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    12.5 ft Aluminium Telescoping Ladder, Multi-Purpose

    Wholesale price 12.5 foot multi function telescoping aluminium ladder is a powerful for indoor / outdoor use, can be partially extended to your desired height in limited space, support up to 330 pounds/ 150 kg. Light weight and compact, easy to transport and store.
    SKU: T-ATL-12.5
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    Multi function telescopic extension ladder with fully extended to 3.8m / 12.5 ft and support up to 330 pounds/ 150 kg. Using high grade aluminum alloy for strength, rungs will be locked automatically and are skidproof, can be used for several different purposes.


    Model T-ATL-12.5
    Product Name Multi-purpose telescopic ladder
    Material Aluminum alloy
    Extension Length 12.5 ft (381 cm)
    Loading Capacity 330 lbs (150 kg)
    Dimension 18.5×34.6×1.9 inch
    Weight 25 lbs (11 kg)

    Telescoping Ladder Details

    8.5 ft multi-purpose aluminium telescoping ladder details

    Telescoping Ladder Application

    Multi-purpose aluminium telescoping ladder application

    Safety operating tips for aluminum telescoping ladder

    Before operation:

    1. Follow the aluminum telescopic ladders user manual carefully.
    2. After opening the telescoping extention ladder, check whether the riveting parts have tripped.

    In operation:

    1. Wear protective gloves when carrying the aluminum ladder to avoid cuts.
    2. The opening distance of the foldable ladder shall not be less than 2/5 of the height of the ladder to avoid unstable support.
    3. When climbing, a special person must support the folding ladder, and the supporting part of the ladder must be supported with their feet, and the auxiliary support personnel shall not leave before the climber comes down.

    After operation:

    1. After the operation is completed, close the multi function telescopic ladder and restore all mechanical parts to a safe non-working position.
    2. After use, the telescopic folding ladder should be placed flat, not upright or inclined, so as to avoid deformation or slipping and hurting people.
    3. Clean up debris or rubbish on the extension ladder, avoid accidentally hurting others.

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    Shubham | 10/30/2020 1:34 AM
    How to keep the folding aluminum ladder stable on the carpet?
    Can this folding aluminum ladder remain stable on the carpet?
    A manager responded to this review
    Yes, it can remain stable on the carpet. The rubber cushion pedals on the feet have been firmly fixed on the carpet. The surface of the carpet is relatively rough and can be more firmly on the carpet.