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    40m Laser Distance Meter

    40m Laser Distance Meter

    Buy best laser distance meter measuring tool at wholesale price, +/- 1mm high accuracy and 40m wide measuring range. It can measure: Distance, length, area, volume, Pythagoras, maximum, minimum, addition, subtraction and continuous measurement that meets your different needs.
    Wholesale $82.09
    60m Laser Distance Meter

    60m Laser Distance Meter

    60m (197 ft) laser distance meter measuring tool for sale, high measuring accuracy up to +/- 1mm, equipped with 3 rechargeable NI-MH batteries, IP54 waterproof and dustproof protection, multiple measurement modes, ideal for home, construction and industries.
    Wholesale $114.43
    80m Laser Distance Meter

    80m Laser Distance Meter

    Cheap price multi functions laser distance meter measures distances up to 80m / 262 ft, with 2*1.2V NI-MH rechargeable battery, supports voice broadcast, data storage, not only has single / continuous distance measure but also has area / volume / a variety of Pythagorean measurement functions.
    Wholesale $133.78
    100m Laser Distance Meter

    100m Laser Distance Meter

    Factory price laser distance meter measuring tool with measuring range 100m (328 ft), IP54 waterproof and dustproof protection for construction site, home and factories. Multiple sets of distance, area, and volume values ​​can be added and subtracted to meet your measurement needs.
    Wholesale $151.51
    Hand-held Laser Ultrasonic Distance Measure Meter

    Hand-held Laser Ultrasonic Distance Measure Meter

    Cheap price hand-held ultrasonic distance measure meter with laser for sale, perfect measuring tool for home decoration, engineering construction. Measuring range of 2~60 ft, ±0.50% accuracy, M, ft units are convertible, automatic calculation of area, volume.
    Wholesale $41.11
    Portable Ultrasonic Sensor Distance Meter, 18m

    Portable Ultrasonic Sensor Distance Meter, 18m

    Best portable distance meter measuring tool made of high quality ultrasonic sensors, 18m (60 ft) measuring range, powered by 9V battery, 40kHz working frequency, LCD display, calculation of area and volume, laser positioning.
    Wholesale $44.66

    Have you ever suffered from the trouble of inaccurate measurements? Buy the high accurate digital laser distance meter on online store at wholesale price now and you will not have the same trouble. Our best distance measures offer 40, 60, 80, 100m measuring range, not only have single/ continuous distance measure but also has area/ volume/ a variety of Pythagorean measurement functions. The laser distance measuring tool equipped with rechargeable batteries, easy to charge through connecting the power bank, adapter, computer by USB cable. Portable ultrasonic distance meters are provided.

    How does a distance meter work?

    The distance meter is an construction tool that uses a certain parameter of the modulated laser to accurately measure the distance of the target. When working, a short pulsed laser beam or a series of pulsed laser beams are emitted to the target. The photoelectric element receives the laser beam reflected by the target. The timer measures the time from emission to reception of the laser beam and calculates the distance from the rangefinder to the target.

    • Use the principle of infrared ranging or laser ranging. The principle of ranging can basically be attributed to measuring the time required for the laser to reach the target and return, and then calculate the distance D through the speed of light c =299792458m/s and the atmospheric refractive index n. Because it is difficult to measure time directly, distance meters usually measure the phase of continuous waves, which are called phase rangefinders. Of course, there are also pulsed rangefinders. It should be noted that measuring phase is not measuring the phase of infrared or laser, but measuring the phase of the signal modulated on infrared or laser. There is a hand-held distance meter in the construction industry for house surveying, and its working principle is the same.
    • The plane of the measured object must be perpendicular to the light. Usually precision ranging requires the cooperation of total reflection prisms, and the rangefinder used for house measurement directly uses smooth wall reflection to measure, mainly because the distance is relatively short, and the signal intensity of the light reflection is large enough. It can be known that the plane of the object to be measured must be perpendicular to the light, otherwise the return signal is too weak and the precise distance cannot be obtained.
    • It can measure the surface of the object as diffuse reflection. In actual engineering, a thin plastic plate is used as a reflecting surface to solve the serious problem of diffuse reflection.
    • Entertainment grade products of pulse method distance meter can achieve display accuracy of 1 meter, measurement accuracy of ±1 meter, measurement grade products, display accuracy of 0.1 meter, and measurement accuracy of ±0.15 meter.
    • The accuracy of the phase distance meter can reach an error of 1 mm, which is suitable for various high-precision measurement purposes.

    Laser distance meter details

    Do laser distance meters work outside?

    The aiming red dot of the indoor distance meter is invisible under outdoor sunlight, and it is futile even if it is used together with the reflector. The indoor distance meter has high accuracy and can reach the millimeter level, but the range is relatively short, and the range of the equipment is generally within 100 meters. Outdoor distance meters generally have built-in crosshairs or built-in red dots, and generally have telephoto functions, which can be seen clearly beyond a certain distance, and most of them are measured only ten meters away. The accuracy of the outdoor distance meter is about 1 meter. The distance is measured by the time it takes for the laser light wave to go back and forth. According to the characteristics of pulsed laser:

    • The larger the target object, the more light waves reflected back, and the easier it is to be received by the machine, and the better the effect.
    • The flatter the surface of the target object, the more light waves reflected back, and the easier it is to be received by the machine, and the better the effect.
    • The lighter the color of the target object, the better the reflection effect of light waves, the easier it is to reflect back and more light waves will be received by the machine; the darker target is more light-absorbing, and the darker the object, the more light reflection will be reduced. Because dark colors are more light-absorbing, just like standing in the sun wearing black clothes in summer, it will feel hotter than standing in the sun wearing white clothes.
    • If there is fog in the air or heavy haze, it will hinder the return of light waves and affect the measurement distance. Therefore, the better the air quality, the better the measurement effect.
    • Strong light also affects the measurement. The rangefinder designed using the principle of pulsed laser must use the 905 wavelength, which coincides with the 905 band in the sun's rays. If the sun is strong and dazzling, it will interfere with the return light wave and weaken the machine measuring range.

    How can a distance meter measure distance?

    Measurement of distance meter

    ★ First, install the battery on the distance meter. For those distance meters that can be charged directly, we must fully charge the battery before use.

    ★ Each distance meter will have a switching power supply. In some cases, the internal power supply of the rangefinder can be turned on by tapping the "launch button", and the rangefinder can be seen in standby mode through the eyepiece.

    ★ After turning on the power, we have to select the unit before measuring. The operation method is to press and hold the "mode key" to directly select the required unit.

    ★ After all the preparations are done, we can aim at the object to be measured through the "internal LCD" in the rangefinder eyepiece, taking care not to shake the hand, this can reduce the error and the measurement result will be more accurate.

    ★ After confirming the tracing, lightly press the "transmit button", and the measured distance will be displayed on the "internal liquid crystal display", and we can write down this value. If you are worried about the inaccuracy of the measurement, you can measure several times.

    ★ When aiming at the measured object, if you feel that the measured object is not very clear, we can adjust the sharpness of the measured object's distance through the "+/-2 diopter adjuster", and adjust the distance through forward or reverse rotation to achieve optimal clarity.

    ★ The use methods of various brands and models of distance meters may be different, but the basic use methods are the same, and there is no problem in operating according to the instructions.

    How accurate are laser distance meters?

    The accuracy of distance meters has always been the focus of the industry, and some industries require relatively high-precision distance meters. For the telescope distance meter for medium and long distances, the accuracy of this general rangefinder is up to 1 yard +-1%. At present, it can be called a high-precision distance meter with an accuracy of 0.5 yards +-1%. This high-precision rangefinder has an accuracy of less than 0.5 yards within 100 meters.

    How to use distance meter safely?

    1. The range of the rangefinder is related to the nature of the measured target, the inclination angle of the emitted light beam, the target surface, and weather visibility. Generally speaking, when the measured target surface is smooth, bright, large in area, the beam is perpendicular to the target surface, and the weather is clear, the distance meter has a long measuring distance.

    2. When the battery undervoltage indicator is displayed, the battery should be replaced in time, otherwise the ranging error will increase; if it is not used for a long time, the battery should be taken out of the machine.

    3. Do not touch the surface of the lens with your fingers when using the distance meter, so as not to damage the film on the lens surface. When the exposed glass lens is contaminated, please gently wipe it with a lens-wiping flannel. Do not wipe it with other objects to avoid damaging the surface film of the optical glass.

    4. When carrying or using the distance meter, avoid collision or heavy pressure, let alone subject it to baking or corrosion.

    5. When storing the distance meter, it should be protected from moisture, and should be stored in a dry, cool, and ventilated place to prevent direct sunlight, dust and sudden temperature changes.

    6. If the rangefinder is damaged, it should be sent to a professional department for repair. Do not disassemble it yourself.