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    Electric Soldering Iron

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    Lead-Free Electric Soldering Iron, 30/40/60W

    Lead-Free Electric Soldering Iron, 30/40/60W

    Best electric soldering iron for sale, with lead-free soldering bit. External heating, constant temperature. Rated power can select 30W/40W/60W, rated voltage AC 110V or 220V. High quality electric soldering tool with good price.
    Wholesale $10.16
    Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron, 90W

    Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron, 90W

    Low price electric soldering iron for sale, temperature controlled type. Internal heating mode, adjustable temperature 200℃~450℃ or 280℃~480℃, high power 60W or 90W optional, rated voltage AC 110V/220V. Cheap pencil-shaped soldering tool with high quality.
    Wholesale $11.55
    Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron, 60W

    Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron, 60W

    Cheap electric soldering iron for sale, temperature controlled type. Rated power 60W, external heating mode, adjustable temperature 200℃~450℃. Pencil-shaped design for portable use, economical price.
    Wholesale $12.93
    Electric Soldering Iron, 30/40/50/60W

    Electric Soldering Iron, 30/40/50/60W

    Electric soldering iron for sale. Internal heating, constant temperature. Pen-shape design with mini size. Rated power 30W/40W/50W/60W for selection. Rated voltage AC 110V/220V. Cheap and best quality.
    Wholesale $13.21
    Digital Electric Soldering Iron, 60W

    Digital Electric Soldering Iron, 60W

    Affordable price electric soldering iron for sale, with LED digital display. Rated power 60W, temperature controlled type, adjustable range 180℃~500℃/356℉~932℉, power supply AC 110V/220V/230V for selection. Portable pencil soldering iron with mini size and high efficiency.
    Wholesale $17.09

    What is Soldering?

    Soldering is a technique for joining metal parts together. It melts the soldering metal (also called solder) into the space between two metal components. After the solder cools and hardens, they form a permanent connection between the parts.

    The opposite of soldering is desoldering, that is, removing the solder points of components for maintenance or modification.

    What is an Electric Soldering Iron?

    Soldering iron, as one of the common soldering machines, is a small soldering tool. Electric soldering iron is different from gas soldering iron (such as butane soldering iron). It is an electrical tool that is powered by alternating current or battery. Compared with the soldering gun or tweezer soldering iron, electric soldering iron structure is pen-shaped (pencil type), usually in mini size, and there are also large or heavy-duty electric soldering irons. In recent years, USB soldering irons have become more and more popular.

    Electric soldering iron can be combined with hot air gun, soldering station, soldering rod, soldering stand, etc. to form a soldering kit, providing complete soldering equipment for beginners, professionals or DIY enthusiasts.


    Electric soldering iron is widely used for soldering, welding and brazing of micro electronics components, medium and large equipment or handicrafts. Specific applications include but are not limited to the following:

    • Wire joining
    • Circuit board soldering
    • Stained glass soldering
    • Jewelry/antique processing
    • SMD and SMT
    • Mobile phone parts processing

    Tips for Using an Electric Soldering Iron

    • Cleaning

    Any contaminants or oxidation will affect the heating and heat conduction efficiency of the electric soldering iron, resulting in a decrease in the soldering quality. Before starting soldering, use a cleaning pad to clean the soldering iron bit. If the iron bit is severely oxidized, you may need to use an activator.

    • Tinning

    Tinning is one of the main methods for electric soldering iron maintenance, which can protect the soldering iron bit from oxidation and improve its thermal conductivity. Coating the soldering iron bit with a layer of solder. Before each soldering, electric soldering iron bit also needs to tinning.

    Electric Soldering Iron Selection

    1. Wattage
      Wattage is one of the most important factors of electric soldering iron. For electronic equipment product processing, most soldering irons have a power range of 20~60 watts. Higher wattage (60W~90W) soldering iron will be better. Low power electric soldering iron(20W-30W)will lose heat faster than it can re-heat itself, which will damage the solder joints.
    2. Temperature control
      Electric soldering iron has constant temperature type and temperature controlled type. The constant temperature electric soldering iron realizes temperature control by controlling the power-on time. The temperature controlled electric soldering iron realizes temperature regulation by changing the input power of the power supply.
    3. Shape of soldering bit
      Fine tipped soldering bit,knife tip soldering iron bit, oblique cylindrical soldering iron bit, flat tip soldering iron bit, etc.