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    C Clamp, 4 inch/5 inch/6 inch/8 inch

    C Clamp, 4 inch/5 inch/6 inch/8 inch

    Affordable price C clamp or G clamp for sale. C-clamp with quick-release button for fast adjustment, available in the clamping capacity 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch, drop forged heat-treated steel construction, durable and rust-resistant, ideal for holding wood or metal pieces firmly.
    Wholesale $30.34
    3/4 inch Pipe Clamp for Woodworking

    3/4 inch Pipe Clamp for Woodworking

    Heavy duty woodworking pipe clamp fixture for 3/4 inch pipe, clamping capacity only limited by the length of the pipe used, made of tough cast iron, optional straight handle or hand-cranked handle, clutch-disc design for easy pipe holding and release.
    Wholesale $24.35
    1/2 inch Pipe Clamp for Woodworking

    1/2 inch Pipe Clamp for Woodworking

    Best price 1/2 inch pipe clamp for woodworking, clamping capacity only up to the length of the pipe used, high quality cast iron construction, available with straight handle or hand-cranked handle for choice, clutch-disc design to hold and clamp on wood firmly.
    Wholesale $19.35
    Bar Clamp, 6 inch/12 inch/24 inch/36 inch

    Bar Clamp, 6 inch/12 inch/24 inch/36 inch

    Cheap bar clamps or F clamps for sale. Available in clamping capacity 6", 12", 18", 24", 30" and 36" for selection, drop-forged malleable cast iron construction, comfortable anti-slip handle, 2-piece clutch lock for easy movement and firm holding, best clamp tool for woodworking and DIY.
    Wholesale $18.83
    Quick Release Bar Clamp, 4"/10"/18"/24"/30"

    Quick Release Bar Clamp, 4"/10"/18"/24"/30"

    Wholesale quick release ratchet bar clamp / spreader at good price. Quick action F clamp with trigger, a wide range of clamping capacity from 4-in, 6-in, 10-in to 30-in, one-handed operation, designed with quick grip and release, easy and efficient, suitable for woodworking, metalworking, welding or DIY projects.
    Wholesale $9.94
    90 Degree Corner Clamp for Woodworking

    90 Degree Corner Clamp for Woodworking

    Favorable price 90 degree woodworking corner clamp for wholesale, jaw opening 68mm and jaw width 95mm, adjustable jaw, light and durable aluminum alloy die-casting clamp body, ergonomic TPR soft handle, best right angle clamp for DIY home decoration, welding, framing, etc.
    Wholesale $48.19
    Spring Clamp, 3 inch/4 inch/6 inch/9 inch

    Spring Clamp, 3 inch/4 inch/6 inch/9 inch

    Low price spring clamp for wholesale, avaliable in sizes 3 inch, 4 inch, 4.5 inch, 6 inch and 9 inch, nylon and carbon steel materials. Heavy duty woodworking spring clamp, easy to clip, release and reposition, multi purpose for plastic sheeting, tarps, covers, fabric and photography backdrops.
    Wholesale $2.38
    Hand Vice, 25mm/30mm

    Hand Vice, 25mm/30mm

    Cheap mini hand vice for sale, optional jaw opening 25mm and 30mm. Constructed with heat-treated ductile cast iron, surface spray treatment, anti-slip jaw for secure holding, this handheld vise tool is used for clamping small workpieces, suitable for woodworking, workshop, home DIY, etc.
    Wholesale $15.89
    Mini Drill Press Vise Clamp for DIY Carving

    Mini Drill Press Vise Clamp for DIY Carving

    Mini drill press vise clamp for wholesale, aluminum alloy material, 57mm jaw width and 53mm jaw opening, light and portable, easy to handle and adjust, multi-purpose mini bench vise for holding small round, square and irregular objects, ideal for DIY, carving, hobbies, crafts, etc.
    Wholesale $11.54
    Drill Press Vise, 3 in./4 in./5 in./6 in.

    Drill Press Vise, 3 in./4 in./5 in./6 in.

    Wholesale drill press vise with good price, available with jaw width 2.5-in, 3-in, 4-in, 5-in and 6-in, high quality cast iron with heat-treated, durable and wear-resistant, anti-slip jaw for tight clamping, 180 degree turning handle for quick adjustment, fit for small bench drills, electric drill stand, etc.
    Wholesale $51.92
    Clamp-On Bench Vise, 2-1/2 inch/3 inch

    Clamp-On Bench Vise, 2-1/2 inch/3 inch

    Economical price clamp-on vises for wholesale. Light-duty bench vises, available in 62mm (2-1/2") jaw opening with 50mm jaw width and 75mm (3") jaw opening with 60mm/70mm/80mm jaw width, easy clamp-on to a bench, table or work surface up to 68mm thick, heavy duty cast steel construction, 360 degree swivel base for access to work piece at any angle, light and portable, best vises for wood, plastic and light metalworking.
    Wholesale $62.33
    Bench Yoke Pipe Vise, 2 inch/3 inch

    Bench Yoke Pipe Vise, 2 inch/3 inch

    Buy pipe vise at affordable price, to clamp the metal pipes up to 2 inch or 3 inch. Bench yoke pip vice, cosntructed with fully forged cast iron, designed with hardened alloy steel V-jaw for durable use and firm holding, and anti-slip handle, easy to use.
    Wholesale $121.79
    Swivel Bench Vise, 3-in./4-in./5-in./6-in.

    Swivel Bench Vise, 3-in./4-in./5-in./6-in.

    Light duty bench vise with 360° swivle base, optional sizes 3 inch/4 inch/5 inch/6 inch, cast iron cosntruction with surface finish, high strength and toughness, forged high carbon steel jaw, good hardness and strong clamping force, also comes with an large anvil for convenient use, best bench vice for home use and other light duty use.
    Wholesale $135.94

    Clamp & ViseC-clamp or G-clamp

    The clamps and vises (or vices) almost have the same purpose, and both are used to hold the objectssecurely. They have a wide applications including carpentry, woodworking, furniture making, welding, construction and metal working. However, they comes in different construction with various types. The following information will give you a brief introduction about these.

    Common Clamp Types

    Clamps are easily found in the woodworking. The clamp is a necessary hand tool for woodworking. It is very simple to use, and it is a good helper for woodworking. There are many kinds of clamps with different uses, and the prices also vary greatly. The clamps are usually divided into bar clamps, C clamps, spring clamps, pipe clamps, etc., according to their appearance characteristics.

    • C-clamp (G clamp)
      C-clamp, also known as G-clamp, is used to firmly hold various shapes of work pieces, modules, etc. The name of the C clamp is derived from the frame of the clamp like the letter C, while the G clamp is derived from the overall structure including the screw structure like the capital letter G. With a threaded screw-in design, the C-clamp can freely adjust the clamping range. And the common sizes of C clamps include 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, etc.
    • Bar clamp (F clamp)
      Bar clamp is also a most commonly-used clamp in the woodworking. As it looks like capital letter F, the bar clamp is also called F clamp. The clamping capacity of bar clamp is decided by the length of the bar. The bar clamp is usually made from steel for high strength,Bar clamp or F-clamp so it is very suitable for some heavy-duty clamping. It can be applied in many occasions such as making furniture, especially for holding the pieces when gluing.
    • Quick release bar clamp
      Quick release bar clamp is also a kind of bar clamp. But unlike the typical bar clamp, the quick release bar clamp has a biggest advantage, that is, it can be operated with one hand. In other words, whether it is used for clamping or releasing the object, it can be operated with one hand. However, the quick release bar clamp has a relative weaker clamping force compare with the typical bar clamp, so it is suitable for occasions that do not require high clamping force, and require frequent adjustments, such as small workpieces fixture, photo frames gluing and so on.
    • Spring clamp
      Spring clamp looks like a capital letter A. Although it is similar to the clips used in the daily life, actually it is more heavy duty. The spring clamp features thick material, sturdy spring and hard to open with one hand. Generally, it is made from metal and plastic. Metal spring clamp are available with 4, 6, 7, 9 inches, etc., and plastic spring clamps have 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 inches, etc., in sizes.
    • 90 degree corner clamp
      90 degree corner clamp is suitable for picture framing, box or cabinet assembling, welding, etc. The 90 degree corner clamp is often used to fix four corners of the photo frame after gluing, just rotating the handle to clamp and fix. It is very convenient to make the picture framing.
    • C-clamp locking pliers
      C-clamp locking pliers are a type of locking pliers, and it is often used to clamp the objects in various shapes in woodworking. C-clamp locking pliersIn some cases, it can replace the spring clamp. The C-clamp locking pliers can adjust the jaw opening with the screw attached to the handle according to the shape of the workpieces. There are also many sizes of C-clamp locking pliers including 6”, 9”, 11”, 14”, 18”, etc.

    Safety Tips for Using Clamps

    • Wear safety glasses or a face mask and gloves to protect yourself during the operation.
    • Choose the appropriate clamp type and size to meet the clamping requirements. When selecting a suitable clamp, there are some factors you need consider, such as the strength of a clamp, clamping capacity, throat depth, ease of adjustment, etc.
    • Make sure that the adjustment screw can be rotated freely before use.
    • Before tightening, ensure that the jaws of the clamp are in full contact with the workpiece. Then close the jaws until the clamp is tight.
    • Better to use a clamp with a pad to avoid scratches on the workpieces.
    • Do not use any clamps with bent or broken frame.
    • Do not use a wrench, pipe, hammer or pliers to tighten the clamp, instead, use the special wrench for the clamp.
    • Do not use a clamp to lift or pull.

    Types of Vises or Vices

    A vise or vice is a tool for holding a workpiece that features two parallel jaws, a fixed jaw and a movable jaw adjusted by a screw or a lever. There are many types of vises for different purposes.

    • Bench vise
      Bench vise, is a commonly used clamping tool in woodworking and metalworking. It is installed on the workbench and used to clamp workpieces securely for doing other work.
      The woodworking vises are different from metalworking vises. The woodworking vises are typically used by woodworkers to hold the work pieces. The woodworking vise are available three types: face vice, leg vice and end vice to provide different uses.Vise or vice
      The metalworking vise is used for clamp metal for assembly, repair and processing purposes. It is generally constructed with cast steel or malleable cast iron. The metalworking vise has two parallel iron jaws and a base. According to different structures, they are available with fixed base, swivel base, suction cup base and clamp base.
    • Hand vise
      Hand vise is a hand-held tool for clamping small workpieces or thin slices for performing the other jobs. For example, when filing a long and thin workpiece, you can first clamp the workpiece with a hand vise, and then place it on a bench vise for processing. It is also suitable for clamping the workpiece for welding and drilling.
    • Pipe vise
      Pipe vise is a clamping tool specially designed for tightly hold pipes or other cylindrical workpieces on the worktable for threading, cutting or other processing. The pipe vises have chain type and yoke type. The chain type vise adopts a chain for clamp the pipe securely while the yoke type uses a screw to hold the pipe tightly. The pipe vises are widely used in pipeline installation and pipeline maintenance.
    • Drill press vice
      Drill press vice, also known as machine vise, often works with milling machines and drilling machines. Some mini or small-sized drill press vice are used by DIYers or hobbyists to hold some small work pieces to do some DIY work, carving, model making, craft working, etc.

    How to use clamp-on bench vise correctly?

    • When clamping the workpiece, it must be tightened properly, and the handle can only be tightened by hand.
    • Try to make the force towards the fixed clamp body during use bench vise.
    • Do not knock on the movable clamp body and smooth surface.
    • The moving surfaces such as lead screws, nuts should be cleaned and lubricated frequently in order to prevent rust. is your source to find various types of clamps and vises listed above. With high quality, durable construction and long performance, our clamps and vises are sold at economical prices with several sizes, to meet your different applications like woodworking, furniture making, welding, construction and metal working, etc. Whether you are professional or hobbyists, you can get a proper clamp or vise here.