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    Air Hammer, 2100 bpm, 2-5/8" Stroke

    Air Hammer, 2100 bpm, 2-5/8" Stroke

    2100bpm small air hammer kit for sale at affordable price, including 4pcs air hammer chisels. This pneumatic tool delivers a 2-5/8 inch long stroke at 90psi working pressure, aluminum alloy body with pistol grip handle design, great for cutting, shearing and punching.
    Wholesale $114.15
    Air Hammer, 3500 bpm, 2-5/8" Stroke

    Air Hammer, 3500 bpm, 2-5/8" Stroke

    Best air hammer for sale, up to 3500 blows per minute at 90 psi, with 2-5/8" position stroke, 1/4 inch air inlet and includes 4 pscs hammer chisel sets. Heavy duty pneumatic hammer comes with aluminum alloy body with pistol grip handle, ideal for cutting, shearing and punching.
    Wholesale $99.57
    Straight Air Hammer, 4000 bpm, 6/7" Stroke

    Straight Air Hammer, 4000 bpm, 6/7" Stroke

    Wholesale straight air-powered hammer comes with 4000 bpm, 6/7" position stroke and 6" air chisel for one-hand operation. Compact design for increased access & comfort, self-locking collet for easy and fast loading and unloading of air chisel.
    Wholesale $183.46
    Air Hammer, 4200 bpm, 2-5/8" Stroke

    Air Hammer, 4200 bpm, 2-5/8" Stroke

    Best air hammer for wholesale, features 4200 blows per minute, 2-5/8" position stroke at 90 psi working pressure. Powerful pneumatic hammer equipped with light weight housing, rubberized comfort grip and quick change spring retainer at cheap price.
    Wholesale $148.88
    Air Hammer, 4500 bpm, 1-3/4" Stroke

    Air Hammer, 4500 bpm, 1-3/4" Stroke

    Air impact hammer at low cost, features 1/4 inch air inlet, 1-3/4 inch stroke, 4500 blows per minute and 90 psi working pressure, equipped with a quick-change retainer that makes it easy to swap chisels. Pneumatic air hammer kit includes 4-piece long hammer bits and 1 air inlet connector.
    Wholesale $96.91
    Air Hammer, 5000 bpm, 1-3/4" Stroke

    Air Hammer, 5000 bpm, 1-3/4" Stroke

    Heavy duty air hammer at fair price, best for cutting metals, chipping and scraping surfaces. Air impact hammer with 5000 bpm, 1-3/4" (45mm) long stroke and along with 4 hammer chisel set, you could replace the pneumatic hammer chisels according to your needs.
    Wholesale $124.61
    Air Chipping Hammer, 4" Stroke

    Air Chipping Hammer, 4" Stroke

    Heavy duty air powered chipping hammer comes with 2-piece hammer chisel set, features 4" long stroke, 35Hz/min impact frequency, 19 L/s min air consumption and piston diameter of 1". Strong alloy spring, effective in reducing vibration at work.
    Wholesale $290.30
    Air Chipping Hammer, 5" Stroke

    Air Chipping Hammer, 5" Stroke

    Best air chipping hammer for sale at fair price, features 5 inch long stroke, 1-1/5" piston diameter, 32 Hz/min impact frequency at 90-115psi working pressure. Heavy duty pneumatic chipping hammer tool is ideal for removing tile, paint, grout, and other materials.
    Wholesale $345.76

    Powerful pneumatic air hammers & hammer chisels for sale online at affordable price. If you are looking for a compact and light air hammer tool, store is your best choice. We offer you high quality air impact hammers, air chipping hammers and pneumatic jack hammers with different blows per minute (BPM) and strokes for selection. Check our heavy duty hammer product list, you can always find a best air hammer for your project, it will help you get your job done fast and comfortably.

    What is an air hammer?

    The air hammer is a portable pneumatic tool that uses compressed air as the power to make the internal hammer reciprocate and strike the hammer bit, so as to realize the bit to chisel metal and building materials. The air hammer adopts a unique vibration damping device, which reduces the sense of vibration and greatly improves the comfort of the operator. And its progressive start method is easier to control. Pneumatic hammer is mainly used in casting, welding, construction and furnace maintenance. In the mining industry, this air tool is used to cut coal seams and break up soft ore. In the construction of civil engineering, railways, highways, docks, and power stations, it is used for digging holes and digging earthwork in broken soil layers.

    How does air hammer work?

    Air hammer

    The working principle of the air hammer is: Compressed air impacts the impact block in the cylinder, causing the impact block to collide with the air hammer chisel, so that the air hammer chisel obtains a certain initial speed and energy. The air hammer is equipped with a tension spring, after the energy obtained by the hammer chisel, part of the energy is consumed by the hit object, and the other part exchanges energy with the tension spring to become the potential energy of the chisel. For each impact, the air hammer bit is pulled back to the original position by the tension spring to facilitate the next impact. The impact block in the cylinder moves back and forth under the action of compressed air to continuously hit the air shovel head, so that the air hammer chisel has the ability to continuously shovel the object, causing the object to peel off, break and deform.

    What types of air hammer are available on

    • Air impact hammer

    pneumatic impact hammer air tool comes with 4-piece hammer chisel set, 2100bpm to 5000bpm, the weight is only half of the electric drill, and the speed can be controlled freely. The precision spindle is durable, light in weight, strong in impact, and has a longer service life. The spindle is easy to align to the center, and it stops rotating soon when the knife edge bites. The spring self-locking alloy chuck of air hammer has firm clamping position, quick installation, higher concentricity, safety and stability. Strong power source cylinder lengthened design, larger gas storage, bring more powerful power. The comfortable handle is ergonomically designed, feels comfortable, and is not easy to fatigue. Small air-power impact hammer with long stroke is professionally used for removing auto repair brake pads, welding slag sheet metal, decoration construction, concrete, and tank trucks to knock down cement.

    • Air chipping hammer

    Pneumatic chipping hammer with high-quality alloy steel body, anti-fall and anti-pressure, longer service life. The powerful spring made of alloy material, effectively reducing vibration during work. The cylinder of the air chipping hammer is lengthened design, has larger gas storage capacity and the stroke length up to 5 inch. The switch is designed above the handle, which is convenient and quick to use. The pneumatic hammer chisel sets are made of chrome vanadium steel, with high hardness and good toughness.

    Air chipping hammer with 5 inch long stroke is mainly used for sand cleaning and deburring of castings, shoveling weld slopes, and removing pouring risers. Shovel cutting of various metal components in the boiler, shipbuilding, metallurgical industry and other industries, especially various irregular or narrow and inconvenient surfaces. Welding of bridges in capital construction of traffic engineering. Various brick and concrete wall openings work.

    • Air jack hammer

    In engineering, the pneumatic jack hammer is a very useful air tool, which is used to demolish old concrete, demolish roads, coal mining, ditches, and rock mining in the mining industry. Air jack hammers have different tips and blades, and the appropriate shovel head should be installed according to the type of work. Because the air jack hammer itself is very heavy, only professional personnel can operate it to reduce the risk of accidents.

    1. Before using the pneumatic jack hammer, lubricate the pneumatic pick with oil.
    2. When the pneumatic jack hammer are used, there are no less than 3 spare air jack hammer, and the continuous working time of each pneumatic pick must not exceed 2.5 hours.
    3. During operation, hold the handle of the pickaxe and press it in the gouge direction, so that the pickaxe can be held against the sleeve.
    4. The inner diameter of the selected air pipe should be 16mm, and the length should preferably not exceed 12m, and ensure that the pipe is clean and clean and the air pipe joints are firmly and reliably connected.
    5. During operation, do not insert all the picks into broken objects to prevent air strikes.
    6. Do not shake the pneumatic pick violently when the pick is stuck in the titanium tuft to avoid damage to the body.
    7. During operation, choose a pick brace reasonably. According to the hardness of the titanium tuft, choose different pick braces. The harder the titanium tuft, the shorter the pick brace. Pay attention to check the heat of the brace tail to prevent the pick brace from jamming.