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    0-300mm Digital Height Gauge, 0.01mm

    The provided digital height gauge has a measuring range of 0-300mm and a resolution of 0.01mm. The 0-300mm digital height gauge supports millimeters and inches, which can meet your different unit requirements. Digital display for easy reading.
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    High-quality digital height gauge with a measurement range of 0-200mm, an error of ±0.03mm, and a large-screen LCD high-definition liquid crystal display, with clear and easy-to-read digits. It has a high-definition scale film and a dual display for metric and imperial units. The precise micro-adjustment device allows for even more accurate readings by adjusting the device. 


    Model T-DHG-300
    Measurement Range 0-300mm
    Resolution 0.01mm
    Voltage 1.5V
    Error Value ±0.04mm
    Responding Speed 1m/s
    Body Material 4CR13 stainless steel
    Battery Type 1.5 button battery


    A 0-300mm digital height gauge is a precision measuring tool that is similar to a 0-200mm digital height gauge but with a larger measuring range. Here are some features of a 0-300mm digital height gauge:

    1. Measuring range: The main feature of a 0-300mm digital height gauge is its larger measuring range. It can measure heights, depths, and distances up to 300mm with high accuracy.
    2. Digital readout: Like a 0-200mm digital height gauge, a 0-300mm digital height gauge also has a digital readout that displays the measurement results in metric units. This readout can be zeroed at any position, allowing the user to take incremental measurements.
    3. Accuracy: A 0-300mm digital height gauge has a high accuracy level of up to 0.01mm, making it suitable for precision measuring tasks.
    4. Easy to use: Digital height gauges are designed to be easy to use. They have a smooth sliding mechanism that allows the user to move the gauge up and down with minimal effort. The digital readout also makes it easy to read and record the measurement result.
    5. Versatility: A 0-300mm digital height gauge can be used for a wide range of measuring tasks. It can measure the height of components, the depth of holes, and the distance between two points with high accuracy.
    6. Data output: Some models of 0-300mm digital height gauges come with a data output feature that allows the user to transfer the measurement data to a computer or other device. This can be useful for quality control and documentation purposes.

    Digital Height Gauge Structure Diagram

    Digital height gauge figure


    Here are some tips for using a digital height gauge:

    1. Zero the gauge before use: Before taking any measurements, it's essential to zero the digital height gauge. This ensures that the gauge is calibrated correctly and gives accurate measurements.
    2. Keep the gauge clean: Make sure the gauge's measuring surfaces and slider are clean and free of debris before taking any measurements. Any dirt or debris can affect the accuracy of the gauge.
    3. Use gentle pressure: Apply gentle pressure when using the gauge to avoid damaging the measuring surfaces or slider. Excessive force can also affect the accuracy of the gauge.
    4. Take multiple readings: To ensure accuracy, take multiple readings at different points on the surface being measured. This helps to identify any inconsistencies or irregularities in the surface.
    5. Store the gauge properly: Store the digital height gauge in a dry and clean environment to prevent damage or corrosion. It's also a good idea to keep the gauge in a protective case when not in use.
    6. Calibrate the gauge regularly: Regular calibration is essential to ensure that the digital height gauge remains accurate. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for calibration or have it done by a professional calibration service.
    7. Use the data output feature: If your digital height gauge has a data output feature, use it to transfer measurement data to a computer or other device for documentation and quality control purposes.
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