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    147PCS Watch Repair Tool Kit

    Reasonable price professional 147pcs watch repair tool kit for sale, includes watch strap spring pins, screwdrivers, pin punches, tweezers, spring bar remover, adjustable case opener, hammer, watch case holder, watch case opener knife, etc. A best watch repair kit meets your different needs for repairing watches.
    SKU: T-WRT-K147
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    Professional 147pcs watch repair tool kit with a carry case, includes hand tools and accessories for repairing and assembling watches.


    Model T-WRT-K147
    Case Dimension 207mm * 100mm * 50mm
    Weight 518.5g

    108 * Watch Strap Spring Pins, Size in 8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25mm
    18 * Adjustable Case Opener Pins
    5 * Watch Link Remover Spare Pins
    2 * Spring Bar Tool Spare Tips
    3 * Screwdrivers
    3 * Pin Punches
    1 * Tweezers
    1 * Spring Bar Remover 
    1 * Adjustable Case Opener
    1 * Hammer
    1 * Watch Case Holder
    1 * Watch Case Opener Knife
    1 * Watch Pin Link Remover
    1 * Watch Back Pry Opener

    Package Included 1 * 147PCS Watch Repair Tools, 1 * Carry Case


    147 Piece Watch Repair Tool Kit Details

    Carry Case Dimension of 147PCS Watch Repair Tool Kit

    Tips: How to Replace Watch Hands with 147PCS Watch Repair Tool Kit?

    1. Open the watch case back. Use a watch back opener to remove the screw case back, you could drop oil around the back cover, and then open it after a little time. You could use a watch back opener knife to remove the back cover of the pressing type.
    2. Split internal accessories. Gently pry the movement out of the case with a pry knife, take out the movement and the fixing ring. Turn the movement over and the side with watch hands face up.
    3. Remove watch hands. Insert the watch hand remover into the gap between the second hand, but it is not allowed to touch the dial plate. After inserting the watch hand remover, push the watch hand remover slightly harder to loosen the second hand. And then use the tweezers to remove it. At last, remove the minute hand in the same way.
    4. Install watch hands. When you install watch hour hands, it should aim at 12 o’clock. Fix your watch and use the tweezers to put the hour hand in. The watch minute hand must aim at 12 o’clock to keep paralleling with a second hand when you install it. You should pay attention that the second hand is fixed by friction, which should be installed on the corresponding wheel tube or axle.

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