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    Foldable Metal Wheel Chock

    Foldable Metal Wheel Chock

    Metal wheel chock adopts a foldable design, with standing size 13*8.5*9cm, storage size 13*8.5*2.5cm, net weight 0.38kg, can save more storage space. Cheap metal wheel chocks are suitable for car/SUV owners.
    Wholesale $20.05
    ABS Plastic Wheel Chock

    ABS Plastic Wheel Chock

    ABS plastic wheel chocks keep truck/ trailer/ bus/ SUV in place, alveolate or hollow construction makes the weight extremely light (only 1-2kg). ABS wheel chock can be used in all the harsh and complex environments.
    Wholesale $29.05
    Heavy Duty Rubber Wheel Chock

    Heavy Duty Rubber Wheel Chock

    Rubber wheel chock is made of high-strength natural rubber synthesized by vulcanization and high pressure, with great compressive resistance and good softness. Heavy duty rubber wheel chock features non-slip contact surface and underside, can prevent the stop vehicle from shifting and reduce the wear on the vehicle tires for . Best choice for failure parking or ramp parking.
    Wholesale $24.55
    X Chock Wheel Stabilizer

    X Chock Wheel Stabilizer

    Best X chocks for RV/ truck/ trailer tires locking, size 41*19*11.5cm, extension range 3.5-25.5cm, rust inhibitive coating. X-structure wheel chock placing between two closer tires will prevent tire shifting and make tires & recreational vehicle more stable.
    Wholesale $169.72
    Adjustable Truck Bed Wheel Chock

    Adjustable Truck Bed Wheel Chock

    Truck bed wheel chock for motorcycle features adjustable wheel locking width 90-130mm, load capacity 680kg, material Q235 steel and optional shackle & tow rope. Motorcycle wheel chock can be mounted on truck/trailer bed or floor.
    Wholesale $346.26

    When the car stops on the ramp or stops due to a malfunction, wheel chocks will be the very important security tools that prevent automotive tires from moving.
    The wheel chocks can be divided into metal wheel chocks, plastic wheel chocks and rubber wheel chocks. The foldable metal wheel chocks are hollow after being supported, which saves more storage space. They are particularly suitable for household cars and SUVs. Rubber wheel chocks are very suitable for medium or large cars, such as trucks, buses, trailers, etc. The plastic wheel chocks with alveolate shape are made of ABS, which not only ensures the load capacity but also reduces its own weight. It is another good choice for the heavy-duty vehicle.
    The X chock is also a wheel stabilizer, which is specially designed for the RV with the fifth wheel. X chocks can not only prevent the RV from shifting but also ensure that the RV itself does not shake when people get on and off.
    In addition to the wheel chocks dedicated to automobile wheels, when using truck or trailer to transport motorcycles, you can also use truck bed wheel chocks to ensure that the motorcycles will not move or fall during transportation.

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