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    3.7 Quart (3.5 Liter) Electric Hot Air Fryer

    3.7 Quart (3.5 Liter) Electric Hot Air Fryer

    Compact small 3.5 qt air fryer for sale, temperature 210-400°F and 30 minutes control, auto shut off function, non-stick detachable drawer and a food basket, through the high-speed circulation of hot air, you can cook crispy, healthy and delicious dishes with little or no oil.
    4.7 Quart (4.5 Liter) Digital Air Fryer

    4.7 Quart (4.5 Liter) Digital Air Fryer

    Best 4.5-qt vortex air fryer for frying baking grilling and roasting, built-in touch screen menu featuring appointment time, keep warm and 6 cooking presets, 210-400°F wide range temperature control and 30 minute timer, including grilled shrimp, chicken, steak, french fries, cakes, etc.
    6.3 Quart (6 Liter) Digital Air Fryer

    6.3 Quart (6 Liter) Digital Air Fryer

    Cheap price 6 L home black air fyrer for cook, roast, reheat and bake, LED touch digital screen with preset function, 30 minute timer and 210-400°F temperture adjustable, dishwasher safe basket, use little to no oil for healthy food.
    9.7 Quart (9.2 Liter) Digital Air Fryer

    9.7 Quart (9.2 Liter) Digital Air Fryer

    Large 1600W 9.2L powerful hot air fryer at wholesale price, oven & oilless cooker with LED digital touchscreen and preset function, 9.7-quart air fryer has 7.6-quart detachable basket, avaible dishwasher cleaning, 360-degree circulating hot air cooking, you can enjoy healthy fried foods and snacks without or with less oil.

    The delicious taste of fried food is always lingering. The traditional frying method makes the process of making crispy and delicious meals complicated and dangerous, but with the digital air fryer provided by, frying becomes simple, convenient and safe.The traditional frying method is to completely immerse the food in hot oil, causing the Maillard effect at a temperature of 140 to 165°C. The air fryer works by coating the desired food in a thin layer of oil while circulating air heated up to 200 °C to apply heat and initiate the reaction.

    Air fryer has 70% to 80% less oil than traditional fryer for cooking such as potato chips, chicken, fish, steak, cheeseburger, French fries or pastries. Our air fryer provides "fried" food with no frying feeling. Buy it now and you can cook the crispy, fried food and snacks you want without worrying about calories and fat. 3.5-quart, 4.5-quart, 6-quart and 9.5-quart frying baskets to meet the needs of different families. And in addition to frying, you can also bake, grill, or roast food.

    Air fryer is a reliable kitchen appliance, it can reduce cooking time and cleaning work for you. Drawers and food baskets are dishwasher safe, simplifying cleaning. In addition, the surface and handle of the machine are cool to the touch, which helps prevent burns. Finding an air fryer that suits you will greatly help the kitchen.