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    Hydraulic Torque Wrench, Torque Repeatability ±3%

    Hydraulic Torque Wrench, Torque Repeatability ±3%

    High-power hydraulic wrenches for sale, factory outlet. A hollow hydraulic torque wrench can be widely used in metallurgy, coal mine, the chemical industry, power generation, medical treatment, agriculture, machinery, oil field, and other fields. Constant torque output with a ±3% torque repeatability.
    Hydraulic Cylinder Wrench

    Hydraulic Cylinder Wrench

    Fast, efficient, and stable! A hydraulic cylinder wrench is your best choice! At, we provide the highest quality hydraulic cylinder wrench to make your work easier and more efficient. Our hydraulic cylinder wrenches use advanced hydraulic technology, with excellent torque transmission and control capabilities, allowing you to easily complete various fastening tasks. Whether you are engaged in mechanical maintenance, assembly, or construction engineering, our hydraulic cylinder wrenches can meet your various needs. Moreover, our hydraulic cylinder wrenches have excellent durability and safety, which allows you to use them with confidence. Hurry up and choose a hydraulic cylinder wrench to make your work more efficient!
    Hydraulic Pipe Wrench, 4-70mm

    Hydraulic Pipe Wrench, 4-70mm

    Equipped with advanced hydraulic technology, our hydraulic pipe wrenches provide excellent torque transmission and control capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly complete various fastening tasks. No matter if you're engaged in mechanical maintenance, pipe installation, or other industrial applications, our hydraulic pipe wrenches can meet your needs with ease. What's more, our hydraulic pipe wrenches are highly durable and safe, giving you peace of mind while using them. Choose a hydraulic pipe wrench from and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your work!

    Looking for a reliable and efficient solution for tightening bolts and nuts with precision and ease? Take a look at the hydraulic torque wrenches available at the online store. Our high-power hydraulic torque wrenches provide accurate torque measurements for your needs. These wrenches are made of aerospace aluminum titanium alloy material, with an integral body, high strength, and high toughness, ensuring reliable and durable use. The integral elongated design provides a longer lever arm and is more lightweight. With a hydraulic drive system, the torque output is constant, and the torque repeat accuracy is ±3%. The 360°×180° rotatable oil pipe joint eliminates the worry of spatial limitations. In addition, various replaceable work heads are available, and the reaction arm can also be customized according to the on-site space. Whether you're working in construction, maintenance, or any other field that requires precise torque application, invest in a high-quality hydraulic torque wrench from today and get the job done right. 

    What is a hydraulic torque wrench used for?

    hydraulic torque wrench is a type of tool used for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts with high precision and power. It is commonly used in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and maintenance, where large and heavy-duty machinery and equipment are used.

    The hydraulic torque wrench uses hydraulic pressure to apply torque to a bolt or nut. The pressure is generated by a hydraulic pump, which drives a hydraulic cylinder to rotate the wrench's square drive. The wrench's rotation is then transmitted to the bolt or nut, resulting in controlled and accurate tightening or loosening.

    Hydraulic torque wrenches are often used in applications where high levels of torque are required, such as in the oil and gas industry, power generation, and heavy construction. They can be used on a wide range of bolt sizes, and their hydraulic operation allows for faster and more efficient work compared to manual torque wrenches.

    Hydraulic torque wrench

    How accurate is a hydraulic torque wrench?

    Hydraulic torque wrenches are highly accurate tools for tightening and loosening bolts and nuts with precise torque specifications. They can achieve accuracies within +/-3% of the desired torque value.

    The accuracy of a hydraulic torque wrench depends on several factors, including the quality and calibration of the tool, the type of hydraulic pump used, and the experience and skill of the operator. Regular calibration and maintenance of the tool are crucial for ensuring accurate results.

    In addition, the accuracy of a hydraulic torque wrench can be affected by various external factors, such as the condition of the bolts and nuts being tightened or loosened, the type of thread lubricant used, and the environmental conditions in which the work is being performed.

    Overall, hydraulic torque wrenches are considered highly accurate tools that provide reliable and consistent results when used correctly and maintained properly.

    How to choose a hydraulic torque wrench?

    When choosing a hydraulic torque wrench, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

    1. Torque range: Consider the range of torque values you need for your application. Choose a hydraulic torque wrench that can provide the required torque range for your specific needs.
    2. Bolt size: Make sure the hydraulic torque wrench is compatible with the size of the bolts you will be tightening or loosening. Some wrenches may only be suitable for certain bolt sizes, so be sure to check the specifications carefully.
    3. Accuracy: Look for a hydraulic torque wrench with a high level of accuracy, as this will ensure that the torque is applied correctly and consistently.
    4. Type of pump: Consider the type of hydraulic pump that comes with the wrench. Electric pumps may be more convenient for indoor use, while air-driven pumps are better suited for outdoor or remote locations.
    5. Durability: Choose a hydraulic torque wrench that is built to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions. Look for wrenches made from high-quality materials that are designed to last.
    6. Brand reputation: Consider the reputation of the brand and manufacturer of the hydraulic torque wrench. Look for reviews and feedback from other users to get an idea of the tool's performance and reliability.

    Overall, it's important to choose a hydraulic torque wrench that is well-suited to your specific needs and requirements. Consider all of these factors carefully to ensure you select the right tool for the job.