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    1/4" Electric Trim Router, 600W, 5.5A

    1/4" Electric Trim Router, 600W, 5.5A

    Electric trim router for woodworking. Chuck diameter 1/4 inch (6.35mm), rated power 600W (0.8 hp) or 450W (0.6 hp) for selection, power supply 5.5A/4.1A for 110V, 2.7A/2.0A for 220V, no-load speed 10000 rpm. Best wood router tool with low price.
    Wholesale $59.54
    1/4" Electric Trim Router, 530W, 2.4A

    1/4" Electric Trim Router, 530W, 2.4A

    Low price electric trim router for sale. Max mill cutter diameter 1/4 inch (6.35mm), rated power 530W (0.7 hp), power supply 220V 2.4A, no-load speed 35000 rpm. Best router tool for woodworking.
    Wholesale $59.82
    1/2" Electric Wood Router, 3 HP, 10A

    1/2" Electric Wood Router, 3 HP, 10A

    Good price electric wood router for sale. Mill cutter diameter 1/2inch (12.7mm), rated input power 3.0hp/2.4hp/2.0hp for selection, power supply 220V 10A/8.2A/6.8A, 6-level variable speed 9000-22000 rpm.
    Wholesale $112.64
    3/8" Electric Wood Router, 2.4 HP, 8.2A

    3/8" Electric Wood Router, 2.4 HP, 8.2A

    Best electric wood router for sale. Mill cutter diameter 3/8 inch (12mm), rated input power 2.4 hp (1800W), power supply 220V 8.2A, no-load speed 23000 rpm. Affordable price and high quality.
    Wholesale $128.01
    1/3" Electric Wood Router, 1-1/5 HP, 4A

    1/3" Electric Wood Router, 1-1/5 HP, 4A

    Electric wood router for sale. Applicable mill cutter max diameter 1/3 inch (8mm), rated input power 1-1/5 hp (900W), power supply 220V 4A, no-load speed 26000 rpm. Reasonable price and excellent quality, for woodworking trimming and carving.
    Wholesale $141.85
    1/2" Electric Wood Router, 2-1/5 HP, 7.5A

    1/2" Electric Wood Router, 2-1/5 HP, 7.5A

    Electric wood router for sale. Maximum mill cutter diameter 1/2 inch (12.7mm), rated input power 2-1/5 hp (1650W/1600W optional), power supply 220V, 7.5A/7.3A, rated rotation speed 22000 rpm/23000 rpm. Best woodworking router machine for trimming and carving.
    Wholesale $181.87

    Wood router is a small machine for woodworking and carpentry. Usually, the type with low power, one-handed operation, is called electric trim router (wood trimmer, electric edge trimmer). The type with high power, two-handed operation is called electric wood router. Wood router was originally a hand tool, and with the development of technology, it has become today's power tool. It usually used with milling cutter and router bit or top bearing router bit.

    Wood Router Functions

    1. Routing
      Routing is a shaping process to produces finished edges and shapes for woodpiece. For some materials that are difficult to be formed by other processes, wood router can be used for neat shaping and finishing.
    2. Trimming
      A smaller and lighter electric wood router with mini size is called trim router (or wood trimmer, wood edge router), can be used for trimming laminate. In addition, it can also be used for small-scale routing, or used as a wood router with suitable milling cutter and router bit.
    3. Carving
      Some electric wood routers have a wood carving function, so they also called wood carving machine.
    4. Cutting
      Electric wood router can cut dadoes and rabbet. Electric trimmer is also a wood slotting tool.

    Types of Wood Routers

    • Plunge Router

    Working principle of plunge router is to plunge the router bit downward into workpiece for operation. With the depth stopper, the milling cutter can be accurately plunged to the required depth. During operation, the cutting depth can be adjusted, and the router can be moved vertically.

    • Fixed Base Router

    Fixed base router is more suitable for woodworking beginners due to its easy operation. When it is installed on a router table or router lathe, it will get an ideal effect. Fixed base router often used in molding tasks and edge cutting. Due to small size of the fixed base router, it is known as a palm router.

    • CNC Wood Router

    CNC wood router is a CNC router tool. CNC is computer numerical control. The CNC works on the Cartesian coordinate system (X, Y, Z) for 3D motion control.

    There is best wood router machine for sale, competitive price. Suitable for various mill cutters with different diameters. Woodworking edge trimming, engraving, groove milling, cutting, etc.

    Using a Wood RouterĀ 

    Some people often get the product, but they don't know how to install and use it. When you get a wood router, is that the same? ATO gives you some tips:

    1. Must be removed when the tool unloading workpiece.
    2. When cutting the middle head, the hand shall not be close to the milling surface.
    3. Must be slow or hand into the use of ATO wood router. It should be moved slowly or by hand. Don't fast forward and stop when they are working.
    4. Fast forward or back to pay attention to whether its handle will hit.
    5. Its feed is not allowed to be too fast and sudden speed change, the limit block should be adjusted.
    6. It must be stopped when measuring the workpiece, adjusting the cutter and fastening the speed change.
    7. When disassembling the end mill, the worktable should be padded with wood. Do not use too much force to remove the nut of the flat milling cutter.
    8. It is strictly prohibited to touch or wipe the rotating parts and cutting tools with cotton yarn, and is forbidden to use the hand to support the knife head.

    Watch the following video to see how the wood router works.

    For more imformation, please contact us.