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    5 FT Fruit Picker with Pole

    5 FT Fruit Picker with Pole

    Great fruit picker tool for sale, fruit picker pole can be extended to 5 foot long, stainless steel fruit picker pole can be disassembled, easy to assemble. The fruit picker is light-weight and easy to pick apple, mango, orange, lemon, cherry, pear, and other fruits. The mat in the basket prevents fruit bruising.
    Wholesale $47.07
    8 FT Fruit Picker with Pole

    8 FT Fruit Picker with Pole

    Low cost fruit picker basket with pole, 8 foot fruit picker is used for picking fresh fruits overhead, fruit picking basket is deep and the picking efficiency is high. Ideal for picking apples, pears, mangoes and oranges.
    Wholesale $54.26
    12 FT Fruit Picker with Pole

    12 FT Fruit Picker with Pole

    Long handled fruit picker with pole, it can be extended to 12 FT, fruit picker tool makes it very easy to pick apples, fruit picking basket can accommodate multiple apples at the same time, thereby improving picking efficiency.
    Wholesale $67.34
    13 FT Fruit Picker with Pole

    13 FT Fruit Picker with Pole

    13 Foot fruit picker basket with telescopic pole for sale, adjustable fruit picker is light, easy to pick avocado, orange, grapefruit, apple, peach, pear and other fruits. The fruit basket can hold multiple fruits at once, fruit picking pole can be disassembled.
    Wholesale $69.30

    The fruit picker is used to pick mangoes, apples, oranges, lemons, cherries, peaches, blueberries and other fruits. Fruit picker with a retractable length pole makes it easy to pick
    fruits, it is an ideal tool for fruit picking in orchards.

    The benefits of pruning fruit trees?

    1. Reduce excess branch coverage, increase the effective leaf curtain layer, increase the effective leaf coefficient, and improve photosynthesis. Leaves are the place for photosynthesis of fruit trees. Photosynthesis can accumulate sufficient organic nutrients for fruit trees and promote high yield of fruit trees.

    2. By pruning branches to control the top dominance of fruit tree branches and promote flower bud differentiation. After pruning, the top of the branches stops growing at the beginning of summer, and the nutrients are not consumed on the top growth. The tops of the branches form leaf arbuscules. Increasing the cytoplasmic concentration of terminal buds can complete the differentiation of flower buds and bloom in the second spring.

    3. Pruning fruit trees can overcome the phenomenon of fruiting and yielding on the periphery of the tree. The tree grows naturally, causing the internal branches to be too dense, and as a result, the parts expand outward. Excessively increasing the output of the fruit tree in the year, the nutrient loss of the tree body, causing less flowering and fruiting in the second year, a decline in yield, and forming large and small years.