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    DVR Dash Cam, 2.4 Inch IPS Screen, 100 Degree Angle

    DVR Dash Cam, 2.4 Inch IPS Screen, 100 Degree Angle

    2.4 inch car dash cam for wholesale, 1080P full HD DVR, 100° visual angle, 3.0MP camera pixel, powered from 12VDC cigarette lighter, supporting up to 32G TF card, 5 functions of parking monitoring, replay viewing, loop recording, motion detection and blank screen recording.
    Wholesale $41.20
    Front and Rear Dash Cam, 2.8 Inch, 170° Wide Angle

    Front and Rear Dash Cam, 2.8 Inch, 170° Wide Angle

    2.8 inch front and rear dash cam, 170° and 120° wide visual angle, 1080P resolution, 5.0MP lens pixel, multiple operation languages, good for reverse image, loop recording, replay viewing, blank screen recording and motion detection.
    Wholesale $44.53
    Front and Back Dash Cam, 4 Inch Touch Screen

    Front and Back Dash Cam, 4 Inch Touch Screen

    Front and back dash cam with 4 inch touch IPS screen, features front 170°/ rear 140° wide visual angle, image WDR+HDR dynamic processing, G-sensor collision sensing and loop recording function, supporting more than 10 system languages.
    Wholesale $75.58
    3 Camera Dash Cam, Front/Rear/Interior, 4 Inch, 1080P

    3 Camera Dash Cam, Front/Rear/Interior, 4 Inch, 1080P

    3 camera dash cam for car/SUV, 4 inch IPS screen, 5.0MP pixel, 1080P resolution, 170°/120°/140° visual angle for front/rear/interior recording, powered by DC 12 volt cigarette lighter, 12 months warranty, low price, manufacturer directly sale.
    Wholesale $73.15
    WiFi Motorcycle Dash Cam, 3 Inch/1080P/8.0MP

    WiFi Motorcycle Dash Cam, 3 Inch/1080P/8.0MP

    Cheap motorcycle dash cam supporting collision sensing and WiFi zero traffic download, features 3 inch IPS screen, anti-shake & waterproof front and rear lens, 170°/140° visual angle, 1080P resolution, 8.0MP pixel, optional 8G/16G/32G TF card.
    Wholesale $107.96
    3 Inch Motorcycle Dash Cam with WiFi and GPS

    3 Inch Motorcycle Dash Cam with WiFi and GPS

    Best 3 inch motorcycle dash cam with dual 146° wide angle cameras, AHD 1920*1080P/30fps, supporting 128G TF card and GPS navigation. External remote controller for taking photos, recording sound & locking files, WiFi function for smartphone/PC connection.
    Wholesale $223.18
    Truck Dash Cam with GPS, 7 Inch/1080P/170°/5.0MP

    Truck Dash Cam with GPS, 7 Inch/1080P/170°/5.0MP

    7 inch truck dash cam for wholesale, built-in Android system, GPS navigation, multimedia, G-sensor, front camera with 1080P resolution/170° visual angle/5.0MP pixel, optional 8G/16G/32G TF card, packing includes rear camera, bracket, dash cam base, etc.
    Wholesale $212.20
    12.3 Inch Rear View Mirror Dash Cam for Truck/Bus

    12.3 Inch Rear View Mirror Dash Cam for Truck/Bus

    Vertical rear view mirror dash cam for wholesale, DC 8-36 volt working voltage, supporting max 128G SD card, 12.3" TFT-LCD display with max resolution 1920*720P, AHD/CVBS input format, 2 cameras eliminating rearview blind spots, suitable for truck, bus, excavator.
    Wholesale $754.18
    360 Degree Dash Cam 2D, 4 Cameras for Car

    360 Degree Dash Cam 2D, 4 Cameras for Car

    360 degree panoramic dash cam for car, 4 pcs 180° cameras recording real-time traffic status, 2D bird's eye view showing road condition and car position, supporting maximum 32GB USB card, good for reversing/ recording/ replay viewing, easy to installation.
    Wholesale $269.08
    360 Degree Dash Cam 3D, Bird's Eye View for Car

    360 Degree Dash Cam 3D, Bird's Eye View for Car

    360 degree dash cam with 3D bird's eye view, features front/rear/left/right 4 cameras, IP68 protection class, 1920*1080P@30fps, all 180° wide angle, super night vision best for car/SUV/MPV driver night running or reversing, 3D/2D switching by high beam operation.
    Wholesale $438.28
    360 Degree Dash Cam for Truck

    360 Degree Dash Cam for Truck

    360 degree truck dash cam with 4 pcs IP68 monitoring cameras, 3D truck/bus model for wider vision, supporting maximum 128GB TF card or USB card, CVBS/ AHD/ VGA video output, using trap set for simpler automatic calibration operation.
    Wholesale $643.30
    7 Inch Monitor for Dash Cam, DC 12V/24V

    7 Inch Monitor for Dash Cam, DC 12V/24V

    Cheap 7" TFT color monitor for most of dash cam, 172*112mm size, RGB 800*480P resolution, 12/24VDC working voltage, supporting NTSC/PAL TV standard, 2 channle RCA inputs, remote control & key operation, best for bus, truck, excavator or other special vehicles.
    Wholesale $78.01

    Dash cam is an automotive video tool that records related information such as images and sounds during the driving of the vehicle. Those who like self-driving tours can also use it to record the process of conquering difficulties and obstacles. While driving, the time, speed, and location are all recorded in the video, dash cam is the equivalent of a "black box". You can also use dash cam for parking monitoring. After installing the car dash cam, the recorded video images and sounds can be provided for evidence of traffic accidents. It is also to prevent the inevitable scams in current society. There's one thing to note that video data cannot be cropped. If cropped, you cannot provide assistance after the responsible accident occurs.

    Types of Dash Cam

    The common dash cams are mainly divided into two categories: portable dash cam and integrated center control dash cam. Portable dash cam has the characteristics of good concealment, easy installation, detachable and replacement, low cost, simple operation. The integrated dash cam is generally dedicated to special vehicles. This kind of dash cam is expensive and difficult to modify, but after installation, the environment inside the car can be kept beautiful. In addition, some luxury car models have been installed with the dash cam before leaving the factory.
    The newest type of dash cam on the market has the 360-degree reversing image. It comes with 4 cameras that can simultaneously record and monitor the road conditions in the front, rear, left, and right directions of the vehicle. The driver can watch the 360-degree panoramic and seamlessly stitched real-time image around the car (a bird's-eye view image) through the display, and know the blind spots around the vehicle. The 360 degree dash cam has a safer and more effective parking assist system. It is completely different from the previous "panoramic" system, which only divides the surrounding 4 images of the car on the display. 360 dash cam is the latest true "panoramic reversing image system".

    When purchasing a dash cam, you need to analyze the parameters, camera angle, video resolution, compression format, cache, emergency recording, anti-interference performance and whether it is equipped with a memory card.

    • Camera Angle

    The camera visual angle of the dash cam is mostly 100 degrees and above. 100° angle can basically ensure that the lanes on both sides of the vehicle are captured. Of course, choosing the largest possible camera angle is better for the car owner, but this also requires more money.

    • Video Resolution

    Generally speaking, when the video resolution is 1280*720P, it can ensure that the front license plate can be seen clearly, while the license plate of the side lane is relatively blurred. In addition, the sensitivity of the CMOS chip of the dash cam and the quality of the glass of the outside lens will directly relate to the effect of shooting at night.

    • Compression Format

    Most dash cams use H.264 compression format. The lack of a good compression method not only means larger storage capacity, but also requires higher speed of the memory card, otherwise it is easy to lose frames and affect the compatibility between the memory card and dash cam. The size of a 1-minute fragment compressed by 720P resolution H.264 is about 60MB. For car owners, a reasonable choice of recording interval and capacity is helpful for timely evidence collection in the event of an accident. Generally speaking, 1 minute is appropriate as the interval.

    • Cache

    Choosing the largest possible cache can bring smoother videos and better memory card compatibility.

    • Emergency Recording

    Based on the characteristic of loop recording, if there is a video that is important, but the next video needs to be recorded, the previous important video will be automatically deleted. At this time, there is an emergency video recording design. If there are important images, just manually press the button, and the video will be forced to be saved and will not be automatically deleted when the card is full. While the automatic emergency video recording uses a gravity sensor. It will automatically protect this video from being automatically overwritten and deleted when it monitors the vehicle has violent vibration. This function will be very useful in the event of a vehicle collision.

    • Shielding Performance

    In order to reduce costs, inferior products are designed without any shielding measures and without strict testing. They will interfere with GPS navigation, remote controls, radios, TPMS and trip computers and other automotive electronic products. The impact will be huge when a situation occurs.

    • Memory Card

    Because the video files recorded by the dash cam are very large, the high-definition video is up to nearly 100 megabytes per minute, so there are strict requirements on the speed of writing to the memory card. The low-speed card generates a large amount of heat and the dash cam will has crash fault. It is recommended that buyers equip the original genuine CLASS6 card.