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    36 Inch Automotive Creeper, Black/Red

    36 Inch Automotive Creeper, Black/Red

    36 inch automotive creeper for wholesale, total size (L*W*H) 36" * 17" * 4", height above ground 1-1/2", one-piece PE creeper board with maximum load weight 2 ton (4400lbs), 2 grooves for placing tools and parts, 6 universal wheels for quick move.
    Wholesale $170.98
    38 Inch Automotive Creeper, Red/Black

    38 Inch Automotive Creeper, Red/Black

    Red/black automotive plastic creeper features 38 inch length, 1-1/8" height above ground, 6 universal wheels with 3" diameter, 2 tool grooves, 0~2 ton load weight suitable for all persons. Sponge headrest & ergonomic design, more comfortable and less effort.
    Wholesale $179.08
    40 Inch Automotive Creeper, Green/Red/Black

    40 Inch Automotive Creeper, Green/Red/Black

    40 inch automotive creeper with PE material, normal item weight 4.6kg (red or black color), thickening item weight 5.3kg (green color), total size (L*W*H) of 40" * 19" * 4-1/2", optional LED light features adjustable simi-rigid cable, best for check automotive chassis.
    Wholesale $187.18
    36 Inch Folding Mechanic Creeper, Red

    36 Inch Folding Mechanic Creeper, Red

    Red color folding mechanic creeper with unfold size 36" * 15" * 6" and folding size 18" * 15" * 7", height above ground 2", 0~150kg (330lbs) load weight, 20.2mm steel bracket and sponge board keeping straight shape, suitable for storage in trunk.
    Wholesale $231.28
    40 Inch Folding Creeper Seat, Red

    40 Inch Folding Creeper Seat, Red

    Cheap 40 inch red creeper seat for sale, load weight 0~150kg, steel bracket thickness 20.2 mm, low-profile structure with 2" height above ground, 6 universal wheels of diameter 1-3/4", features unfolding creeper size 40" * 16" * 6" and folding seat size 9" * 16" * 19".
    Wholesale $265.48
    15 Inch Lift Creeper Seat, Black/Red

    15 Inch Lift Creeper Seat, Black/Red

    15 inch lift creeper seat for wholesale, maximum load weight 330lbs, lift height range 16-1/2" ~ 22" (420~560mm), universal wheel diameter 2-1/2", 2 seat color red/black for selection, total weight 5.5kg (12lbs).
    Wholesale $209.68

    The creeper is specially designed for repairing the car at home or dealing with emergency automotive repairs outdoors. The 6 universal wheels at the bottom can facilitate the repairer to easily and effortlessly enter and exit under the vehicle for maintenance operations. Whether it is for personal car owners, auto repair shops, or 4S shops, it is a very useful tool.
    The commonly used one-piece plastic creeper is designed according to the ergonomic principle to fit the human body shape. The head is designed with a headrest to ensure that the repairer's head, neck, and back conform to the human body curve and increase comfort. There is one tool groove on both sides. They can be used to place wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and disassembled bolts, screws and other scattered accessories. The newly designed mechanic creeper also adds the LED lighting function. The semi-rigid cable can easily adjust the angle of the lighting. The strong magnetic attraction at the end of the cable can hold on metal tools on it, reducing the large movement of the repairer's arm and preventing excessive strength consumption of the maintenance personnel.
    In order to increase portability, the new folding creeper has been favored by car owners. Its folded size fits perfectly in the trunk of a car. Compared with the plastic creeper, its height above ground will be higher. It is recommended to use large wheel chocks and leveling blocks to lift the car a certain distance from the ground and ensure that it is fixed before use. When there is no need to repair the car, the folding creeper can also be used as an outdoor temporary sofa or recliner. When necessary, it can also be used as a cart to transport some heavier items.
    On the basis of the folding creeper, the folding creeper seat that transforms into a chair is also very practical. After it is folded, the headrest completely becomes the seat cushion of the chair. The length and height are in line with the size of a general chair. It is convenient for the owner to sit directly on the seat and perform various operations, while the board below becomes a place for placing tools.
    In addition, there is also the lift creeper seat often seen in 4S shops. The upper part is a round seat, the lower part is a metal circular tool tray, and the bottom is 5 universal wheels. It is the most storage space-saving movable toolbox.