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    Plastic Cantilever Tool Box with Tray

    Plastic Cantilever Tool Box with Tray

    Best price cantilever tool boxes for sale. 2-layer or 3-layer foldable toolbox with tray for large storage space, top lid organizers for small parts storage, strong plastic material, resist water and wear, light and portable, best tool box for all kinds of hand tools or power tools.
    Wholesale $46.29
    Metal Cantilever Tool Box, 3 Tray/5 Tray

    Metal Cantilever Tool Box, 3 Tray/5 Tray

    Cheap metal cantilever tool box offers 3-tray / 5-tray design in different sizes and color (blue or black & red), high quality cold-rolled sheet with coated finish, durable and rust-resistant, multi layer design for more room to different tool storage and organization, easy to open and carry.
    Wholesale $52.66
    Portable Plastic Tool Box, 14"/17"/20"

    Portable Plastic Tool Box, 14"/17"/20"

    Multi-purpose portable plastic tool box for wholesale, selectable 14"/17"/20" in sizes, reinforced polypropylene construction, comes with 1 interior tray for for flexible storage, 2 hinged lid for small parts storage, comfortable carry handle, stainless steel latches, wear-resistant and impact-resistant.
    Wholesale $42.32
    Portable Metal Tool Box, 17"/20"

    Portable Metal Tool Box, 17"/20"

    Portable blue metal tool box with a removable tray, selectable in sizes of 17-in. (410*180*210mm) and 20-in. (460*200*230mm), fully metal construction with cold rolled sheet material for sturdy and durable use, comfortable top handle for easy carrying, large space for tool storage and organization.
    Wholesale $71.14
    Portable Metal and Plastic Tool Box, 14"/17"/20"

    Portable Metal and Plastic Tool Box, 14"/17"/20"

    Heavy duty metal and plastic tool box for sale, comes with 14"/17"/20" in sizes, reinforced stainless steel and PP construction, sturdy and durable, portable toolbox with comfortable rubber handle, easy access clear lids, versatile for tool storage of all the tools.
    Wholesale $50.81
    15/24 Compartments Small Parts Organizer

    15/24 Compartments Small Parts Organizer

    Favorable price portable small parts organizer boxes are available with two sizes, a small one 315*255*58mm with 15 compartments and a big one 460*360*80mm with 24 compartments, high quality small parts storage case with removable dividers, wear resistant and impact resistant.
    Wholesale $20.22
    25/30 Compartments Double Sided Small Parts Organizer

    25/30 Compartments Double Sided Small Parts Organizer

    Wholesale portable double sided small parts organizer at economical price. Optional two sizes of 315*263*75mm and 370*305*82mm. Small-sized parts storage box has 30 compartments with removable dividers, and large-sized parts organizer has 25 compartments with removable cup compartments and dividers, high strength and long lasting.
    Wholesale $28.29
    4PCS Plastic Small Parts Organizer Box Set

    4PCS Plastic Small Parts Organizer Box Set

    Favorable price 4 pieces plastic small parts organizer box set, includes three sizes of parts organisers 220*150*57mm, 220*150*115mm and 290*220*58mm, with removable dividers for flexible parts storage, hinged lid with latches, high strength PP material, durable and convenient.
    Wholesale $44.87
    20 in. Trolley Tool Box on Wheels

    20 in. Trolley Tool Box on Wheels

    Best price 20 in. detachable rolling toolbox for sale. 3-in-1 tool trolley on wheels 520*320*720mm in size, made of sheet metal and ABS plastic, solid metal latches for secure tool storage, with hand trolley and wheels design, portable, mobile and flexible.
    5-Drawer Steel Rolling Tool Cabinet

    5-Drawer Steel Rolling Tool Cabinet

    Professional 5-drawer rolling tool storage cabinet for sale, optional two sizes 620*330*750mm with weight capacity 100kg and 660*460*965 with weight capacity 300kg, high quality cold rolled steel construction, ball bearing drawer slide. Mobile tool cabinet with 2 universal wheels and 2 directional wheels, ergonomic tubular handle, easy to move, high strength and favorable price.
    7-Drawer Steel Rolling Tool Cabinet

    7-Drawer Steel Rolling Tool Cabinet

    Heavy duty 7-drawer rolling tool storage cabinet, 620*330*880mm (150kg weight capacity) or 660*460*965mm (300kg weight capacity) in sizes, high quality steel structure for long lasting, smooth ball-bearing drawer slide. With 2 swivel and 2 fixed wheels, ergonomic tubular handle, easy to move round, large space mobile tool chest, ideal for garage tools.
    Waterproof Tool Bag, 13"/16"/18"/20"

    Waterproof Tool Bag, 13"/16"/18"/20"

    Heavy duty tool storage bag with optional sizes 13"/16"/18"/20", available with hard base tool bag and soft bottom tool bag, sturdy polyester fabric construction for long lasting use, large month for easy access to the tools, plastic handle and adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying, perfect for plumber, electrician, etc., repair and maintenance.
    Wholesale $42.38
    12-in. Tool Backpack for Electrician/Technician

    12-in. Tool Backpack for Electrician/Technician

    Cheap yet quality 12-in. backpack tool bag, 40*30*18 cm in size, and a larger size of backpack in 48*30*18 cm also avalable. Durable polyester construction with 600D or 1680D material, with reflective strip on the bag for safe work at night, best tool backpack for electrician, technician, etc.
    Wholesale $46.49
    Electrician Tool Belt with Pouch

    Electrician Tool Belt with Pouch

    Cheap tool belt bag or tool pouch, available with various styles and sizes for you choice, reinforced 600D Polyester construction, waterproof and wear resistant, adjustable belt length with quick release belt buckle, keep your tools with easy reach, best for electrician, HVAC, plumbers, etc.
    Wholesale $15.80
    10-Pocket Tool Roll Bag

    10-Pocket Tool Roll Bag

    Economical price tool roll bag, 10-pocket small tool pouch, 45*32cm in size, selectable colours khaki and black, durable polyester construction, wear-resistant and waterproof, designed with adjustable strap and quick-release buckle, easy to roll up and keep the tools in place.
    Wholesale $14.36
    35-Pocket Tool Roll Bag

    35-Pocket Tool Roll Bag

    Low price tool roll for wholesale. 35-pocket roll-up pouch bag with 58*34cm size, three colors available, 20 pockets for small hand tool and 15 small side pockets for sockets or smaller items, durable 600D polyester construction, easy to roll up and carry with top handle.
    Wholesale $15.69
    Rolling Tool Tote Bag, 16"/20"

    Rolling Tool Tote Bag, 16"/20"

    Large capacity rolling tool tote bag, comes with 10 internal and 8 external pockets, selectable two sizes, 16-in. or 20-in. Hight quality and durable construction with hard base, water protection, adjustable telescoping handle and wheels on the bottom, easy to transport around your jobsite.
    Wholesale $192.47

    Tool Storage & Organization

    Whether you are a DIY-er for simple home repair, hobbyist for craft working, or a professional for electrical, vehicle repairs and maintenance, etc., it is very essential to get your various tools well stored and organized, thus you can keep your tools at hand, organize your tools in place and also take your tools from one site to another site easily.

    There are many types for tool storage and organizations, such as tool boxes, tool chest and cabinet, tool bags, tool backpacks, tool belts and aprons, etc. They are also available in various sizes from small to large, to store your hand tools, power tools, and other hardware.

    Buy low price yet high quality tool boxes, tool cabinets, tool bags & backpack for your tool storage and organization at With various styles and sizes for selection, you can choose a most suitable one to carry your screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, electric drill, or other various tools.Cantilever Tool Box

    Tool Boxes

    A tool box or toolbox, also called toolkit, tool chest or workbox, is a container to store, organize and protect the tools. The tool box comes in different types and sizes, from a small box for storing some small parts (small parts organizers, portable tool boxes, etc.) to a large storage system (tool chest & cabinet, mobile workbench, etc.) for holding all kinds of tools. The materials used for making toolboxes are also different.

    • Materials of toolboxes

    The tool boxes were made of wood in the early days, but it was very heavy and easily damaged. Nowadays, the tool boxes mainly adopts metal or plastic, stronger and lighter.

    • Aluminum
      As aluminum is a light and strong material, it is most commonly used to make various kinds of tool boxes. The aluminum toolbox features sturdy and durable, and does not corrode, therefore it can provide good protection against moisture and rust for your tools. It is widely used in packaging industry for tool kits, jewelry, watches, instruments, meters, electronics, communications, automation, sensors, smart cards, industrial control, precision machinery, stage equipment, etc.
    • Steel
      Steel is also a most popular toolbox material. Compared with the aluminum toolbox of the same size, the steel tool box is heavier, but it is harder and has a larger loading weight. Therefore, you can keep some heavy tools in the steel toolbox. The steel tool boxes are not easily damaged during the storing, moving or arranging the tools. In addition, the steel tool boxes are plated with special coatings for rust and corrosion resistance.
    • Plastic
      Plastic tool boxes are very commonly seen, as well. The plastic toolboxes usually use high-quality engineering plastics with high strength and impact resistance. Compared with metal toolboxes, plastic toolboxes never corrode, but they are not as durable. They have many advantages like low cost, light weight, easy to clean, etc. The plastic tool boxes can be made in various shapes and sizes, and can come with multi compartments for easy organizations of tools. They are very suitable to store hand tools, accessories or other lightweight tools.
    • Wooden
      Wooden toolboxes are heavy and expensive for hard wood is used to make a box or cabinet, so they are not practical in daily use, usually used for ornament.

    • Types of toolboxes

    There are many small portable tool boxes in the market and they are available with both metal and plastic materials. The portable tool boxes usually come with a handle on the top, a lid locked with hinges and a big compartment for tool storage. Most are also equipped with a removable tote tray inside the tool box for small parts and accessories. There are also available with portable rolling tool boxes that have trolley and wheels, making it easy to move around.

    Tool chests or tool cabinets are a type of tool storage that are typically large. Some smaller rolling tool chests or cabinets are equipped with a handle and several wheels for high portability. There are also larger tool chests or cabinets with workbench, which have a plain surface at the top instead of compartments. The tool chests and cabinets are usually made from metals, and have multiple drawers or doors. They can be used for store a large number of light and heavy tools, and widely used in garage, workshop, etc.

    Small parts organizers are small in size, designed for storing small parts and accessories like screws, nuts, bolts, nails, pins and so on. Generally they come with multiple compartments to keep the small items well-organized, and have transparent shell to identify what parts they are.

    Tool Bags

    Tool bags are also very important storage method to hold your tools together and keep them within reach. Tool bags give you great easiness, convenience, portability, and comfort to take the tools around. The tool bag is an ideal choice to store you commonly-used tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, tape measure, cutters, etc., for regular jobs outside. Therefore, the tool bags are very useful for various tradesmen like HVAC repairmen, carpenters, construction workers, electricians, technicians, etc.Hard Base Tool Bag

    The tool bags have many styles and sizes available, such as tool tote, tool backpack, tool roll, tool belt, tool apron, and so on. They are also constructed with different materials like leather, fabric, plastic and so on.

    Compared with tool boxes, tool bags have many advantages:

    • More lightweight, more portable, take up less space and provide more space with the malleability due to the soft material and sturdy construction.
    • The tool bags are made from quality materials including canvas, nylon, or polyester for durability and long lasting time.
    • The tool bags are usually equipped with a handle and shoulder strap, andthe shoulder strap can free both hands for using tools.
    • Many tool bags comes with many pockets inside and or outside for easy organization of tools.
    • Some tool bags have hard bottom for waterproof.
    • With zippers or buckles for closure, keep your tools secure in the bags.

    Tool rolls are easy to unfold and roll up with many individual pockets, small and light, perfect for storing hand tools like wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.

    There are also tool belts and tool aprons for great convenience to hold the tools on your body, especially suitable for those who need to use some tools at work but have nowhere to keep them, such as working on a ladder.

    Which one is better? Tool boxes, tool chests, tool bags, tool backpack… This is mostly up to your application and different work requirements.

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