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    Chamfering Machine

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    Portable 15°~45° Deburring/Chamfering Machine

    Portable 15°~45° Deburring/Chamfering Machine

    The electric chamfering tool combines chamfering machine and deburring machine in one, has a portable hand-held size. For different models, chamfering angle is 15°~45°, chamfering range is 0~3 (6) mm or 0~9mm, motor power is 250W or 750W, rotating speed is 2800rpm or 3000~6000rpm for selection.
    Milling Cutter Chamfering Machine, 15°~45°

    Milling Cutter Chamfering Machine, 15°~45°

    Chamfering machine price is competitive, it uses side milling cutter for cutting, chamfering range is 15°~45°, power supply is 380V 550W. 2 models for selection. Chamfering range is 0~3 (6) mm or R1-R4 angle/C3 angle, corresponding speed is 2800rpm/3000~6000rpm adjustable.
    Straight/Curve Chamfering Machine, 15°~45° Adjustable

    Straight/Curve Chamfering Machine, 15°~45° Adjustable

    Chamfering machine can chamfer and deburr the straight and curved edges of metal workpieces. Chamfering angle is 15°~45° and the angle of straight part is adjustable. Chamfering range of straight is 0~3mm and that of curve is 0~2.5mm. 3-phase high speed motor provides 750W power, curve part speed can be up to 12000rpm.
    Semi-Automatic 45° Chamfering Machine

    Semi-Automatic 45° Chamfering Machine

    Semi-automation chamfering machine for sale. Chamfering angle is 45°, chamfering range is 0~3mm adjustable. Chamfering type is straight chamfer. Power supply is 3-phase 380V 550W, rotating speed is 8000rpm. Slide rail design, high speed and precision.
    Portable 30°~60° Beveling Chamfering Machine

    Portable 30°~60° Beveling Chamfering Machine

    Portable chamfering machine is used for beveling, chamfering and deburring pipes and plates. Maximum cutting edge width is 15mm adjustable, chamfering angle is 30°~60°. Rotation speed is 2870rpm, power supply is 380V 1.1kw. Comes with milling cutter disk and milling insert. It is the best chamfer tool with good price.

    Chamfering machine is an electric chamfering tool used in chamfering and beveling for pipes or flat plates before welding. For products processed by milling or plane, chamfering machine can also remove burrs. High quality chamfering machine with 15°~45° or 30°~60° angle range for your selection. Suitable for various of (end) milling cutter, router bit, drill bit and so on.

    What is Chamfer?

    Chamfering is a process that cut the edges and corners of workpiece into a certain bevel. Chamfering is to remove the burrs on the part due to machining. In addition, in order to facilitate parts assembly, usually, the end of the part will be chamfered.

    Chamfer is both a noun and a verb, and it is often used as the name of this cutting. In common usage, the words bevel and chamfer are often interchanged, although they are slightly different in technical usage. Chamfering is often used exclusively to refer to the bevel edge that connects two surfaces.

    bevel and chamfer drawing

    Chamfering Machine Functions

    • In metal processing industry, a chamfering machine is an electric tool that can cut the transition edge between two surfaces of an object. In industrial applications, chamfering is sometimes defined as a bevel. In the industry, processing is usually performed at 45° between two adjacent right-angled surfaces.
    • Chamfering machines are usually used in metal processing, woodworking, furniture manufacturing, concrete templates, PVC pipe processing, and printed circuit boards. In addition, it facilitates mechanical assembly and engineering design, providing well-designed structures, shapes and profiles.
    • In the chamfering process, chamfering machine can cut bevels on any right-angled edges (such as the ends of holes, rods, bolts and pins).