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    20 Inch Self Propelled Electric Lawn Mower, 36V, 5 Ah

    36 Volt brushless lithium ion self propelled electric lawn mower for sale, 2*5.0 Ah batteries, 20 inch cutting width, multifunctional 3-in-1 design, side discharge, mulching and rear bagging, 6 cutting heights can be adjusted.
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    Cheap price self propelled electric mower include  2*36V, 5 Ah batteries and a charger, the front wheel 8 ", the rear wheel 11", 6 cutting heights, 20 inch cutting width.


    Model LM51Li-2L
    Cutting Width 20 Inch
    Lithium-ion Battery 2*36V, 5.0 Ah
    Charging Time 2 Hour
    Charger 2A
    Motor Type Brushless
    Motor Power 1000W
    Max No Load Running Time 43 Mins
    Cutting Height 30-80 mm
    Adjustment Center
    Positions 6
    Discharge 3 in 1, Mulching, rear, side
    Grass Bag Capacity 70 Litre
    Drive System Self-propelled
    Handlebar Soft Grip Yes
    Handlebar Material Material
    Front Wheel/Rear Wheel Diameter 8"/11"
    Net weight 34.5 kg
    With Charger Yes
    With 2 Batteries Yes
    Certificate CE, GS
    Warranty 24 months


    Cordless electric lawn mower

    How to store a lawn mower for winter?
    1. Drain the fuel in the fuel tank, and start the gasoline engine until it stops due to fuel exhaustion.
    2. In the state of warm engine just after shutdown, first drain the oil in the crankcase, and then add new oil to the appropriate scale according to the recommended grade.
    3. Remove the spark plug, drip 5-10 ml of oil into the cylinder, rotate the crankshaft several times, and install the spark plug.
    4. Clean the dust and debris around the cutter head, machine body, cylinder block, cylinder head radiator, air duct, mesh cover and muffler.
    5. When storing, it should be placed horizontally on the ground and covered with a cloth to prevent dust from falling into the lawn mower.
    6. Thoroughly clean the lawn mower. Before leaving the lawn mower for a long time in winter, thoroughly clean the bottom of the lawn mower, the deck and the fuel tank cover to prevent the residual, weeds and mud from eroding the agricultural machinery. Before cleaning, remove the spark plug and opening device, and use hoses, putty knives, and car cleaners to remove accumulated impurities from the landing gear and deck. Use a brush to remove the deposits on the vent of the mailbox to avoid blocking the vent.
    7. Remove oil stains. If oil stains are in contact with the equipment for a long time, a chemical reaction will occur, causing the paint on the surface of the equipment to peel off, so it must be removed in time. When removing oil stains, first spray the degreaser on the oil stained area of ​​the equipment, let it stand for 10-15 minutes, then wipe it clean with a towel, and finally rinse it with water.
    8. Prevent rust on the exposed part of the lawn mower. Lubricant can be used to spray the exposed parts of the lawn mower, which can effectively prevent rust. Store the lawnmower in a dry place.
    9. Regularly check vulnerable parts. Develop the habit of regularly checking vulnerable parts and replace damaged parts in time. This not only improves the working performance of the lawn mower, but also eliminates safety hazards.

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