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    3.6V 1/8" Cordless Electric Die Grinder

    3.6V 1/8" Cordless Electric Die Grinder

    Electric die grinder, cordless pencil design. Output power 3.6V, clamping diameter 1.0~3.2mm (1/8 inch). 3-level variable speed 5000/10000/15000 rpm, mini size 160mm*25mm. Suitable for various grinding bits.
    Wholesale $50.82
    12V 1/8" Cordless Electric Die Grinder

    12V 1/8" Cordless Electric Die Grinder

    Cordless electric die grinder for sale. Output power 12V, max clamping diameter 1/8 inch (3.2mm), no-load speed 16000 rpm, mini pencil design with size 160mm*30mm. Matched with grinding wheel bits.
    Wholesale $51.09
    18V 1/8" Cordless Electric Die Grinder

    18V 1/8" Cordless Electric Die Grinder

    Best cordless die grinder for sale, pencil-type design. Rated power 18V, clamping capacity 0.5-3.2mm (1/8 inch), stepless variable speed 5000~18000 rpm, mini size of 165mm*25mm. Can match with various grinding bits.
    Wholesale $55.87
    125W 1/8" Electric Die Grinder

    125W 1/8" Electric Die Grinder

    Electric die grinder has pencil-type design and mini size. Rated voltage 220V/50Hz, rated power 125W, clamping diameter 0.5-3.2mm (1/8 inch), stepless variable speed 15000~27000 rpm. Attachment grinding wheel bits.
    Wholesale $53.58
    150W 1/8" Electric Die Grinder

    150W 1/8" Electric Die Grinder

    Best electric die grinder for sale, mini pencil-shape design. Rated power 150W, rated voltage 220V/50Hz, max bits clamping capacity 1/8 inch (3.2mm). Stepless variable speed 15000~35000 rpm.
    Wholesale $78.09
    190W 1/4" Electric Die Grinder

    190W 1/4" Electric Die Grinder

    Electric die grinder for sale. Mini size, pencil-type. Output power 190W, rated voltage 220V/50Hz, bits clamping range 0.6-6.5mm (1/4 inch). 6-level variable speed 15000~27000 rpm. Can matched with various grinding bits.
    Wholesale $65.58

    Die grinder is an electric grinder machine with small size, which can be easily operated by hand. Mini-size die grinder is called pencil grinder. Die grinder is a type of rotary tools, usually driven by compressed air or electricity. On rotation spindle, the collet is fixing accessories such as grinding bits, cutting wheels, and cutting discs.

    Used with a suitable attachment, die grinder can perform various functions, such as grinding, polishing, drilling, cutting, micro-carving, etc. Die grinder is mainly used for metal, carbide and stone materials, but can also be used on other softer materials (such as plastic, wood, leather).

    Die Grinder Types

    • Straight Die Grinders

    Straight die grinder is an ordinary die grinding machine. Its structure is completely straight, like a thick and large electric screwdriver.

    • Right Angle Die Grinders

    Right angle die grinder has the same working principle with straight die grinder. The difference is that the grinding bit of right angle die grinder is perpendicular to its body. Right angle die grinder is mainly used to work in narrow spaces where straight die grinder cannot be installed.

    Die Grinder Power Sources

    • Electric Die Grinders

    Electric die grinder needs to be connected to the power supply. Generally, electric die grinder is not as powerful as pneumatic tools, but it is popular due to its compact structure, small size, lightweight and low price. Electric die grinder has two types: cordless and corded. Cordless die grinder is powered by rechargeable battery, which is highly portable. Corded die grinder is powered by 110V, 220V, 240V and other AC power sources.

    • Pneumatic Die Grinders

    Pneumatic die grinder is driven by compressed air. It is a powerful and time-saving pneumatic tool. Compared with electric die grinder, its disadvantage is that it needs to be used with air compressor, hose, fuel tank and other attachments, which is more troublesome.

    Die Grinder Bits

    Die grinder can be used with a variety of grinding bits and grinding wheels. They usually have a mini size and are special for electric die grinders. Such as grinding bits, polishing wheels, carbide burr, wood cutting wheels, metal cutting wheels, stone grinding bits, wire wheel, sanding papers, etc.

    Our products s have stepless variable speed. You can choose cordless die grinder (powered by 3.6V/12V/18V battery) or corded die grinder (125W/150W/190W). Performance is the best and price is ideal.