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    12V Fuel Injector Tester, 4 Pulse Modes

    12V Fuel Injector Tester, 4 Pulse Modes

    Portable fuel injector tester for wholesale, DC 12V working voltage, 200mA working current, 4 pulse modes (short pulse/ medium puse/ long pulse/ continuous mode), 2 cables for car battery and injector connection.
    Wholesale $176.38
    Ultrasonic Injector Tester and Cleaner, 4 Cylinder

    Ultrasonic Injector Tester and Cleaner, 4 Cylinder

    4 cylinder fuel injector tester and cleaner for various car fuel injector, 12 kinds of test & cleaning functions, 110~240VAC working voltage, dual LED display, 28kHz ultrasonic cleaning frequency, simulated engine speed including idling, medium speed and high speed.
    Wholesale $1,565.71
    Ultrasonic Injector Tester and Cleaner, 6 Cylinder

    Ultrasonic Injector Tester and Cleaner, 6 Cylinder

    Fuel injector tester and cleaner with wholesale price, simulated engine speed 10~9990rpm, PWM pulse width 0.5~25.0ms, ultrasonic cleaning power 100W, adjustable cleaning time 1~9999s, 4700ml capacity, suitable for all kinds of fuel injectors.
    Wholesale $1,794.31
    36 Piece Diesel Injector Flow Tester Kit

    36 Piece Diesel Injector Flow Tester Kit

    Cheap price diesel injector flow tester kit for up to 6 common rail engines, easyly detecting whether the diesel injectors are worn, clogged or failed. 36 piece disesl injector tester applies to diesel engines of BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI and Siemens.
    Wholesale $100.78

    The fuel injector is one of the important parts of the automobile fuel supply system. It is a normally close valve, and a needle moves up and down to control the opening and closing of the valve. When the needle valve is sucked up, the injector hole opens. Fuel is sprayed at high speed through the annular gap between the needle valve head and the injector hole, and forming a mist, which is conducive to sufficient fuel combustion. The electronic control gasoline injector sucks up the valve needle when receiving the injection instruction from the ECU. While the mechanical diesel injector works by controlling the precision needle valve assembly.

    The biggest advantage of fuel injector is that the control of fuel supply is very precise, allowing the engine to have the correct air-fuel ratio in any state. Not only does it keep the engine running smoothly, but its exhaust gas can also comply with environmental regulations. Therefore, the performance of the fuel injector will seriously affect the performance of the automotive engine.

    Due to poor fuel, the fuel injector does not work properly, causing serious carbon deposits in the cylinder. Accelerated wear of the cylinder barrel and piston ring will result in unstable idle speed. It will cause many problems, such as increase fuel consumption, weak acceleration, difficulty in starting, and excessive emissions. In severe cases, the fuel injector will be completely blocked and damage the engine. Therefore, it is very necessary to clean the fuel injector regularly. Long-term non-cleaning or frequent cleaning of the injector will cause bad effects.

    How to judge whether the injector is malfunctioning?

    1. The common faults of the fuel injector are the fuel injector blockage and the fuel injector pressure relief.
    2. The blockage of the fuel injector is due to carbon deposits caused by insufficient combustion of the mixed gas. It will block the nozzle of the fuel injector and cause poor fuel injection. It is manifested by phenomena such as engine jitter, engine fault light on and poor acceleration.
    3. The pressure relief of the fuel injector is that the poor sealing of the oil seal causes the fuel leakage, which leads to insufficient oil pressure in the pipeline. The fault is that the engine is difficult to start, and it is particularly obvious in the cold start.

    When the above phenomenon is found, immediately use the fuel injector tester to check the injector in-line. Then determine the next action of the fuel injector maintenance according to the test results.

    How to solve injector failure?

    1. If it is the intake manifold, the fuel injector can be removed for cleaning.
    2. Since the direct injection injector in the cylinder cannot be removed and cleaned, a professional injector tester and cleaner is required for cleaning.
    3. The best way to prevent injector failure is to add qualified gasoline. Especially in-cylinder direct injection injectors are more likely to cause carbon deposits and blockage.