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    Cut-off  Saw Machine, 3800rpm, 14-Inch

    Cut-off Saw Machine, 3800rpm, 14-Inch

    Wholesale heavy duty 14" chop saw at low price cuts through steel, pipe, wood, tubing and other dense materials as a multipurpose cutting tool, features 3800rpm working speed, portable and lightweight design for easy control.
    Cut-off Saw Machine, 3800rpm, 2000W

    Cut-off Saw Machine, 3800rpm, 2000W

    Profile cutting machine for sale features 12" cut-off wheel, 5.1" max. cutting depth, its 2000 watt 220V voltage copper motor delivers 3800rpm working speed for heavy dirty works, widely used to cut steel pipe, tube, rebar and other construction materials.

    Cut-off saw machine is designed for heavy-duty use and long-lasting durability and mainly comes with a heavy duty chop saw and a full copper motor and features high no-load speed and adaptable cutting depth. It is a must for any job site and it widely cuts through steel, tube, pipe, wood and other dense construction materials as a multipurpose cutting tool and it also provides wholesale factory price, free shipping and high quality on

    How to cut with a cut-off saw machine?

    Step 1. Make sure the safety in job site first before working. Wear safety equipments like gloves, masks, glasses, and safety shoes.

    Step 2. Pair the object you want to cut on the cut off machine, then tie it firmly so that the object will not shake during cutting process.

    Step 3. Make sure the power cord of the cutter machine is plugged in and then press the on button.

    Step 4. Put your left hand on the handle of the cut off machine and press the button, then the saw blade will spin fast, then gently press the handle down so that the cutting edge of the grinder can hit the object to be cut.

    Step 5. Avoid fingers to touch the spinning blade when the job is almost done because the cutting wheel is still spin at the end of cutting. Disconnect the power supply after finishing the cutting.

    Cut-off saw machine cleaning and maintenance

    1. Before servicing the cut-off machine or replacing parts and accessories, be sure to pull out the plug from the socket.

    2. Clean the ventilation slots of the construction tool regularly with a soft brush. The motor fan can draw dust into the housing and a large amount of accumulated metal dust can lead to electricall hazards.

    3. In some extreme operating environments, vacuum equipment must be used as far as possible. User should blow off the dirt in the vent frequently and install a portable residual current device (PRCD). Because conductive waste dust can settle in the interior of the construction cutter during processing metals so as to impaire its safety insulation performance.

    4. Have maintenance and repair work performed only by qualified specialists so that the safety of the cut-off machine is ensured to be maintained.

    5. Make sure to always keep the area around the blade protection cover clean so that the movable cover should always be able to move feely and retract automatically.

    6. If the replacement of the power line is needed, this has to be done by qualified specialists in order to avoid the damage of the cut-off machine.

    Cut-off saw machine troubleshooting


    Possible cause


    The machine doesn't operate after power is connected.

    1) Power disconnection.

    1) Repair power supply.

    1) Poor switch contact.

    1) Repair or replace the switch.

    2) The stator or armature coil is burnt out.

    2) Replace the stator or armature coil.

    3) The stator coil is open-circuit.

    3) It should be used after being rewelded if it is broken at the outlet, otherwise it needs to be replaced.

    Abnormal sounds occur and the blade does not rotate or rotates very slowly.

    1) Low power supply voltage.

    1) Adjust power supply voltage.

    2) The switch contact is burned out.

    2) Repair or replace the switch.

    3) Short circuit or open circuit of the armature.

    3) Repair or replace the armature.

    4) The mechanical part is stuck.

    4) Check the mechanical part.

    5) The axial thrust is too large and the tool is overloaded.

    5) Reduce the thrust.

    The motor is rotating but the cutting blade doesn't rotate.

    1) The gear shaft or half-round key is broken.

    1) Check gears or half-round keys.

    The aluminum alloy gear cover is overheated.

    1) Lack of grease or dirty lubrication.

    1) Replenish or replace grease.

    2) Gear meshing is too tight or debris enters.

    2) Check gears or remove debris.

    Plastic shell surface becomes hot.

    1) The power supply voltage is not enough.

    1) Adjust the power supply voltage.

    2) The windings are wet.

    2) Dry the windings.

    3) The load is too large.

    3) Reduce the load.

    4) The cutting blades are worn away.

    4) Replace the blades.

    5) Inaccurate assembly. Make the armature inflexible.

    5) Check whether the armature is stuck.

    Much sparks on the commutator.

    1) Short circuit or open circuit of the armature.

    Repair the armature and remove debris.

    2) The surface of the commutator is dirty.