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    Cable Tie Tire Chain for Car/SUV/MPV, Size 12*950mm

    Cable Tie Tire Chain for Car/SUV/MPV, Size 12*950mm

    10 piece nylon cable tie tire chains for Car/SUV/MPV driving in snow, ice and mud, applies to most types of tires. Anti-skid tire chain features two row spikes, 12*950mm size, cheap price, manufacturer directly sale.
    Wholesale $26.08
    6 Piece Tire Chain for SUV/Car

    6 Piece Tire Chain for SUV/Car

    6 piece TPU tire chains stand wear and tear, low temperature resistant, no damage to SUV/car tire, adopt triangular stable structure and 8 big icebreaking steel nails, better anti-skid effect in snow, ice mud and sand driving environment.
    Wholesale $125.98
    Metal Tire Chain 3.5mm Thickness, Car/SUV

    Metal Tire Chain 3.5mm Thickness, Car/SUV

    3.5mm metal tire chain with diamond-shaped structure, fully covering tyre, not easy to rust, disconnect or break, good for reducing braking distance and improving ice-breaking & anti-skid effect, applying to car and SUV.
    Wholesale $160.00
    Metal Tire Chain, 4.7mm Thickness, SUVs/Cars

    Metal Tire Chain, 4.7mm Thickness, SUVs/Cars

    Metal tire chain with 4.7mm thickness, applying to road with snow, ice, mud or sand, good anti-skid performance for cars/SUVs tires in winter, a variety of snow chain models to choose.
    Wholesale $230.00

    Tire chains are automotive safety tools that are specially designed for vehicle driving safety. The particular rough surface of the anti-skid tire chain can increase the friction with the road surface. Tire chains can protect the tires, prevent tire slip, and ensure the normal driving of the vehicle in snow and muddy road conditions. Especially on snowy roads in winter, it can effectively ensure the smooth and safe driving of vehicles.
    The material of tire chains are usually divided into three types: Nylon, TPU and metal.
    From the applicable models, the tire chains are divided into automobile snow chains for cars and special automobile snow chains for engineering vehicles. Both are very different in appearance and price.
    As far as tire chains for car/SUV, metal snow chains are currently fading out of the market due to their double damage to the road and tires. Instead, the economical nylon snow chain and TPU rubber tire chain are more and more popular. Because the inner side of them is close to the tire surface, and the outer side has steel nails and special textures, so they don't damage the tire and ensures the anti-skid performance at the same time.
    Automotive tire chains are not only seasonal products, that is, they are not only effective in winter and rain and snow, but also play an irreplaceable role in various vehicle driving conditions such as skiing, cross-country, field exploration, and mountain driving.