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    LED Brake Fluid Tester Pen, DOT3/DOT4/DOT5.1

    LED Brake Fluid Tester Pen, DOT3/DOT4/DOT5.1

    Cheap LED brake fluid tester pen adopts a pen type structure, high precision sensor probe on the tip, three-color 5 LED lights on pen body, an 1.5VDC AAA battery for power supply, supporting DOT3, DOT4, DOT5.1 type brake oil and all the vehicles.
    Wholesale $10.24
    LED Brake Fluid Tester, DOT3/DOT4/DOT5.1

    LED Brake Fluid Tester, DOT3/DOT4/DOT5.1

    Low price LED brake fluid tester with a separate sensor probe for wholesale. Brake fluid tester features 3 LED lights for brake fluid type (DOT3/ DOT4/ DOT5.1) detection, 5 LED lights for brake oil status display, 2 AAA batteries for power supply (3VDC), 0~60℃ (32~140℉) working temperature.
    Wholesale $28.96
    LCD Brake Fluid Moisture Tester, DOT3/4/5.1

    LCD Brake Fluid Moisture Tester, DOT3/4/5.1

    Low cost handheld brake fluid moisture tester with a LCD display and a separate high presision sensor, supports DOT3/ DOT4/ DOT5.1 brake oil type, analog bar chart for moisture content display, sound alarm for replace brake fluid warning, -10~+50℃ (14~122℉) working temperature, 3VDC power supply (2 AAAA batteries).
    Wholesale $41.69

    Brake fluid tester is a testing tool specially used to detect the moisture content of automobile brake fluid DOT3/ DOT4/ DOT5.1. It determines the moisture change of brake oil according to the change of conductivity.
    The water content of 1%-2% is qualified, and 3%-4% enters the early warning state. If the water content of the brake fluid ≥ 4%, it will cause the boiling point to decrease, affect the brake performance, and corrode the wheel cylinder to endanger driving safety. So when the brake fluid tester display ≥ 4%, the brake fluid must be replaced immediately.
    Brake fluid tester pen has a short sensor probe on the tip. The moisture content detection result will clearly show through the color LED lights on the pen body.
    There is a connection universal hose between the handheld brake fluid tester and the sensor probe, which is convenient for collecting data in various occasions. The LCD display with backlight function shows the test results in the form of an analog bar chart. It makes water test result to be more intuitive.