there is water on the road, we should prohibit working in the water.
    5. In case of inflexible vibrating plate compactor, it should be checked in time to avoid brutal violence. It is forbidden to use the operation method of falling vibratory plate compactor.

    How to classify vibratory plate compactor engines?

    Gasoline engine brand

    There are several classification methods in the vibratory plate compactor engine.

    1. According to fuel classification

    • Diesel engine: Use diesel oil.
    • Gasoline engine: Use gasoline as fuel.
    • Natural gas engine: Use natural gas as fuel.

    2. Classification according to the number of trips

    • 2-stroke engine: The piston moves 2 strokes or the crankshaft rotates once to complete a cycle.
    • 4-stroke engine: The piston moves 4 strokes or the crankshaft rotates 2 times to complete a cycle.

    3. Classified by ignition

    • Compression-ignition engine: An internal combustion engine that does not rely on spark ignition, but relies on the high temperature and high pressure of the cylinder charge at the end of compression to cause spontaneous combustion of the mixture, such as a diesel engine.
    • Ignition engine: It can also be called spark ignition engine. It is an internal combustion engine that relies on electric spark to ignite the mixture. Both gasoline engines and kerosene engines are ignition engines.

    4. Classified by cooling method

    • Water-cooled engine: Use water as the cooling medium, that is coolant, which is delivered by a water pump and flows through the engine and water radiator.
    • Air-cooled engine: Use air as the cooling medium. It has a simple structure and light weight. Easy to maintain and use, strong adaptability to climate change, quick start, no need for radiator.

    5. Classified by cylinder arrangement

    • In-line engine: The center lines of all cylinders are on the same vertical plane.
    • In-line horizontal engine: The center lines of all cylinders are on the same horizontal plane.

    All vibratory plate compactors, power trowels, tamping rammersroad cutting machines provided on online store adopt air-cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder gasoline engines from different brands.