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    Claw Hammer, 16 Oz/18 Oz/ 20 Oz

    Claw Hammer, 16 Oz/18 Oz/ 20 Oz

    Economical price Claw Hammer, 16/18/20 Oz, head length in 110/130/135mm with magnetic nail holder and milled face. Fiberglass handle and one-piece claw hammer available. Choose a best claw hammer for you.
    Wholesale $9.34
    Machinist's Hammer, 200g/300g/500g

    Machinist's Hammer, 200g/300g/500g

    Wholesale best machinist’s hammer, 200g/300g/500g, made from carbon steel with square smooth face. Fiberglass handle, seal the hammer head with black glue. Low price machinist’s hammer is extremely durable.
    Wholesale $13.59
    Sledge Hammer, 2 lb/4 lb/10 lb/14 lb

    Sledge Hammer, 2 lb/4 lb/10 lb/14 lb

    Low price sledge hammer, size in 2/3/4/6/8/10/12/14 lb, carbon steel material, fiberglass handle or plastic handle available. It is durable and shockproof and can be used for fire emergencies. Best sledge hammer makes your work more time and labor saving.
    Wholesale $16.99
    Ball Peen Hammer, 16 Oz/24 Oz/32 Oz

    Ball Peen Hammer, 16 Oz/24 Oz/32 Oz

    Economical price ball peen hammer for sale, size in 16 Oz/24 Oz/32 Oz, high quality alloy steel with peach wood handle, tight and no easy to fall off. Both of the ball peen surface is subjected to high frequency heat treatment, it is hardness and durable.
    Wholesale $16.14
    Rubber Mallet, 35mm/45mm/55mm/65mm

    Rubber Mallet, 35mm/45mm/55mm/65mm

    Favorable price rubber mallet for sale, head diameter 35mm/45mm/55mm/65mm available. Internal material adopts steel frame, head and handle tightly connected, hard and durable. External material uses special rubber, high toughness, impact resistance and practical.
    Wholesale $39.94
    Axe, 500g/600g/1250g

    Axe, 500g/600g/1250g

    Favorable price axes for sale, size in 500g/600g/1250g available. Carbon steel head with a rubber sleeve, fiberglass handle, black spray paint on the surface to prevent rust. The best splitting axe is mainly used for cutting wood, which is durable and practical.
    Wholesale $18.69
    6 in 1 Multi Tool Hammer

    6 in 1 Multi Tool Hammer

    Wholesale low price 6 in 1 multi tool hammer, carbon steel material, rubber sleeve curved handle, total length 230mm. It has multi functions, including hammer, pipe pliers, wrench, remove nails, loosen and tighten up nuts and gripper. The best multi tool hammer is durable and practical which meets all your needs.
    $38.81 Wholesale $28.04


    A hammer consists of a different size of head and a handle, which is used for driving nails into wood, changing the shape of the metal, striking chisels, and cracking stone and rock. The hammer head is typically made of alloy steel with heat treatment for improving toughness and the handle is commonly made of wood or plastic. We provide different types of hammer options at, including claw hammer, machinist’s hammer, sledge hammer, ball peen hammer, rubber mallet, and 6 in 1 multi tool hammer. Shop online now!

    Different types of hammersDifferent Types of Hammer

    • Claw hammer

    A claw hammer just as its name implies that one side of the hammer head is in the shape of a claw that used for removing nails from wood. The other side of the hammer head is flat, which is used for driving nails into wood or deforming the metal. The claw hammer is an essential tool in the household toolbox since it is useful for routine maintenance and installation. At, 9 Oz, 16 Oz, 18 Oz, 20 Oz claw hammer are available at wholesale price. The head of our claw hammer is made from carbon steel with heat treatment and a magnetic nail holder on the flat head makes you feel so convenient to drive nails. The handle of the claw hammer is made of fiberglass and plastic with ergonomic design, which is not only durable, but also comfortable to hold. It is the best choice to buy our products.

    • Machinist’s hammer

    The machinist’ hammer has a flat and square head and a long tapered tip. The flat head is used for daily striking and the tapered tip is used for demolition items. It applies to various fields, such as household installation, blacksmith customization, mechanical maintenance, carpenter manufacture and so on. The head of the machinist’s hammer is made from carbon steel with fine forging, allowing of wear resistance and durability. The ergonomic handle is the same as claw hammer made of fiberglass and plastic, which is wear-resistance and anti-slip.

    • Sledge hammer

    A sledge hammer has commonly a long handle with a flat and large head. The large metal head is combined with a long handle, allowing of the sledge hammer to apply a large force on a large scale for striking objects. The sledge hammer is commonly used for destruction work, such as fire emergency, demolition of the wall, breaking up concrete, chiseling stone and so on. It has two kinds of handles, of which one is fiberglass handle and the other one is plastic handle. Both of the handles are durable and shockproof to use, which makes your work easier.

    • Ball peen hammer

    The head of ball peen hammer is designed with a round face on one side and a flat striking face on the other. It is used for chipping work with a chisel, driving nails into the wood and other tasks that need hardness and weight. The head weights of the ball peen hammers are commonly 12 to 32 Oz. And the handle is typically used for hardwood that clamps the hammer head firmly.

    • Rubber mallet

    The biggest advantage of a rubber mallet is to hit the object without damaging the surface of the object, which is a convenient tool for doing woodworking projects. The hammer head is hollow with steel balls inside, so it won’t bounce back when it strikes. The internal structure of the handle uses of steel frame attached to the hammer head, which will not deform and break under heavy pressure. The outer material of the handle is made of special rubber that is high toughness, impact resistance, non-slip and durable.

    • 6 in 1 multi tool hammerSplitting Axe

    The multi tool hammer has 6 functions, including hammer, pipe pliers, wrench, remove nails, loosen and tighten up the nuts and gripper. It is made from carbon steel that is high hardness and durability. The handles have rubber sleeves that meet ergonomic design, which are comfortable to hold.


    An axe is a typical hand tool widely used for cutting wood, fire emergency, camping self-defense and so on. It splits the wood in half by applying force to the blade, which is a practical and efficient tool. It consists of a handle attached to a different size alloy metal head with a sharp blade at one edge. The head of an axe is made from carbon steel that is hardness and durability. One end of the head is the sharp blade that is used for cutting wood and the other end is flat used for striking items, which is a multi-function tool. The connection between the head and the handle is filled with vinyl to keep firmness. The handle of the axe is made of fiberglass and plastic that meets ergonomic design, which is not only comfortable to hold, but also non-slip and shockproof. It is better to put the rubber sleeve on the blade if you don’t use the axe. Don’t use for metal and masonry except in emergency situations.

    Notices for using a hammer

    • Choose a hammer with a suitable size and weight for your work.
    • The striking face diameter of the hammer should be larger than the face that you are going to strike.
    • Select a hammer with an ergonomic and shockproof handle protect yourself from impact and vibration.
    • Make sure that the head of the hammer is firmly attached to the handle.
    • Once the hammer head is loose or the handle is damaged, use the hammer until it is repaired.
    • If a hammer head appears dents, cracks, mushrooming or excessive wear, it must be discarded.
    • The striking face of a hammer should be paralleled with the object that you are going to strike.
    • Don’t use a hammer to strike another hammer or hard metal.
    • Wear safety glasses and a face mask to prevent debris from splashing into your eyes.