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    14mm Long Spark Plug Socket

    12-point swivel spark plug socket with a long extension bar for wholesale. The total length can reach 304mm. Long spark plug socket with wall thickness 1mm, socket diameter 14mm and outer diameter 18.4mm, a magnetic ring with 35mm depth and a universal joint for 360-degree swivel action.
    SKU: T-SPS-L14
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    14mm 12-point swivel spark plug with total length 304mm, wall thickness 1mm, a universal joint and a magnetic ring.


    Model T-DT190TW-03
    Weight 150g
    Contact point 12-point
    Measurement standard Metric
    Diameter 14mm
    Outer Diameter 18.4mm
    Length 304mm
    Wall thickness 1mm
    Swivel angle 360°
    Depth of magnetic ring 35mm
    Material Chrome-vanadium steel
    Surface treatment Abrasive blasting
    Drive size 3/8 inch

    Tips: What is the difference between spark plug socket and ordinary socket?
    The spark plug is relatively long, and the socket does not reach the corner position of the spark plug, so a special socket or a deep socket is required to remove the spark plug. Spark plug sockets are the special sockets for spark plug, which are thinner than ordinary sockets. Some have rubber sleeves inside, and some are magnetic material. They are designed for better disassembly and assembly of spark plugs.
    There are two kinds of ordinary sockets, one is short socket and the other is long socket. The spark plug socket and the ordinary long socket have similar specifications and can be said the same model. At present, the spark plug sockets on the market have three diameters: 14mm, 16mm and 21mm. As for the use method, it is the same as the ordinary long socket, except that it needs to be connected to the extension rod.
    When using a socket, a socket wrench is indispensable. Various wrenches are suitable for various occasions. Based on the principle of convenient operation or improved efficiency, the ordinary socket wrench is used for ordinary sockets. Many special socket wrenches, such as spark plug socket wrenches, hub socket wrenches and tire nut socket wrenches are also used in the process of auto repair.

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