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    PVC Pipe Cutter, 36mm/42mm/63mm

    PVC Pipe Cutter, 36mm/42mm/63mm

    Reasonable price PVC pipe cutter, maximum pipe diameter 36mm/42mm/63mm, high quality and hardness manganese steel blade, aluminum alloy material. The plastic cutting hand tool cuts pipes and tubes fast and labor saving.
    Wholesale $13.59
    Heavy Duty Cable Cutter, 6"/10"/18"/36"/42"

    Heavy Duty Cable Cutter, 6"/10"/18"/36"/42"

    Best favorable price cable cutter for sale, selectable multi-function 6"/8"/10", heavy duty 12"/18"/24"/32"/36"/42", made from high quality and hardness chrome vanadium steel. A cable cutter is a cutting tool that used for cutting copper and aluminum wires.
    Wholesale $10.99
    Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter, 14"/18"/24"/30"/36"/42"/48"

    Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter, 14"/18"/24"/30"/36"/42"/48"

    Economical price heavy duty bolt cutters, optional sizes 14 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch, 42 inch and 48 inch, hardened CR-V steel jaw with rust resistance, ergonomic grip with non slip design, to make it easy and efficient to cut, less fatigue and longer life. Best bolt cutters for cutting wires, chains, bolts and more.
    Wholesale $34.26
    Wire Rope Cutter, 8 inch

    Wire Rope Cutter, 8 inch

    Low price wire rope cutter for sale, size in 8 inch, total length 200mm, made from high quality chrome vanadium steel, stainless and hardness. The best wire rope cutter is used for cutting wires, cables and iron wires, practical and durable.
    Wholesale $20.66
    Aviation Snips, Left/Straight/Right Cut

    Aviation Snips, Left/Straight/Right Cut

    Favorable price aviation snips, selectable left cut, right cut, straight cut and long straight cut. Tin aviation snips are the best for cutting metal sheets, made from high quality chrome vanadium alloy steel, high frequency heat treatment and cutting edge with tooth, shearing smoothly, effectively prevent from sliding or shifting.
    Wholesale $11.89
    Tin Snips, 8 inch/10 inch/12 inch

    Tin Snips, 8 inch/10 inch/12 inch

    Best low price tin snips for sale, made by high quality and hardness carbon steels, high frequency heat treatment process, size in 8 inch/10 inch/12 inch available. Using the tin snips is convenient and labor saving.
    Wholesale $11.69
    Bypass Pruning Shears, 8 inch

    Bypass Pruning Shears, 8 inch

    Best economical price pruning shears for sale, different types of pruning shears available, size in 8 inch, made from high quality carbon steel, maximum cutting diameter 25mm. A bypass hand pruner used for gardening and cutting branches.
    Wholesale $9.89
    Oil Feed Glass Cutter, 2mm~15mm

    Oil Feed Glass Cutter, 2mm~15mm

    Low price oil feed glass cutter, high quality carbide alloy blade, cutting range 2mm~12mm, 3mm~12mm, 5mm~15mm, selectable PC, metal and aluminum alloy handle. A glass cutter is the best cutting tool to cut glasses or mirrors to size.
    Wholesale $11.04
    Craft Hobby Knife, 12pcs Blades

    Craft Hobby Knife, 12pcs Blades

    Low price craft hobby knife with 12pcs replacement blades, non-slip plastic handle. Blades made from high quality steel, 30°slope, cutting paper models and small parts easily. A craft hobby knife is used for wood carving, paper cutting and sculptures.
    Wholesale $6.29

    Different types of cutting tools

    • Pipe cutter

    A pipe cutter is a perfect cutting tool for PVC or PPR pipes. Each time you operate the pipe cutter, when you hold tightly the handle little by little, the ratchet of the cutter will close slowly until it cut through the pipe. The pipe cutter is designed for different sizes that can cut 36mm-63mm diameter pipes. You can easily operate the pipe cutter if your hands have enough power. However, it is worth noticing that the PVC pipe cutter can’t be used for cutting ABS pipes, as the ABS pipe is too brittle to be cut effectively.

    • Cable cutterDifferent Types of Cutting Tools

    Due to cables are commonly thickly covered with a hard shell, the cable cutter must have firmly blades to protect user’s power. Cable cutters have different sizes with different cutting ranges, used for cutting copper and aluminum wires.

    • Bolt cutter

    A bolt cutter is a valuable hand tool used for various daily tasks, which plays an important role in construction industries and daily life. We provide different size heavy duty cable cutters on with maximum flexibility and reliability. The blade of a bolt cutter is made from high quality alloy steel, hard and durable. As long as you have a heavy duty bolt cutter, you will be able to handle the tough cutting works.

    • Wire rope cutter

    A wire rope cutter is similar to a bolt cutter, which is a hand tool used for wire ropes and iron wires. Our wire rope cutter is made from chrome vanadium steels with two plastic handles that are comfortable to hold and non-slip, wholesale price at

    • Aviation snips

    The aviation snips was invented primordially for cutting aluminum materials in aircraft manufacturing. Aviation snips are the most famous types of snips as they are designed for three cutting ways: straight cut, left cut and right cut. It is necessary to have different cutting ways, as the metal is heavy and rigid, which is not easy to move away when you cut around the curve. We provide different cutting way aviation snips on and the cutting edge with saw tooth can effectively prevent material sliding, shearing more smoothly.

    • Tin snips

    The tin snips consist of short blades and long handles, which has different sizes with different cutting ranges. It is an ideal tool for cutting sheet metal and other thin yet tough materials into desired dimensions, which can be used by professional metalworkers as well as amateurs at home. Tin snips have multiple purposes, such as cutting sheet metal of the car body, metals of furniture, fences, etc.

    • Pruning shears

    A pruning shears is the most common one of gardening tools used for pruning plants, branches, and leaves. At, different types of bypass pruning shears are available, size in 8 inch. Our bypass pruning shears are made from hard steel and have ergonomic handles, which are the best tools for gardening.

    • Glass cutter

    A glass cutter is used for cutting glasses, mirrors and ceramic tiles through making a shallow and straight scratch on the surface of a piece of glass. Usually, it is better to use an oil feed glass cutter for your work, because the kerosene in a glass cutter can lubricate the cutting edge to prevent overheating and reduce the friction between the glass cutter and the glass.

    • Craft hobby knife

    When you need to make some fancy goods or cut papers, you should consider the craft hobby knife. It is an ideal substitute for scissors, which can cut items precisely into complex shapes. And the blade of a hobby knife can be replaced.

    How to use 45 degree milter shears cutter?

    Milter shears cutterhas 4 angles that can be adjusted. First, we can adjust it to 45° on the right, place the wire groove cover close to the adjusting surface and place it under the knife edge. Then, cut it off.

    Second, adjusting to 45°on the left, put it in the slot cover and cut it off.

    Finally, putting the two cuts together to form a 90°angle. We can adjust these angles according to our needs.

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