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    0-500mm Digital Height Gauge, 0.01mm

    High precision digital height gauge for sale online, measuring range 0-500mm, error ± 0.05mm, resolution 0.01mm. The digital height gauge is a measuring device composed of a base, bracket, ruler body, ruler frame, measuring base, measuring claw, and display screen to measure height.
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    The 500mm digital height gauge is a measuring device used to provide very accurate height measurements. It has an error of ±0.05mm, a resolution of 0.01mm, and a voltage of 1.5V. A digital height gauge has long been the precision measurement tool of choice because of its ease of use and versatility. These tools can be used in conjunction with other devices for more precise performance. 


    Model T-DHG-500
    Measurement Range 0-500mm
    Resolution 0.01mm
    Voltage 1.5V
    Error Value ±0.05mm
    Responding Speed 1m/s
    Body Material 4CR13 stainless steel
    Battery Type 1.5 button battery


    A 0-500mm digital height gauge is a measuring tool that can accurately measure the height or depth of an object up to 500mm using a digital readout display. Some common features of a digital height gauge include:

    1. High accuracy: A digital height gauge is designed to provide highly accurate measurements with a resolution of up to 0.01mm.
    2. Large display: The digital readout display of a height gauge is large and easy to read, which allows users to quickly and accurately record measurements.
    3. Durable construction: A digital height gauge is typically made of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, to ensure its durability and long-lasting performance. 

    Digital Height Gauge Structure Diagram

    Digital height gauge figure

    Tips: How to use a 0-500mm digital height gauge?

    Instructions for Use:

    1. Use a dial gauge with a lever (or a lever with a micrometer) to replace the zero position indication of the measuring claw.
    2. When using a height gauge for measuring or marking work, it is done on a flat surface (platform), so the flat surface, the measured object, the base working surface of the height gauge, and the measuring surface of the measuring claw should be wiped clean before measurement or marking.
    3. When marking, place the measured object on the flat surface, move the gauge frame to bring the marking measuring claw close to the required height size, tighten the fastening screw on the micrometer device, then rotate the micrometer nut to align the marking measuring claw to the desired size, and then use the fastening screw to secure the gauge frame. Hold the base with one or both hands and apply slight pressure, slide evenly along the flat surface, and mark the required horizontal line on the measured object. Note: The hand pressure on the height gauge base should be evenly and appropriately applied to make the base fit the flat surface and slide smoothly, without jumping or shaking, and the base should not be lifted during marking.
    4. After use, remove the measuring claw from the height gauge and stand the gauge upright instead of lying down. When moving the height gauge, hold the base with one hand and the gauge body with the other hand, and do not lift the gauge body horizontally or vertically to prevent the height gauge from falling or the gauge body from deforming.


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