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    1/2x24" Air Belt Sander, 16000rpm

    Reasonable price air belt sander. 16000 rpm no load speed, 90 psi working pressure, 1/4” air inlet. It uses the 1/2x24 inch sanding belt to grind and blend hard-to-reach areas with power and efficiency. Ideal for all materials, such as plastic, aluminium, and metal polishing.
    SKU: T-R-6021
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    Buy best 13x610mm air belt grinder with wholesale price. For use with 1/2 inch wide abrasive belt and 16000rpm working speed. Fully adjustable grinding arm with 360° rotation. Suitable for grinding metal, plastic or wood.


    Model T-R-6021
    Applicable sanding belt size 1/2x24 Inch / 13x610mm
    No load speed 16000 rpm
    Working pressure 90 psi
    Air inlet size 1/4 inch
    Overall length 450mm
    Net weight 1.10 kg


    Application 1 of air belt sander     Application 2 of air belt sander

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    Tips: Maintenance of air belt sander

    1. Before daily work, add high-quality special oil for air tools to fully moisturize the bearings and make the work in an ideal state. Another purpose of filling the special oil for air tools is to use the special oil to take out the debris from the internal wear of the air belt sander and the impurities in the air to clean up the garbage inside the tool. Avoid adding unsuitable oils such as engine oil, gasoline, diesel, etc., to avoid unnecessary damage to the pneumatic belt machine.
    2. Clean the moisture and impurities in the air source in time to avoid damage to the air belt sander.
    3. When the pneumatic sander is not in use, clean the dust attached to the tool in time to extend the service life of the pneumatic sander.
    4. Replace worn bearings or front rail wheels in time to facilitate normal use.
    5. Air tools need to be handled with care, do not throw away at will, so as not to cause unnecessary damage.
    6. Operate within the scope of use, and do not overload it.
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    Philipp | 11/24/2020 3:05 AM
    Air belt sander with adjustable grinding arm
    This air belt sander is great. I really like its adjustable grinding arm that can rotate 360 degrees. It can grind metal, plastic or wood in all directions. It can fundamentally solve the problem of uneven grinding. It is highly recommended to buy.