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    Electric Mini Concrete Mixer Machine, 120L, 40kg

    Portable & mini concrete mixer for sale at factory price. It features 120L drum capacity and 40kg mixing capacity, 20r/min mixing speed, 50Hz 220-240V AC voltage. Electric cement mixer machine equipped with 2.5kW single phase motor electric engine, the motor rotation speed of 1380-1400 rpm.
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    Best small 120 litre (4 cu.ft) electric concrete mixer machine at cheap price, with handrail and wheels make it easy to move. High mixing performance and long life without maintenance. Mini cement concrete mixer is widely used in building site, road and bridge project, and many other construction sites.

    Mini Concrete Mixer Specification

    Model T-120L
    Drum Capacity 120L (4 cu.ft)
    Motor Power 2.5kW
    Motor Type Single phase motor
    Motor Rotation Speed 1380-1400 rpm
    Voltage 220-240V AC 50Hz
    Speed of Mixing 20r/min
    Stirring Amount 40kg
    Water Supply Mode Manual
    Mixing Way Automatic
    Working Cycle Period 1 min
    Barrel Thickness 2mm
    Barrel Diameter 500mm
    Barrel Mouth Diameter 340mm
    Barrel Height 600mm
    Overall Width 610mm
    Overall Length 980mm
    Overall Height 850mm
    Net Weight/Gross Weight 46/51 kg
    Application Construction industry
    Warranty 12 months
    After-sales Service Provided Online support, no overseas service provided

    Features of Small Concrete Mixer

    • Quality Motor: 100% pure copper motor, with thermal protection device, powerful and stable performance
    • Internal Structure: Three pieces blades, gravity type mixing, good performance
    • Drum and Roller: Drum weld metal rail, metal groove type roller, strong support force
    • Solid Tyre: Strong compression, more wearproof, for any situation
    • Universal Joint Connection: Between drum and motor, easy to install, good transmission

    120L Concrete Mixer Dimension

    120L mini concrete mixer machine dimension


    5 tips should be known before using 120L mini concrete mixer

    1. Before the concrete mixer is tried, you must check whether all the screws are tightened, especially the screws on the connecting part of the mixing barrel and the motor output shaft.
    2. After turning on the power, start the electric motor first, and then add the material after the mixing drum rotates normally.
    3. It is best to pour out the mixed materials all at once.
    4. This 4 cubic foot concrete mixer machine uses a 100% copper electric motor. Change gear oil 0.25kg after the motor has been working for 150 hours. (Please refer to the motor labeling instructions for details)
    5. It is a multifunction construction tool suitable for mixing small-scale sand, gravel, mortar, concrete and aquaculture feed.
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    Liza | 9/3/2020 6:34 AM
    Confirm one questions before buying
    I am very interested in your concrete mixer. Can the mixing bucket be removed for cleaning?
    A manager responded to this review
    This is not the best cleaning method, you can use the following method to clean.
    1. Add a small amount of stones and water into the concrete mixing bucket and mix for 5-10 minutes.
    2. After cleaning, all materials in the machine should be removed and there should be no accumulation of water or materials.
    3. Flush the pipe after stopping the machine to remove dust and concrete attached to the inside and outside of the mixing pipe.
    4. If there is hardened mixture on the concrete mixer, you need to beat the plastic cushion to remove it.