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    Electric Pruning Shears

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    14V Electric Pruning Shears, 25mm

    14V Electric Pruning Shears, 25mm

    14 Volt electric pruning shears for sale, equipped with 2 batteries and a charger, maximum cutting capacity 25mm, battery powered pruning shears flexible, it can be used in gardens and orchards.
    Wholesale $246.20
    16.8V Electric Pruning Shears

    16.8V Electric Pruning Shears

    Best electric pruning scissors for sale online. 16.8 volt working voltage, 30mm cutting capacity, 3-4 hours longer working time. The scissors head is forged with alloy steel and the hardness is as high as HRC60. The garden pruner is equipped with an all-copper motor and a rechargeable lithium battery, which makes it more convenient to use.
    18V Electric Pruning Shears, 32mm

    18V Electric Pruning Shears, 32mm

    Battery powered pruning shears for sale, 18V, easily cut 32mm/1.25 inch branches, light and convenient to carry, free 2 batteries and a charger, non-slip hand-held design, bringing customers a better user experience.
    Wholesale $451.89
    21V Electric Pruning Shears

    21V Electric Pruning Shears

    Good price 21 volt electric tree pruner for sale. Two-stage opening design, the cutting capacity of the blade can be adjusted to 25mm small diameter power saving mode, which improves efficiency; or 30mm cutting mode, which can shear 30mm diameter thick branches. It has an intelligent safety switch, you need to press the switch twice in succession to start, preventing accidental operation and injury.
    36V Electric Pruning Shears, 45mm

    36V Electric Pruning Shears, 45mm

    Wholesale battery operated pruning shears for sale, 36V, sharp blade, easy to cut fruit trees and branches, cutting capacity 45mm/1.7 inch, high safety and low price.
    Wholesale $668.86
    48V Electric Pruning Shears

    48V Electric Pruning Shears

    Buy 48 volt battery pruning shears at competitive price. The SK5 sharp blade can quickly cut 30mm diameter thick branches in one second, and the cut is flat without tearing the bark. The lightweight design of the brushless motor makes the body compact and will not be fatigued after long-term use, which is more advantageous than hand pruning tools.

    Electric pruning shears with 2 batteries and a charger, used for repairing gardens and pruning fruit trees, easy to trim bushes and branches, it can also be used to pick fruit. Rechargeable pruning shears is light, flexible and highly safe.

    4 Advantages of Electric Pruning Shears

    Electric pruning shears is an efficient, ecological and safe electric pruning shears. It can cut apple branches, grape branches, mulberry branches and other fruit branches. It is easier, more labor-saving, and healthier for fruit trees than ordinary manual scissors. Good helper for production. The main advantages of electric scissors are:

    1. Higher efficiency
    Electric scissors are powered by electricity, and their pruning efficiency is 2 to 3 times that of traditional manual pruning, and electric scissors can also prun in two directions, which are more suitable for pruning or styling fruit trees than ordinary scissors. And in the past, manual scissors were used to trim fruit branches, and there were long-term pains in fingers and arms, but electric scissors did not have this situation.

    2. Good durability
    The electric scissors complete machine has simple supporting structure, stable operation, low failure rate, high blade cutting ability and life, and it can be used for a long time under normal use and regular maintenance.

    3. High trim quality
    Electric scissors have stable trimming performance, and the quality can meet gardening requirements. Under correct operation, the flatness of the canopy is better than manual trimming, and there is basically no missing cut. Compared with manual scissors, the fruit branches trimmed by electric scissors are closer to the natural growth state, the crown surface formed is larger, the trimming surface is neat and beautiful, and the buds and leaves germinate more neatly than manual pruning, and the number of germinations is more.

    4. Good safety protection
    Electric scissors have a better safety protection function. The blade follows the wrench. When it is stuck, the circuit self-check program will start the motor monitoring to protect the motor from burning. Motor protection function (brushless DC motor), using Hall chip switch control. Press the trigger position again and the blade will open and close the blade. Battery overload, overcharge, overheating, overdischarge, and undervoltage will be protected by the circuit board to maintain normal performance.

    What should I pay attention to when using electric pruning shears?

    1. When using electric pruning shears and accessories, follow the instructions and methods of use. At the same time, consider the working environment and the work to be completed. Using electric pruning shears for operations that do not meet the requirements may cause danger.
    2. The electric pruning shears need to be professionally trained before they can be used. It is very dangerous for untrained users to operate the electric pruning shears or those who do not know the instructions.
    3. Do not cut branches that exceed the working range of the scissors, do not cut non-plant materials such as metal, rocks, etc., and do not clamp the tool with a vise. If the scissors are worn or damaged, please replace the scissors.
    4. The electric pruning shears should be kept clean before and after use. After use, use a clean cloth to clean the electric pruning shears, battery and charger. Use a soft brush or dry cloth to clean the dust on the scissors head. Do not use Any corrosive or solvent-based cleaners.
    5. The equipment should be used correctly in accordance with the instructions for use. Do not use the electric pruning shears, battery, and charger when they are damaged. Do not immerse the electric pruning shears, battery, and charger in any liquid such as water.
    6. Ensure that the switch is turned off when adjusting, replacing accessories or storing the electric pruning shears to avoid the danger of accidental start of the electric pruning shears.
    7. Idle electric pruning shears should be stored out of reach of children with the blades closed.
    8. After use, remove the dirt from the movable blade and the fixed blade first, and then apply lubricating oil or engine oil on the contact part to keep the blade in a normal maintenance state, which can reduce resistance and extend the service life of the blade.