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    Compound Miter Saw

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    10 Inch Compound Miter Saw with Belt, 7.5A/8A

    10 Inch Compound Miter Saw with Belt, 7.5A/8A

    Electric compound miter saw, driven by belt. Saw blade diameter 10 inch (255mm). Rated power 1800W. Rated voltage 7.5A for 240V, 8A for 220V. Sawing capacity 78*85mm for 0°-0° right angle cutting, 78*70mm for 0°-45° right angle bevel cutting. No-load speed 5500 rpm.
    10 Inch 8A Compound Miter Saw

    10 Inch 8A Compound Miter Saw

    Compound miter saw for sale. Saw blade diameter 10 inch (255mm). Max sawing angle 45°-45° for bevel cutting. Max sawing capacity 70*140mm. Motor power 1.8kW. Rated current 8A for 220V, 7.5A for 240V. Impact speed 6000 rpm. Excellent performance with affordable price.
    12 Inch 9A Compound Miter Saw with Laser

    12 Inch 9A Compound Miter Saw with Laser

    Good price compound miter saw for sale. Max sawing capacity 85*300mm (12 inch), saw blade diameter 10 inch (255mm). Max bevel cutting angle 45°-45°. Laser guide function. High power 2000W. Rated current 9A for 220V, 8.3A for 240V. No-load speed 6000 rpm.

    Compound miter saw is a type of miter saw. Miter saw is also known as mitre saw, chop saw, drop saw.

    Compound miter cut refers to operate electric saw on its both of its axes at the same time. Saw blade of the compound miter saw can turn left and right for miter cutting, or it can be tilted in a single direction for miter cutting. Compound miter saw has more pro tech. It works in the same way as standard miter saw. The difference is that compound miter saw blade has a pivot arm (stand), which can be tilted to an angle other than 90°. This means that in addition to bevel cuts, you can also do miter cuts.

    Tips: Bevel vs. Miter

    Bevel cut is performed by tilting saw blade at a certain angle. When bevel cutting, you usually cut diagonally against the thickness of wood, not along the width of wood. Miter cut is to cut along an angle of wood with the vertical drop of saw blade.

    Compound Miter Saw & Sliding Miter Saw

    In principle, these two power saws belong to a kind of miter saw. The difference is that the sliding miter saw has a guide rail, which can slide back and forth and allow saw blade to move back and forth on material. The sliding miter saw can cut materials that cannot be touched by compound miter saw blade.

    In contrast, advantage of the compound miter saw is that it does not have a guide rail, so it does not interfere with the cutting arm. This means it is more suitable for cutting thick materials.

    Single Bevel Miter Saw & Double Bevel Miter Saw

    Single bevel miter saw and double bevel miter saw are two basic types of compound miter saws.

    Single bevel miter saw can pivot to cut angles on the left or right. It can also bevel cut in only one direction. When the single bevel miter saw is used for compound miter cutting, it can be operated on both axes at the same time. However, if you need to make a matching cut, you must continue to flip the workpiece and reset the angle, and then perform the second bevel cut to ensure the most accurate results.

    With the double bevel miter saw, compound miter cutting can be done on the left and right directions without turning the workpiece. Use the pivoting arm to turn the electric saw accurately. Dual bevel miter saw provides the greatest convenience and the widest range of left and right compound angles, thereby saving workforce.

    You can find best electric compound miter saws in Saw blade 10 inch (255mm), maximum cutting capacity is 12 inch (300mm). They can do straight cutting and bevel cutting in 0°~45°. Laser function can provide guide assistance, making sawing more precision. Our compound miter saws are suitable for all homeowners, beginners or DIY enthusiasts. Affordable prices save you money and is your best choice to reduce budget.