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    24 Inch Electric Hedge Trimmer

    Corded electric hedge trimmer for sale, length of blade is 24 inch (70cm), single action edged blade, non-slip handle design, reduce the pressure of long-term hedge operation, 24V and 48V are optional, powerful electric hedge trimmer built-in brushless motor , can complete the difficult trimming task.
    SKU: T-EHT-5601
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    Power electric hedge trimmer for bushes, 24 inch sharp blade anti-rust, complete various cutting operations easily.


    Model T-EHT-5601
    Fuel Type Corded electric
    Scissor Type Single edged blade
    Rated Voltage 24V/48V is optional
    Length of Blade 24 inch
    Rated Power 600W
    No Load Speed 10000 rpm
    Cutting Form Reciprocate cutting
    Motor Type Brushless Motor
    Blade Material SK5 Steel
    Certificate CE,GS
    Weight 3.7 kg
    Packing Dimension 1580mm*290mm*285mm
    Warranty 24 Months


    • Lightweight electric hedge trimmer is comfortable, non-slip, ensuring that the staff will not feel tired for a long time.
    • 24 inch single action hedge trimmer handle is low-cost and can efficiently complete the trimming work.
    • Corded hedge trimmer is suitable for professional pruning of tea gardens, lawn, parks, roadside hedges and
      other green spaces.


    Electric topiary trimmer

    Electric hedge trimmer applications

    Why can't the blade of the hedge trimmer be rotated after installation?

    First check whether the hedge trimmer is normal. If the engine can run normally before the blade is installed, it is generally not a problem with the machine.

    If the hedge trimmer fails to work after the blade is installed, it is likely that the blade assembly is not installed properly or the blade quality is problematic. The following specific analysis:

    • The quality of one or two of the blades of the hedge trimmer is not good, resulting in obtuse angles of the blades, causing the machine to jam. This is usually more common on used machines.
    • The thickness of the washer at the connection between the upper and lower pressing plate of the hedge trimmer and the blade is not appropriate, and the washer is too thin, causing the blade to be unable to rotate after tightening. This problem is prone to occur in new machines.
    • When the cam and the blade are installed, the force is not well controlled and the blade is crushed. This will cause the blade to fail to rotate when the machine is running. This phenomenon often occurs on machines that have been repaired and assembled.
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    Mizz | 7/19/2021 8:14 AM
    Great value
    As a professional park hedgerows repairman, I am happy with the performance and weight of this 24 Inch electric hedge trimmer.  It's easily maneuvered and made quick work of shrubs beyond my expectations. I actually enjoy trimming things now.  It is surprisingly light also. This trimmer is the real deal for me.