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    5 In 1 Headlight Restoration Kit

    5 In 1 Headlight Restoration Kit

    5 in 1 headlight restoration kit with wholesale price, contains a bottle of 10ml headlight polish fluid, a wipe sponge, a masking tape, a dust-free paper and a polished sandpaper set, best for repairing headlight yellow, fuzzy, oxide, scratches and other issues.
    Wholesale $16.18
    Professional Headlight Restoration Kit, 12VDC/220VAC

    Professional Headlight Restoration Kit, 12VDC/220VAC

    Best professional headlight restoration kit for automotive headlight repair, features a 12VDC cigarette lighter power cable, a 220V AC/DC adapter, an evaporation cup, a bottle of headlight polish fluid (800g), an optional sandpaper polisher and other repair accessories.
    Wholesale $89.98

    Nowadays, many car headlight shells are made of PC material, and the scientific name is polycarbonate. This material is light in weight, high in strength, and has good light transmittance. But the only disadvantage is that the lampshade will turn yellow after several years of use, which not only affects the appearance but also causes the light transmittance to decrease. Especially when driving at night, although the light bulb is very bright, a lot of light is blocked inside the lampshade. After the light passing through the lampshade is reduced, the lighting effect becomes worse. It will seriously affect driving safety.

    So what are the methods to solve the reduction of headlight illumination?

    1. Replace a new headlight
    2. Replace a new headlight lampshade
    3. Use automotive headlight repair tools to directly repair the surface of the lampshade.

    The above three methods are sorted according to the maintenance cost from high to low. Besides, the third method is now the most popular one and it is also our most recommended method. Because using headlight restoration kit can not only save more money, but also easy to operate. Car owners don't need to go to the auto repair shop. They can complete the repair work at home.

    There are two types of headlight restoration kit.

    • One is a tool set that can be completed without electric power.

    The operation steps of diy headlight restoration kit are to use fine sandpaper to grind off the oxide layer on the surface of the lampshade, then rinse off the powder with water, and wash the lampshade thoroughly. After the surface of the lampshade is completely dry, spray evenly on the surface of the lampshade with a repairing fluid. This repairing fluid is actually a kind of light-curing glue, which is usually a transparent liquid, and solidifies into a transparent solid after encountering UV rays.
    Since the liquid sprayed on the lampshade can fully fill the grooves on the lampshade surface due to grinding, and the liquid surface will automatically level under the action of gravity after spraying, which is equivalent to creating a smooth and uniform surface outside the headlight. The light transmittance of the lampshade is restored.

    • The other is a more professional repair tool kit.

    It requires a power source, including the evaporation cup and the sandpaper grinder both require the 12VDC car power or 220VAC from home.
    The difference is that the effect of using the evaporation cup is better than applying the repair liquid manually. The sandpaper grinder has a very fast speed, and the polishing sponge wrapped in polishing wax can polish all the unevenness of the lampshade surface and the headlight will look like a new one. It is especially suitable for headlights with heavy duty scratches.
    However, this method has relatively high technical requirements. If the strength is not mastered, it is easy to cause the lampshade to be over-polished and leave new scratches.