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    Pneumatic Grease Gun

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    Pneumatic Grease Gun 400CC

    Pneumatic Grease Gun 400CC

    Low cost pneumatic grease gun with 400cc capacity for wholesale, 1.5kg weight, single-shot working mode. 8 kinds of accessories: a 270mm rubber tube, a 130mm metal tube, 2 flat nozzles, 2 sharp nozzles, a long sharp nozzle and a switch accessory.
    Wholesale $65.68
    Pneumatic Grease Gun 500CC

    Pneumatic Grease Gun 500CC

    Cheap air-operated grease gun with 500cc grease storage capacity, continuous-shot working mode, can be used for filling various kinds of grease even high temperature grease. 500cc pnematic grease gun features a air-operated gun head, a vent valve, a steel pipe gun body, a lock catch, a pull rod, and equips a rubber tube & a metal tube.
    Wholesale $75.58
    Pneumatic Grease Gun 600CC

    Pneumatic Grease Gun 600CC

    Cost-effective pneumatic grease gun 600cc with a 9m air pipe, a sharp nozzle and a explosion-proof flat nozzle, 450mm length, 12000 PSI safe working pressure, continuous-shot working mode. 600cc air powered grease gun also equips a 130mm length metal tube and a 270mm rubber tube.
    Wholesale $105.73
    Pneumatic Grease Gun 900CC

    Pneumatic Grease Gun 900CC

    Best pneumatic grease guns for sale, 900cc storage capacity, continuous-shot working mode, 10000~12000 PSI working pressure range, 500mm length, optional steel pipe/PC gun body, optional rod with ring or handle. Low price air-operated grease gun equips a 360-degree rotary air-operated gun head with 2 outlets, 9m air pipe, a sharp nozzle, a flat nozzle, a metal tube and a rubber tube.
    Wholesale $110.86

    Pneumatic grease gun is an air-operated tool that uses air compressor or truck gas tank as power to fill grease for cars, agricultural vehicles, engineering vehicles, ships, and various large mechanical equipments. In addition, it is also commonly used in the automotive parts industry to add lubricating grease for door locks, brakes, wipers, seat rails, etc.
    The pneumatic grease guns have an air inlet and a piston exhaust port. There are two working modes to choose: Single-shot and continuous-shot. The gun body is made of steel pipes. However, new styles have also appeared. For example, a transparent PC gun body has been used for air grease gun, which can facilitate the user to check whether the grease has been used up in time.