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    Pressure Test Pump

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    Manual Pressure Test Pump, 2.5~6.3MPa

    Manual Pressure Test Pump, 2.5~6.3MPa

    Pressure test pump for pipe hydraulic pressure testing, manual operation. Working pressure 2.5 MPa, 4.0MPa, 6.3MPa for selection, water absorption frequency 13mL/time, water tank 4.5L, iron pump body. Hydraulic tester pump with low price.
    Manual Pressure Test Pump, 1.6~40MPa

    Manual Pressure Test Pump, 1.6~40MPa

    Manual pressure test pump for sale. Optional working pressure 1.6~40MPa (232~5802 psi), flow rate 13mL/time or 38mL/time, water tank fully enclosed or semi-closed. Hydraulic tester pump for pipe pressure testing, manual operated, good price.
    Manual Pressure Test Pump, 5/10 MPa

    Manual Pressure Test Pump, 5/10 MPa

    Affordable price pressure test pump for sale, manual type. Working pressure 5MPa (725 psi) or 10MPa (1450 psi) for selection, water suction frequency 32mL/time, water capacity 4.5L. Portable hydraulic tester pump for pipe water pressure testing.
    Electric Pressure Test Pump, 2.5~10MPa, 0.2~0.5 HP

    Electric Pressure Test Pump, 2.5~10MPa, 0.2~0.5 HP

    Electric pressure test pump for sale. Optional working pressure 2.5~10MPa (363~1,450 psi), power supply 220V, rated power 0.2~0.5 hp, flow rate 180L/H. Hydraulic electric pump for pressure testing, competitive price.
    Electric Pressure Test Pump, 2.5~10MPa, 1.0/1.2 HP

    Electric Pressure Test Pump, 2.5~10MPa, 1.0/1.2 HP

    Electric pressure test pump for sale. Rated voltage 220V/380V, motor power 1 hp/1.2 hp, working pressure 2.5~10MPa (363~1,450 psi) for selection, flow rate 360L/H. Pipe water pressure testing pump, ideal price.

    What is a Pressure Test Pump?

    Pressure test pump is a testing machine for hydraulic testing (hydro test) and obtaining high-pressure liquids in the laboratory. Hydraulic test pump is designed for various pressure vessels, pipelines, valves, boilers, cylinders, fire-fighting equipment, plumbing, etc.

    Generally, pressure test pumps are divided into manual pressure test pumps, electric pressure test pumps, pneumatic pressure test pumps, hydraulic pressure test pumps, diesel pressure test pumps, numerical control pressure test pumps and so on.

    Hydrostatic test pump is a kind of pressure test pump. In fact, they can be regarded as the same pressure tester machine, which can be used to test water meters, pipes, pressure vessels, solar systems and sprinkler systems in residential and commercial buildings.

    Pressure Test Pump Working Principle

    Basic structure of the pressure test pump includes the pump body, plunger, sealing ring, control valve, pressure gauge, water tank, etc. Before use, do the calibration work for pressure gauge to ensure reliable pressure coefficient.

    • Manual Pressure Test Pump

    When the plunger is lifted by handle, a vacuum is generated in the pump body. The inlet valve is opened, and the clean water enters pump body through the water filter and the inlet pipe. When handle is pressed down, the water inlet valve is closed, and the water outlet valve is opened to output pressure water, then enter the device under test. Work reciprocally in this way to achieve the rated pressure test.

    • Electric Pressure Test Pump

    The function of electric pressure test pump is to convert the mechanical energy of power machines (such as electric motors, internal combustion engines) into liquid pressure energy. The cam is rotated by motor. When the cam pushes the plunger upward, the seal volume formed by plunger and cylinder decreases. The oil is squeezed out of the sealed volume and discharged through the one-way valve. When the cam rotates to the lower part of curve, the spring forces the plunger down to form a certain vacuum. The oil in tank enters the sealed volume under the action of atmospheric pressure. The cam makes the plunger rising and falling continuously, the sealing volume periodically decreases and increases, and the pump continuously sucks and discharges oil.

    Pressure Test Pump Selection

    If you need low pressure testing on a relatively small system, a manual pressure test pump is enough. Selecting an electric pressure test pump can replace manual labor with electricity, which is efficient and convenient. The following are recommendations for the selection of electric pressure test pumps.

    Application Place

    Pipe Diameter (mm)

    Model Recommendation

    Home decoration/office space

    Φ32, Φ25, Φ20, Φ16

    T-DSY series

    Construction site/villa/floor heating

    Φ50, Φ40, Φ32, Φ25, Φ20, Φ16

    T-3DSY series


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