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    12V Car Battery Tester

    12V Car Battery Tester

    12VDC car battery tester with wholesale price, optional connector of battery clips & cigarette lighter, small size 120*48*18.5mm, ABS shell, 6 LED lights indicating engine status fault/good, battery charging status full/middle/low, battery health condition.
    Wholesale $11.68
    12V/24V Automotive Battery Tester

    12V/24V Automotive Battery Tester

    Cheap price handheld 12V/24V automotive battery tester for sale, applies to 12V car battery and 24V battery of heavy duty truck or other type of vehicles, top LED light indicating 12V or 24V battery, other 6 LED lights showing battery charging status, bad or good loading level.
    Wholesale $17.44
    12V Digital Battery Tester for Car/SUV

    12V Digital Battery Tester for Car/SUV

    Low cost 12V digital battery tester for wholesale, LCD display showing battery condition and system parameters, supporting more than 13 langauages, measuring range of 100-2000CCA, 30-200AH and 7-16VDC, best choice for car owner, battery manufacturer or car battery supplier.
    Wholesale $76.03
    12V/24V Digital Battery Tester for Car/Motorcycle/RV

    12V/24V Digital Battery Tester for Car/Motorcycle/RV

    Powerful 12V&24V digital battery tester with cheap price, features a LCD display showing battery system test result, 3 LED lights indicating battery health condition, best for car, motorcycle, RV, heave duty truck and new energy vehicles. Battery tester supports 15 langauages, with measuring range 7-30VDC, 40-2000CCA, 3-220AH.
    Wholesale $76.03

    Car battery tester, also known as automotive battery tester or battery analyzer for car, is a professional analysis and testing tool for judging the working ability and health status of car batteries.

    As the use time of automobile batteries increases, the surface of the battery is vulcanized and corroded, and the active materials fall off. It makes batteries no longer carry out effective chemical reactions and result in the gradual aging of the battery, so that the battery cannot continues to use.

    Automotive battery testers usually have two testing methods: traditional testing and conductivity testing.

    Traditional test method

    1. Basis of traditional car battery test
      The batteries used in cars are almost lead-acid batteries. The biggest feature of lead-acid batteries is that as the batteries are used, the plates gradually age. When the capacity drops to 80% of its rated capacity, it may drop in a "free-fall" manner. Although the car battery may still provide a certain amount of energy, it may be scrapped at any time. In the international car battery industry, 80% of the battery capacity is regarded as a critical point of the car battery. Therefore, when the car battery capacity is reduced to 80% of its original rated capacity, the car battery needs to be replaced.
    2. Determine battery health state by traditional method
      The traditional way to determine the health of a car battery is to discharge. The actual capacity of the car battery is tested by discharging to determine the health of the car battery. For batteries, the Battery Council International (BCI) stipulates that the battery should be discharged for 15 seconds at 1/2 of the rated cold start current value at room temperature. If the car battery voltage is above 9.6V, the car battery will pass the discharge test. It is a healthy car battery.

    Our LED battery testers T-BT-12V & T-BT-24V adopt traditional method. Its advantage is that it does not need to take out the battery, can be directly operated on the car, and does not require external charging. It can quickly and accurately display the battery test results (only 3 seconds), including the generator status (whether the car's starting voltage is ok.), battery status (full/medium/low), and battery charging status (whether the charging voltage is ok.).

    Conductivity test method

    The working principle of the conductivity battery tester is to determine the chemical reaction ability by measuring the surface of the electrode plate, and to infer the change of the battery capacity through the change of the electrode plate, thereby judging the health of the battery. The test work performed by the conductivity meter is to compare the actual conductivity value measured by the battery with the standard conductivity value when the battery is in good condition. If the difference is large to a certain extent, it can be determined that the battery needs to be replaced. Practice has proved that the test result of the conductivity meter is consistent with the test result of discharge with 1/2 CCA value.

    The conductivity test method adopted by our LCD digital battery tester T-BT-D-12V & T-BT-D-24V. They not only ensure the scientificity and accuracy of battery testing, but also have a wider range of uses.

    Applications of digital battery tester for car/motorcycle/RV:

    1. As a basis for judging whether to replace the automotive battery.
    2. As an acceptance tool when receiving the battery.
    3. As a tool to prove the performance value of car batteries.
    4. As an inspection tool before the car battery is shipped.
    5. As an identification tool for claims of car batteries.
    6. As a technical support tool for automotive battery sales.