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    12 inch Distance Measuring Wheel, Mechanical Gear

    Good price distance measuring wheel for sale, large 12" Wheel diameter provides more accurate measurements, measuring range up to 99999.9m, foldable and light weight design, adopting the mechanical gear running count, forward count, back to decrease.
    SKU: T-DMW-12M
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    Wholesale walking measuring wheel at lower price, features 12 inch (320mm) wheel diameter, mechanical gear running count with reset device, +/- 0.5% accuracy, a built-in carrying handle making it easy to transport and store in the backpack. It is a perfect tool for long distance measuring.


    Model T-DMW-12M
    Measuring Range 99999.9m
    Wheel Diameter 12 inch (320mm)
    Drive Mechanical gear running count
    Dispaly Mothod Mechanical dial
    Accuracy +/- 0.5%
    Display Accuracy 0.1m
    Thickness of Tires 7mm
    Weight 1.1kg
    Folding Length 48cm
    Extension length 102cm


    Low price walking measuring wheel application

    12" best LCD dispaly distance measuring wheel application

    Tips: Steps for measuring distance with measuring wheel

    1. Take the distance measuring wheel out of the packaging bag.
    2. Unfold the measuring wheel, hold the handle with one hand and the handle branch tube with the other. Straighten the telescopic rod first, adjust the sleeve of the folding rod so that the upper and lower handle rods are locked and become straight to prevent bending during use.
    3. Press the reset button on the side to reset the value to zero.
    4. The pointer of the dimension line of the measured length is centered and perpendicular to the dimension line.
    5. The pointer at the bottom of the wheel is aligned with the starting position of the measurement, and the handle is held to push the wheel to rotate forward, and the counter starts counting. When the pointer is aligned with the end of the measurement, read the value of the counter. (After the distance measuring wheel is pushed to the destination to be measured, the pointer of the measured dimension line should still be kept perpendicular to the center of the dimension line)
    6. After use, press the zero button to reset the value to zero.
    7. Finally, you can step on the foot support at the bottom of the gauge wheel.
    8. Stand the distance measuring wheel aside and wait for the next use.
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    Ben | 1/11/2021 1:42 AM
    Accurate measuring wheel
    This measuring wheel is very convenient to use. It doesn't require me to bend over. I only need to push it to measure the data accurately. I like to use it to measure distance and recommend it to those who need it.