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    Folding Saw, 7 inch/10 inch

    Folding Saw, 7 inch/10 inch

    Best folding saw for sale, size in 6.7 inch/7 inch/10 inch, steel blade material with three-face grindings and flat saw cut, fast cutting and labor saving. Non-slip rubber sleeve handle is comfortable to hold. The low price folding hand saw is used for pruning, camping and cutting woods, easy to carry and practical.
    Wholesale $11.04
    Crosscut Hand Saw, 16 inch/18 inch/ 20 inch

    Crosscut Hand Saw, 16 inch/18 inch/ 20 inch

    Low price crosscut hand saw for sale, 16 inch/18 inch/20 inch available, Manganese steel material and TPR plastic handle. Saw tooth is three-face grinding that is very sharp and fast cutting. A one-man crosscut hand saw can be used for pruning and cutting woods, durable and practical.
    Wholesale $22.09
    Hacksaw, 12 inch Blade

    Hacksaw, 12 inch Blade

    Best three types of hacksaws with 12 inch blades for sale, single hand hacksaw, high-tension hacksaw and professional hacksaw. Hardness carbon steel and rubber handle. The hand hacksaw tool is used for cutting woods, plastic pipes, metals and repairing furniture.
    Wholesale $11.89
    Coping Saw, 5 inch Blade

    Coping Saw, 5 inch Blade

    Wholesale best coping saw with 5 inch blades, high strength fastening saw blade tension device, high hardness skeleton, rigorous and strict process linking, more durable and security. A coping hand saw is used for woods, plastic and metals.
    Wholesale $15.29
    Wire Saw, 20-1/2 inch

    Wire Saw, 20-1/2 inch

    Low price wire saw, 20-1/2 inch, made of stainless steel. Hand pull-ring can rotate 360°, four strands of wire are crossed and wound, making the cutting sharper and stronger. A wire hand saw is used for cutting woods, tree-branches and plastics.
    Wholesale $10.19

    A saw is a hand tool that cut woods or other items to be processed. There are different types of hand saws on, including folding saw, crosscut hand saw, hacksaw, coping saw and wire saw. Made from hardness carbon steel, the durable saw blade meets all your needs to cutting items. Our best hand saws are used for pruning, cutting woods and bamboos, repairing furniture and outdoor camping, etc.

    A saw is generally made up of a saw frame and a saw blade, such as hacksaw and coping saw. Or it consists of a handle and a saw wed, liking folding saw and crosscut hand saw. A saw can cut woods into various shapes or the size of woodworking requirement. The main purpose of cutting woods with a saw is that saw off the wood crosswise or lengthways, which is a working process that the saw cut woods fast in a push and pull movement. Due to the saw blade continuously interacts with the wood and the wood also produces greater friction on the saw blade, the saw blade must have the strength to resist the force with plasticity and heat resistance to keep the blade teeth sharpen. It is beneficial for improving the production level of crafts to know all kinds of saws and familiar the performance of the hand saw. The core of a saw is saw teeth of which difference decides different cutting purposes with different shapes. Generally, the larger the teeth angle, the weaker the saw cutting force and the easier the sawdust drain. On the contrary, the smaller the Angle, the stronger the saw cutting force and the harder the sawdust discharge.

    Different types of sawsProfessional Hacksaw

    A hand saw is an essential tool for woodworking and cutting work in your tool kit no matter you are a professional carpenter or a woodworking enthusiast. However, different types of saws are suitable different materials.

    • Folding saw
      The folding saw is a pruning saw with three-faced teeth, which is used for different cutting techniques without the need for a replacement blade. It has an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold and labor saving. You could fold and lock the saw when you don’t use it in order to keep the blade sharpening and ensure your safety.
    • Crosscut saw
      The cutting technique of the transverse section is achieved by a crosscut hand saw that is the best tool for crosscutting the wood grain. The hypotenuse of the saw teeth is beveled backward, allowing for cutting woods meanwhile in the process of push and pull.
    • Hacksaw
      A hacksaw has extensive functions, such as cutting woods, PVC pipes, belts and metals, etc. It is extremely suitable for cutting materials harder than woods, which is the best tool for metals.
    • Coping saw
      The coping saw is made of a U-shape frame and a blade that is detachable, which can cut different curves and create joint angles and edges to finish woodworking precisely.
    • Wire saw
      A wire saw can handle planks well, which help you cut beveled edges. It is an important tool for the survival as well, allowing you to cut thicker trees, woods and plastics easily.

    Requirements for Use

    • The wood should be fixed when you cut it with a saw, and place the wood in a right position to avoiding abnormal cutting. Don’t exert lateral pressure or cut curve. Cut steadily to avoid the impact of the blade on the wood, which may lead to bad phenomenon that the saw blade damage or the wood flies out.
    • You must terminate the work immediately if sawing woods appear abnormal sound and vibration or peculiar smell. Inspect timely and troubleshooting to avoid accidents.
    • Don’t cut too fast at the beginning or end of cutting, lest to cause the saw blade damage.
    • If cutting metals, the special cooling lubricant should be used to prevent overheating of the saw blade, pasting saw teeth and other damage that affect the cutting quality.
    • Clean up sawdust in time to avoid it accumulating into chunks that affect working.
    • Don’t keep cut woods or metals for a long time, otherwise it will affect the service life of the saw blade.