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    Wall Paint Roller, 4 Inch

    Wall Paint Roller, 4 Inch

    Cheap price wall paint roller provides high quality, free shipping, intended to be long lasting and easy to clean, comes with 4 inch long roller and 10 inch long handle, the hand tool is designed for use with all paints and stains.
    Wholesale $21.77
    Wall Paint Roller, 6 Inch

    Wall Paint Roller, 6 Inch

    Wholesale wall paint brush price is competitive. The length of roller is up to 6" and handle 12". Handle and naps are durable and long-lasting, perfect on smooth, semi-gloss surfaces and rough walls for house work.
    Wholesale $23.32
    Wall Paint Roller, 8 Inch

    Wall Paint Roller, 8 Inch

    Buy best portable paint brush for walls at low price, its roller length is up to 8 inch and plastic handle 12 inch, widely applicable for painting wall, door frame, window sill as an ideal interior / exterior painting tool.
    Wholesale $24.49
    Wall Paint Roller, 9 Inch

    Wall Paint Roller, 9 Inch

    Buy professional wall painting roller brush with affordable price features 9 * 13 inch size, can be widely used to paint wall, door frame, fence and more in indoor and outdoor areas. Handle and roller naps are durable and long-lasting to use.
    Wholesale $25.91
    Self Contained Paint Roller, 17 fl. oz.

    Self Contained Paint Roller, 17 fl. oz.

    Self contained paint roller for sale features wholesale price, free shipping, 17 fl. oz. capacity and flexible handle extension offers a maximum of 111cm reach, helping user paint ceilings and walls comfortably without a ladder. Easy to move, operate and clean.
    Wholesale $75.39
    Patterned Paint Roller, 5 Inch

    Patterned Paint Roller, 5 Inch

    Patterned paint roller for sale at a low price comes with 5.8" rubber roller, a plastic handle and metal stand. It can make a unique finish on walls and ceilings in minutes, rolls over fresh textured surfaces to provide a beautiful uniform pattern.
    Wholesale $24.04
    Patterned Paint Roller, 7 Inch

    Patterned Paint Roller, 7 Inch

    Wholesale patterned roller wall decoration tool is equipped with 7 inch long rubber roller, a stainless steel stand and plastic handle, 8 pattern types are available to select. Compact and convenient design to use.
    Wholesale $25.48
    Patterned Paint Roller, 8 Inch

    Patterned Paint Roller, 8 Inch

    Buy best 8" rubber drywall texture roller with good price to create unique and interesting patterns on wall, door and table. It comes with rubber roller, metal stand and plastic handle. Easily washed with water and controlled by hands.
    Wholesale $27.15
    Patterned Paint Roller, 10 Inch

    Patterned Paint Roller, 10 Inch

    Wholesale rubber drywall texture roller at a low price is widely used on wall, wooden furniture, table and other materials as a multifunction hand tool, features 10 inch size and 8 pattern types.
    Wholesale $34.49
    Chip Paint Brush, Bristle, 1/1.5/2/2.5/3/4 Inch

    Chip Paint Brush, Bristle, 1/1.5/2/2.5/3/4 Inch

    Natural bristle chip brush hand tool for sale provides economical price, it is made of soft and durable bristle and wood, can be used for trim and repair work. 1"/1.5" / 2"/2.5" / 3 "/4" size is optional for users to buy.
    Wholesale $11.63
    Chip Paint Brush, Fiber, 3/4/5/6 Inch

    Chip Paint Brush, Fiber, 3/4/5/6 Inch

    Chip paint brush for sale is constructed with sturdy hardwood handle and chemical fiber for durability and simple use. 3 inch/4 inch/5 inch/ 6 inch are available to select, an ideal versatile tool for painting, staining, cleaning, barbecue, arts and repair work.
    Wholesale $10.35
    Chip Paint Brush, Wool, 1/2/3/4/5/8 Inch

    Chip Paint Brush, Wool, 1/2/3/4/5/8 Inch

    Buy best chip paint brush at a low price, it is a well-made delicate painting brush set with soft and smooth wool and high quality wood, durable and washable to use. There are a wide ranging of sizes for user to choose, including 1 inch / 2 inch / 3 inch / 4 inch / 5 inch / 8 inch size.
    Wholesale $11.80
    Flat Paint Brush, 5 Inch

    Flat Paint Brush, 5 Inch

    Buy best 5" paint brush with affordable price, handle and hair length are up to 145mm for more paint application to save time, they are made of advanced solid wood and fiber respectively, durable and easy to use.
    Wholesale $26.59
    Flat Paint Brush, 11 Inch

    Flat Paint Brush, 11 Inch

    11 inch large paint brush provides factory price and free shipping, can work with any kind of painting, staining and varnishing for exterior and interior staining projects as a useful wall painting tool. A hole in wooden handle is easy to hang and store.
    Wholesale $30.55

    Portable wall painting brush provides wholesale price and free shipping. It contains wall paint roller, self contained paint roller, patterned paint roller, bristle chip paint brush, fiber chip paint brush, wool chip paint brush and flat paint brush made of high quality constructional materials. There are a wide ranging of sizes (from 1 inch to 11 inch) for user to choose. These hand holding painting rollers or brushes are compact and convenient to use as multipurpose construction tools and can be widely used on wall, wooden furniture, wrapping paper, fabric, decks, fences and crafts with texture paint and water-based paint or oil-based paints, stains, adhesives and varnishes.

    What is wall paint roller? Wall paint roller structure

    1. Structure: The wall paint roller typically consists of two parts: a "roller frame" and a "roller cover". The roller cover absorbs the paint and transfers it to the painted surface, the roller frame which is reusable attaches to the roller cover. A painter can hold the handle part of roller fram.

    2. Types: They are divided into three types: long hair, medium hair and short hair, which are represented by the length of the roller hairs rather than the thickness and length of the roller itself. The roller hairs are usually divided into three types: wool, bristle and chemical fiber. Different roller brushes will get different painting effects and the long hair roller will paint some fine textures, which have a bumpy feeling, similar to the texture effect. The paint surface after the short-hair roller brushing is relatively even, smooth.

    3. Application: The wholesale wall paint roller is a paint application tool used for painting large flat surfaces in daily architectural decoration projects rapidly and efficiently and can be used to roll various blended paints, such as latex paint, anti-rust paint, interior and exterior wall paint, wallpaper pasting glue, etc.

    What is brush?

    Brushes generally refer to the utensils made of wool, plastic wire, metal wire, etc. to remove dirt or apply paint, etc. They generally have long or oval shape with or without a handle. Brushes are divided into brushes used in industry or in daily life according to the field of use. Most of the painting work will require 1-4 inches width brushes. The smaller 1-2 brushes are best for window trimming and detailed work. Medium-sized brushes are suitable for doors and cabinets while large-sized brushes are useful for any large and wide areas, such as walls or plywood.

    How to use a paint roller?

    1. Wash rollers with water to remove fluff on its surface before painting.

    2. Install the rollers on its frame according to the instructions.

    3. Pour paint into the roller tray where too much paint is not needed.

    4. Dip the roller lightly into the paint. The paint should cover less than half of the roller should be covered by the paint, then roll it back and forth on the slope of the tray to make the paint evenly on the roller cover.

    5. Roll the paint onto the surface with "W" shape, then brush up and down until the paint on wall is even and smooth..

    6. Never expose the painted roller to the air for a period of time. Wrap it with plastic cling wrap for next painting in a few hours and wash and hang to dry the roller after a long time.

    How to store brushes during a temporary pause?

    When you want to use the brush within a few hours or even a few days, the fastest and easiest way to store it is not to clean it. Users can wrap the brush hairs with plastic wraps simply to store the hand tool brush. Be very careful and do not to misshapen the hairs when wrapping. A high-quality paint brush is a precision tool that can be used for many years after proper cleaning and maintenance.

    How to clean and store brushes for a long time?

    1. Remove the excess paint from the brush. Such paint will be hard to remove after long time so scraping the brush with plastic knife is necessary.

    2. Paint on sheets of newspaper back and forth to remove remaining wet paint on brush until the brush hairs are dry already.

    3. Clean the brush with an appropriate solvent to remove the last remaining paint, using water to clean is suitable for latex paint while paint thinner for oil-based paint.

    4. Deal with the solvent in an environmental friendly method, no littering on ground directly.

    5. As soon as the paint is cleaned up, then the brush can be washed with soap and water to remove the left paint or solvent.

    6. Take a few pats on the hand with the brush to realign the bristles, and then reshape the brush to make it look like a new one. A good way to do this is to use a comb which is easy to get at home.

    7. Wrap the brush with ‚Äča paper towel or a sheet of newspaper and fix it with tape or a rubber band.

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