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    1.9L Automatic Pet Water Fountain for Cat and Dog

    Best automatic pet water fountain, for cats and dogs drinking. Water volume 1.9L, pump lift 40-50mm, maximum flow rate 1.3L/min, power supply 100-240V, output 5V 1A, power 0.45W, adjustable umbrella-shape water output, 150mm large filter element to filter running water.
    SKU: T-APF-19W
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    The automatic pet water fountain is special for cats and kittens, small dogs also can use it for drinking. The pet water dispenser has quadruple filtering design to filter running water. Best cat automatic waterer, convenient, quiet and easy to clean.


    Model T-YPD-C001
    Max. Volume 1.9L
    Min. Volume 0.8L
    Pump Lift 40-50mm
    Max. Flow Rate 1.3L/min
    Waterproof Level IP8
    Power Supply 100-240V, 50/60HZ
    Output 5V 1A 0.45W
    Ambient Temperature -5-40°C
    Running Noise 30dB
    Shell Material ABS
    Overall Size 305*305*64mm
    Weight 0.63kg
    Configuration Adapter, pump, upper and lower shell, plastic parts, hardware parts


    • The automatic water fountain is easy to clean. When cleaning the water tank, there is no need to worry about water into the line. Cleaning is simple and there is no dead corner, the growth of bacteria is reduced.
    • The Automatic water fountain has water shortage protection to prevent dry burning. The built-in water volume sensor can accurately control the water level. It will automatically stop when there is no water to protect the water pump and prevent dry burning.
    • 4-fold purification filter, blocking impurities in the water, circulating the running water, improving and softening the water quality, to protect cat health.
    • When the automatic water fountain is running, the noise is less than 30db. The water recovery system is ultra-quiet.

    Adjustable Umbrella-Shape Water Out

    The automatic pet water fountain has two types of water out, and the height is adjustable, meeting the needs of cats and dogs of different sizes.

    Adjustable Umbrella-Shape Water Out

    Gushing Type Water Out Streamlined (short waterline) Type Water Out Streamlined (long waterline) Type Water Out
    For cats and dogs to drink water in large area.
    Streamlined (short waterline)
    Cats and dogs will not wet their jaws when drinking water.
    Streamlined (long waterline)
    Ensure that pets drink smoothly and protect the cervical spine.

    Automatic Pet Water Fountain Filter System

    The automatic pet water fountain has a 4-fold filter system and a 360° inlet runner design. Food grade resin + food grade filter cotton + high quality activated carbon. Filter element of the automatic pet water fountain is a 150mm large diameter filter element, which will not cause clogging.

    Tray wrap-around mesh
    Preliminarily filter the running water, block large impurities.
    1.9L Automatic Pet Water Fountain Filter System
    High-density microporous filter cotton
    Filter twice to filter out fine particles and fine hairs.
    Cation exchange resin
    Soften the water, remove calcium and magnesium ions
    that cause urinary stones in cats and dogs.
    Large diameter coconut shell activated carbon
    Deep filtration, removing chlorine and microorganisms,
    improving water quality and taste.

    Filter Element Replacement Instructions for Automatic Pet Water Fountain

    1. It is recommended to replace the filter element once in 2-4 weeks
      to achieve a better filtering effect.
    2. Before replacing the filter element of the automatic pet water fountain,
      rinse it with cold water to rinse out the small activated carbon particles.
    3. Packing list contains by default a filter element.
      Spare filter elements need to be purchased separately.
    Filter Element of 3L Automatic Pet Water Fountain

    Tips: Why you need an automatic pet water fountain for cat/dog?

    1. If cats use ordinary water bowl or water dish drinking for a long time, it is easy to cause their mouth and chin to turn yellow.
    2. Ordinary water bowls cannot filter impurities in running water, which may easily cause cats and dogs to get sick.
    3. Capacity of the ordinary water bowl is small, which is not enough to a thirsty cat and you need to keep adding water.
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    Rhino | 7/13/2021 5:54 AM
    Perfect for my cats
    I bought this 1.9L automatic pet water fountain for my two cats. It is really awesome! The fountain holds more water, so I don't need to fill it as often. One really nice feature is that there is a large filter element to filter tap water. It ensures the cleanliness of the water.