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    2 Ton Car Jack Repair Kit

    Portable emergency car jack repair kit, built-in a 2 ton electric jack, a 80w electric impact wrench, a hand-held rocker, a crowbar, 2 sockets, a cigarette lighter power cable and a battery connection cable. The lifting range of the two jack heads is 120-370mm and 170-420mm respectively. Electric car jack repair kit also has 3 fuses, a pair of non-slip gloves and tripod warning sign on the shell.
    SKU: T-ECJW-2T
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    2 ton electric car jack repair kit has a 2 ton electric jack and a 80w electric impact wrench in it, can be used for lifting car/SUV and changing tire quickly at the roadside.


    • 2 ton car jack is made of thick steel and anti-oxidation paint, with a thickened solid screw shaft, over-top protection device, and low-power DC motor.
    • The jack head adopts anti-skid cross groove design to ensure that the car remains stable during the lifting process and the operator is very safe.
    • The working voltage of electric jack is the universal car supply voltage 12VDC. There are two wiring methods, one is connecting to the cigarette lighter interface, and the other is to the car battery.
    • The electric controller makes lifting more convenient. If something goes wrong in lifting process, using the rocker to lower the jack.
    • According to the type of vehicle to choose socket, electric impact wrench has forward and reverse switch, as long as a few minutes the tire replacement work will be completed.
    • Portable tool box has thickened shell and a tripod warning sign outside. Car jack and accessories are placed in categories, easy to receiving, taking and placing.


    Tool Box Model T-ECJW-ZS2SJ-B02
    Shipping weight 8.6kg
    Size 47.5*32.5*12.5cm
    Packing included 1 * electric car jack
    1 * electric impact wrench
    1 * plastic tool box
    1 * battery cable
    1 * cigarette lighter cable 3.5m
    1 * crowbar
    3 * fuses
    1 * hand-held rocker
    1 * pair of gloves
    2 * sockets (17.19mm/21.23mm)
    2 * jack heads (for car/SUV)
    2 * user manuals
    Certification CE, TUV, RoHS
    Jack Model ATO-ZS2SJ
    Maximum capacity (car weight) 2 ton
    Rated power 100W
    Operating voltage DC 12V
    Maximum current 13A
    Overload current (fuse) 15A
    Lift range 120-370mm / 170-420mm
    Weight 4.4kg
    Size 40*15.5*11cm
    Impact Wrench Model ATO-ZSB02
    Rated power 80W
    Operating voltage DC 12V
    Maximum current 13A
    Overload current (fuse) 15A
    Maximum torque 480 Nm
    Master Carton Set/Carton 3
    1 carton gross weight 25.4kg
    1 carton size 48*39*33.5cm

    Tips: How to correctly use the head of car jack?
    Generally, the head of the car jack has two types. One is with a large V groove on the head, and the other is with a semicircular protrusion on the top. As long as we take out the electric car jack and take a look, we will know clearly. So the correct way to use jack head is also two.  
    The jack head with V groove can be set under the car door. Below the car door, you can touch a "folded edge", which is very thick and about 3 to 4 mm thick. Then car jack can be clamped on the folded edge with the V groove.
    The jack head with semi-circular protruding needs to be pushed under the "iron box", which is behind the front wheel and in front of the rear wheel. There is a hole in the middle of the iron box. The semi-circular protrusion just inserted into the hole, and then the jack was completely stabilized.
    The lifting position must be supported on the support point of the chassis, otherwise it will be difficult to fix the vehicle, and it will easily cause damage to the jack or even the chassis.

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