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    Plastering Trowel, 10x4 Inch, Silver

    Plastering Trowel, 10x4 Inch, Silver

    Wholesale stainless steel plastering trowel with cheap price is a useful concrete finishing hand tool, features 10-inch by 4-inch size, silver color, short wooden handle. Lightweight for easy handling.
    Wholesale $15.59
    Plastering Trowel, 8.5x3 Inch, Silver

    Plastering Trowel, 8.5x3 Inch, Silver

    Good value plastering trowel provides wholesale price, comes with a wooden handle and flexible stainless steel blade which features 8.5" x 3" dimension and silver color. Designed for easy use and good quality product.
    Wholesale $14.58
    Plastering Trowel, 6x3 Inch/7x4 Inch, Silver

    Plastering Trowel, 6x3 Inch/7x4 Inch, Silver

    Hot-sale plastering trowel offers wholesale price, is equipped with a wooden handle and high quality stainless steel blade which has silver color and 8.5" x 3" size. Convenient and labor-saving to operate in decorating and building house.
    Wholesale $9.05
    Stainless Steel Putty Knife , 2/3/4/5 Inch

    Stainless Steel Putty Knife , 2/3/4/5 Inch

    Buy best putty knife with low price, combines a wooden handle and 2 inch/3 inch/4 inch/5 inch width blade, made of strong and flexible stainless steel, used for paint, removal and putty application, designed for long lasting durability.
    Wholesale $9.89
    High Carbon Steel Putty Knife, 1/1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5 Inch

    High Carbon Steel Putty Knife, 1/1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5 Inch

    Putty knife for sale features high carbon steel blade and anti-slip handle, provides a variety of specifications, such as 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, offers affordable price and high quality with polishing treatment.
    Wholesale $9.33
    Notched Trowel, 11x4 Inch

    Notched Trowel, 11x4 Inch

    Square notch trowel with comfort grip handle has low factory price, is perfect for vertical surfaces, applicable for combing and setting materials, trowel size is 11" long x 4" wide, high quality and long shank for convenient and long lasting use.
    Wholesale $11.81
    V Notch Trowel 11x4 Inch

    V Notch Trowel 11x4 Inch

    Wholesale V-notch tile trowel with cheap price, used for scoring plaster to form a good bond between coats, features 11 inch by 4 inch size. Wood handle provides a soft feel, reduces fatigue and offers excellent durability.
    Wholesale $13.98
    Metal Putty Knife, 1/2/3/4/5/6 Inch

    Metal Putty Knife, 1/2/3/4/5/6 Inch

    Wholesale putty knife with low price comes with a metal blade scraper and wood handle, is used for spreading drywall spackle and mud, taping, scraping paint. The available sizes are 1 inch / 2 inch / 3 inch / 4 inch / 5 inch / 6 inch.
    Wholesale $9.34
    Margin Trowel, 2/3 Inch

    Margin Trowel, 2/3 Inch

    Buy wholesale margin trowel with high quality and reasonable price, it features 6 x 2 inch and 6 x 3 inch size, made of stainless steel and solid wood, is widely used for working on cement, tile, drywall, concrete and other construction materials.
    Wholesale $12.51
    Margin Trowel, 5x7 Inch

    Margin Trowel, 5x7 Inch

    Favorite price margin trowel provides stainless steel blade and wood handle, applicable for building decoration, tiling, tile fixing, wiping cement, putty, patching, painting, features 5"x7" width.
    Wholesale $11.01
    Masonry Brick Trowel, 1 Inch

    Masonry Brick Trowel, 1 Inch

    Buy wholesale masonry brick trowel with economic price, it features 1 inch size, made of high grade stainless steel and soft plastic handle, is forged from a single piece of high grade tool steel. Professional tools for brick, concrete, drywall, flooring, paint, tile and wallpaper.
    Wholesale $11.49
    Brick Trowel Knife, Double Sided

    Brick Trowel Knife, Double Sided

    Cheap price brick trowel is a multifuntion building tool for bricklayers to cut brick and tile and other construction materials, made of rail steel. The brick knife provides double sided use and long handle for convenient and long lasting use.
    Wholesale $12.40
    Brick Trowel Knife, Double Sided, Rubber handle

    Brick Trowel Knife, Double Sided, Rubber handle

    High quality manganese steel brick / tile trowel knife has factory price and free shipping, features double sided use and rubber handle for easy and productive working. Suitable for wall building, wall repairing in construction site.
    Wholesale $11.38
    Brick Trowel Knife, Single Sided, Rubber Handle

    Brick Trowel Knife, Single Sided, Rubber Handle

    Multifunction plastering knife for sale features 14 inch long, single sided cutting and rubber handle for easy control while working, it is a good solution for cutting on concrete brick, tile, mud and other building materials.
    Wholesale $12.49
    Brick Trowel Knife, Single Sided

    Brick Trowel Knife, Single Sided

    Brick mud knife features single sided cutting, long handle for convenient operating, made of high quality manganese steel for long lasting use, ideal construction tool for bricklayers to cut brick, tile and other materials for building workers.
    Wholesale $11.61

    The plastering tools for sale include plastering trowel, putty knife, notched trowel, v notch trowel, margin trowel and brick trowel knife, they features different sizes from 1 inch, 2 inch ... to 6 inch, doubled sided use / single sided use, wood handle / saw material handle. Those multipurpose construction tools are made of stainless steel / high carbon steel / manganese steel. They are widely applicable for working on drywall, putty, decals, wallpaper, wallrepair, baking, spackling, patching, painting and other construction marterials as a multipurpse tool. All the finishing trowels / knives feature free shipping and factory price to buy and lightweight and flexible design to use.

    1. The similarity difference between plastering trowel and putty knife


    Both plastering trowel and putty knife are composed of a blade and a handle. Their blades are made of carbon steel, manganese steel and stainless steel, while their handles are from plastic, wood and iron materials and users can choose the suitable hand tool to work according to their requirements and working habits in building construction. Usually, people can use putty knives and plastering trowels together to mix putty.


    • Classification

    Plastering trowel, also known as trowel, is classified as a craftsman tool, which is a hand tool for smoothing and filling the plaster; the putty knife is also known as a squeegee, and is one of the paint auxiliary tools often used by painters.

    • Shape

    According to the shape of plastering trowel blade, trowels can be divided into flat edge trowels and toothed trowels. The toothed trowels are also divided into square tooth trowels, pointed trowels and curved teeth (also called square nothches trowels / rectangular notches trowels, V-notches trowels and U-notches trowels). The putty knife is also composed of a blade and a handle and its overall shape is triangular.

    2. What is a putty knife used for?

    In construction field

    Putty knife is also called scraper, an indispensable hand tool in decoration aids. It is easy to use, has simple and elegant design and anti-corrosion characteristics and can be used widely for scraping and shoveling impurities, cement, white ash on the wall, removing dust, coating walls with putty and filling gaps and cracks on the wall in construction field as an indispensable and important auxiliary construction tool.

    In daily life

    Due to the advantages of sharpness, sturdiness, compactness, convenience and practicality, the finishing putty knife can also be used as a knife, shovel, scraper, agitator, etc. as an auxiliary tool in all aspects of life to greatly improve the efficiency of life. In our daily life, a clean putty knives are also used to make pancakes, cakes or barbecue, such as chopping, stiring food. Sanitation workers can use a sharp putty knife to solve the urban stubborn dirt on road to complete the cleaning work with less effort. It can also be used to clean up some old dirt at home. It is more labor-saving and convenient to handle and can better control the strength and scope of use.

    3. The functions of teeth / notches of toothed trowels?

    • Pointed / V-notches trowel

    It is characterized by serrations on the left and right sides of the blade or around the blade. This V-notches trowel is mainly used for laying floor tiles, such as indoor floor tiles, sidewalks, and blind roads.

    • Square or rectangular tooth / notches trowel

    Its characteristic is that the outer edge of the blade is square or rectangular. This tooth trowel is mainly used for the laying of mosaic tiles. When the cement on the wall is evenly smoothed, neat and even square strips will appear, which is convenient for laying mosaic tiles.

    • Curved / U-notches trowel

    Its feature is that the edge shape of the blade is square, the groove is arc-shaped, and the groove part of the square tooth trowel is also square. This kind of trowel plays a certain role in decoration projects such as wall fixing and tile sticking.

    Types of trowels and probable coverage they provide

    4. What size trowel for which tiles?

    Some guidelines regarding the minimum trowel size to use when fixing different size tiles.

    • 200 x 200mm tiles -use a 8mm notched trowel
    • 250 x 250mm tiles-use a 10mm notched trowel
    • 300 x 300mm tiles-use a 12mm notched trowel
    • 400 x 400mm and larger size tiles -use a 12mm notched trowel + back buttering of tile

    5. How much adhesion is required for tile / stone?

    The standard says that the minimum contact coverage of the tile adhesive to both the tile and the substrates is as follows:

    • Internal residential walls- 65%
    • Residential floors-80%
    • Commercial and industrial walls-80%
    • Commercial and industrial floors, wet areas, external walls, decks and roofs, and swimming pools-90%

    P.S. If applied force over the tile is un-even / un-uniform, 100% adhesion achieved is doubtful.