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    Difference Between Self Watering Pot and Plastic Plant Pot
    Flower pot is a kind of vessel for planting flowers, which is widely used in landscaping and plant landscape engineering. They are in various forms and sizes. We can choose the suitable flower pots according to the characteristics and needs of the flowers. Plastic flowerpot is a kind of flowerpot made of plastic. Compared with traditional porcelain flowerpot, watering times are less. The price is relatively cheap and durable. Garden flowers
    What is Grow Light?
    The grow light is an artificial light source, usually an electric light source, designed to stimulate plant growth by emitting an electromagnetic spectrum suitable for photosynthesis. Plant grow lights are used in applications that do not have natural light or require supplementary light. For example: In winter, when daylight hours may not be enough to achieve the desired plant growth, grow lights are used to extend the time the plants receive light. If the plants do not get enough light, they will spindly grow. Grow light is similar to the spectrum of the sun, simulating outdoor conditions from the different colors, temperature and spectral output of the growing light, and changing the lumen output of the light. Depending on the type of plant being cultivated, the cultivation stage (germination/vegetative period or flowering/fruiting period) and the photo-period required by the plant, the specific range of the spectrum, the luminous efficiency and the color temperature are all desirable.
    Air Sander Price List
    Air sander tool is a pneumatic tool that uses compressed air as the power to polish the surface of the material. Air sander is mainly used in all kinds of veneer process production, standard structure production, toy crafts industry, decoration and furniture industry, floor wall board building materials industry, etc. In order to produce the best products, first of all, you can have a look at the latest air sander tools that has for sale at wholesale prices.
    How to Choose Air Wrench
    Impact wrench, also known as ratchet wrench and power tool in general, is mainly a tool that provides high torque output with minimal consumption. It accelerates an object with a certain mass by a continuous power source and then instantly slams into the output shaft, so that a relatively large torque output can be obtained.
    Garden Gloves Price List
    When working in the garden, gardeners must deal with soil, branches, and rocks that may cause stab wounds or scratches. Garden gloves are used to protect hands from such gardening hazards. Some gloves are suitable for wet work and delicate work, and some are used for frosting. So many aspects of gardening require different gardening gloves. In the process of work, our palms are the most vulnerable to external injuries. A pair of wear-resistant and comfortable garden gloves is necessary. In addition to planting, gardening also includes digging, pruning, raking and weeding. Gloves can protect your hands from blisters, abrasions, sunburns, stab wounds, and chapped injuries. They also help keep your gardening experience enjoyable. Claw garden genie gloves, leather gardening gloves, ladies long sleeve gardening gloves, kids gardening gloves can be bought on Tool. There are many types of gloves to choose from on Tool, which are affordable(the lowest is 9 dollars) and of good quality.
    Tweezers Price List
    Tweezers are common hand tools used to grasp lumps of medicines, metal particles, hair, thorns and other small things. It can also be used for cell phone repair, clamping wires, components and integrated circuit pins, etc. Different tweezers are needed for different occasions. Generally, one pair of straight, flat, and elbow tweezers should be prepared. For example, the tweezers used in chemistry should not be heated. Do not clamp acidic chemicals, and must keep it clean after use. 4PCS stainless steel craft and 6PCS ESD precision tweezers set for electronics are available on Tool. You can choose different tweezers according to your own needs. We will give you the best price.
    How to Operate Air Sander?
    Sander refers to some uneven, uneven thickness, does not meet the requirements of the process of materials and objects, through the sand cloth, grinding wheel, sandpaper, cloth, non-woven polishing wheel and other physical removal of the way to make it more smooth and flat, uniform thickness, the process to meet the standards of a method, used in a variety of veneer process production, standard structural parts production, toys and crafts industry, decoration and furniture industry, flooring wall panel building materials industry and so on. But how to operate air sander safely?
    What is Diving Flashlight?
    Diving flashlight is a kind of underwater light. The earliest diving flashlights were only used as divers' lighting. At now, people become more interested in the sea, the desire to explore the mysterious sea has increased, and diving sports have gradually developed from individual regions to all coastal cities in the world. The exploration of underwater ancient cultural relics, National oceanic geographical exploration, the latest trend of underwater wedding photography, are widely used in the seabed. Due to the dim light on the seabed, people expect to be able to see everything clearly on the bottom of the sea, more and more people began to use diving flashlights, the demand for this is higher and higher.
    Patio Tables and Chairs Price List
    This range of garden tables and chairs mainly use aluminum alloy, durability, light weight, fast heat dissipation, radiation prevention and rust prevention, can be placed in the outdoors all year round. Exquisite carving process is upscale and luxurious, carrying on a classic heritage. The seats are comfortable and sturdy. Now patio tables and chairs is widely used in pubs, cafes, outdoor, gardens, living rooms exclusive to your lounge area.
    Types of Flashlight
    Flashlight is a handheld electronic lighting tool. A typical flashlight has a battery-powered bulb and focusing reflector, and there is a handle-type shell for hand-held use. Although it is a fairly simple design, it was not invented until the end of the 19th century. It had to combine the invention of battery and light bulb. Nowadays, with the development of technology, there are more and more types of flashlights. Such as pen flashlights, rechargeable flashlights, diving flashlights and so on. Pen flashlight, just as its name implies, is a flashlight in the shape of a pen. The original intention of the pen flashlight is to provide lighting tools for doctors, engineers and other professionals. Because these industries have some special requirements on the appearance and performance of flashlights, such as beauty, concealment, and convenience. That's why pen flashlight was born.
    How to Use an Air Nailer Correctly?
    Nowadays, air nailers are used in many industries. As this air tool appearing in more fields, the price of it has also attracted the attention of businesses in various industries. The air nail gun is an essential tool for many enterprises, it can not only fasten a lot of products, but also make a lot of metal or wood fix on the wall. It is also used for home decoration. In addition, you can loading nails according to the instruction in order to use the air nailer better.
    Hose Reels Price List
    Garden hose gets tangles in garden! A lot of people complain about this. When you have connected a long water hose to the faucet and are prepared for irrigating the plants in your garden, you have to put the hose down and go back to flatten and straighten it again and again. If you don’t do this, the garden hose tangles will cause poor flow of water or the hose getting stuck. Don’t worry, the economical price garden hose reels at will solve this problem for you.
    How to Maintain the Pneumatic Ball Valve?
    Pneumatic ball valve is a device operated by compressed air to open and close the valve. It just requires air source to work and the switching speed is very fast, which saves human resources and time to a great extent. In addition, it can carry out remote centralized control and do not need to go to the scene or high altitude and dangerous to bring manual operation, which greatly improve and ensure the safety of use. When the pneumatic ball valve in use cannot meet the operating requirements, or after a long period of operation in order to regular inspection and prevent accidents, it must be carefully maintained and repaired. Doing a good job in daily use and maintenance of pneumatic ball valve can effectively improve the efficiency of the use of products, and reduce unnecessary losses.
    Hydraulic Punching Machine Price List
    Hydraulic punching machine is a kind of hole puncher. The punching machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that is driven by power mechanism after the raw material is installed, and the punching die acts on the material to complete the punching. Hydraulic punching machine is used to punch holes in metal plates such as angle iron, flat iron, copper, aluminum row, aluminum plate, formed steel, channel steel, and I-beam, etc. The portable hydraulic punching machine is small in size, light in weight, easy to operate, labor-saving, and fast in punching speed. It is especially suitable for electric power, construction and other industries and field operations. Hydraulic punching machine has 2 types: split hydraulic punching machine and integrated hydraulic punching machine.
    What is a Hydraulic Puller?
    Hydraulic puller is a hydraulic tool. The hydraulic puller moves directly forward with the hydraulic starting rod, so the push rod itself does not rotate. The hook jaw base can be adjusted forward and backward directly with the thread. During operation, you only need to swing the handle back and forth slightly, move the hydraulic start lever forward, and the jaws move back relatively to pull the object out. Hydraulic puller is mainly divided into electric puller, electric hydraulic puller, integrated hydraulic puller, split hydraulic puller, screw puller, vehicle-mounted hydraulic puller, etc. Among them, integrated hydraulic puller, split hydraulic puller and vehicle-mounted hydraulic puller are more commonly used in industry.
    Nut Splitter Price List
    Nut splitter is a common hydraulic tool used to split and cut nuts. Bolt caps (nuts) are widely used as parts tools in industrial production. In the open high temperature or corrosive environment, the nut is easily rusted and cannot be removed. Some nuts thread are damaged due to being hit. In these cases, it is very difficult to remove the nut. The traditional method is usually to use (gas) welding to cut off the nut and bolt together. However, under some special working conditions (such as pulverized coal silo, oil pipeline, high-pressure and high-temperature pipelines of power plants, etc.), it is strictly forbidden to use fire (electric) welding. At this time, the nuts and bolts cannot be split and replaced. Hydraulic nut splitter can split and remove the nut without fire or electricity, and will not damage the bolt thread. Hydraulic nut splitter can solve the problem of disassembly and replacement of bolts and nuts simply, quickly, safely and efficiently.
    Difference between Laser and CNC Engraving Machine
    The most obvious difference between a laser engraving machine and a CNC engraving machine is that the laser engraving machine performs engraving by laser melting or burning. CNC engraving machine uses digital technology to control the cutting tool, bit or laser head, ultrasonic head for engraving. The laser engraving machine can be a CNC engraving machine, and the CNC engraving machine can also be equipped with a laser head for laser engraving. Therefore, the two have a cross and intersection relationship. Although both the laser engraving machine and the CNC engraving machine adopt a numerical control system, they have different working principles and different mechanical structures. In comparison, the CNC engraving machine has a simpler structure. Through the control of computer numerical control system, the engraving machine can automatically select the appropriate engraving tool to engrave on the X, Y, and Z axes of the machine tool. The biggest difference in structure between laser engraving machine and CNC engraving machine is that the cutter of laser engraving machine is a complete set of optical components, while the cutter of CNC engraving machine is a variety of entity engraving cutters.
    How to Select the Best Aluminum Ladder?
    In our daily life, ladders are more and more widely used. When decorating at home, we all need the help of a ladder. There are many types of ladders. In terms of material, they can be divided into aluminum alloy, stainless steel, fiberglass, iron, wood, bamboo ladders and so on. The current ladders are basically made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum-alloy ladders are relatively safer than wooden ladders, and they are also very light to use. Therefore, how to choose a suitable aluminum ladder?
    FAQ - Laser Distance Meter
    1. What is the working principle for laser distance meter? Laser distance meters generally use two methods to measure distance: Pulse method and phase method. The process of pulsed laser ranging is as the follows: The laser light emitted by the laser distance meter is reflected by the object and then received by the laser distance meter, and the round-trip time of the laser will be recorded by the laser distance measurer. So the distance between the laser distance finder and the object can be measured by the speed of light being multiplied by the round-trip time. The accuracy of pulse method measuring distance is generally about ±1 meter. In addition, the measurement blind zone of this type of laser rangefinder is generally about 15 meters.Best laser distance meter for sale

    Laser Distance Meter vs. Ultrasonic Distance Measure
    Laser distance measurement and radio detection radars follow the same operating principle: Emit the laser towards the target object, measure the time for the laser to travel back and forth, and calculate the distance by multiplying the recorded time and the velocity of light. The laser is characterized by such merits as high directivity, monochromaticity, and power, which play critical roles in measuring a long distance, judging the target object's direction, raising the reception system's SNR, and guaranteeing the measurement accuracy. With these features, laser distance meters receive growing attention. Laser radars, which have been developed based on laser distance meters, measure not only distances but also the target object's direction, movement velocity, and acceleration.